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  1. Alexandru Vale 320

    Concorde in 4K

    Hello, I have recently upgraded my monitor to 4K. I have an issue when I try to run Concorde in 4K, the indications of all instruments (IAS, GS, INS, chronometers, N1, N2, etc) are out of scale, text being too large. I have played around with settings and found out it has to do with the way Windows 10 scales everything bigger to 150% due to the 4K resolution. If I switch it back to 100% scaling, Concorde looks normal but everything else is too small to be readable and makes the 4K resolution unusable. Is there any way to fix this apart from scaling everything back to 100%? I am running P3D 3.4.9, Windows 10 Professional 64bit, Concorde 1.36. I have also uploaded a screenshot so you can see how it looks. Thank you in advance.
  2. Hi guys , i wanted to flight concorde this morning after i upgraded my p3d to version 3.4 , i started the sim loaded the default aircraft at CDG then loaded up concorde from there , after a few seconds my sim CTD and a enigma warning message popped up , after i few attempts i started thinking that maybe the upgrade of the sim had to do something with it. so i uninstalled concorde X and wanted to reinstall it but unfortunately the installer do not recognises v3.4 as valid (see picture) options are greyed out , so can you guys help me with this ? New installers ?
  3. Raoul Disteldorff

    Concerns about performance

    Hello as I have read numerous times here on the forums, the FSL A320 seems to be very demanding on frames and as a P3D user I didn't have the chance to get my hands on this beauty yet so I just wanted to ask if my system would cope with the FSL A320 in P3D (as for all the other add ons its all smooth, PMDG 777 etc) My system: intel core i7 4720HQ 3,6 Ghz 8GB RAM 500GB HDD Win 8.1 nvidia GTX 960M many thanks in advance
  4. Raoul Disteldorff

    P3D stage?

    Hello, first of all I can't believe the level of detail you went into for creating this wonderful add on which I enjoy already by just looking at the many screenshots and videos! But it gets harder and harder to patiently await the release or status update regarding the P3D version. So I just wanted to try and ask about the stage the P3D version is into, is it already in beta or still in development? (I just hope there is a chance of release in the next 2 months) I know you are probably starting to get pretty mad about us P3D users asking about updates all the time but you need to understand us (at least a bit ) and also take it as a compliment that you went over all the FS boundaries for this add on so the wait is almost unbearable! With all the greatest respect -Raoul
  5. Milan Assuied

    Anyone flying P3D in 1440p ?

    Hi everyone, Back in the days I bought the original Concorde X for FSX and had some fun on a regular basis with it. However the performance impact was huge, I experienced crashes, and I put it aside. Today I am really interested in getting the P3D version, my rig went up and people assured me that the new version was far better so I think it should be good on that side, even if the sceneries (i'm on ftx, like a lot of people) are getting more and more complex. The point is I am playing in 1440p and someone pointed out that : So basically I am just here to get your experiences and then decide to make the jump or not ... Also, I remember having bad experience with stability in a general way so I'd also like to have your comments about it Thanks much and happy flying
  6. Konstantin Didushok

    Video about VAS Consumption in FSX:SE and P3D

    Hello Concorde-Fans, To those of you who want to see how the VAS behaves in FSX:SE and Prepar3D in combination with Concorde-X, I have a video for you. In it, I have measured the VAS consumption in identical flight situations under comparable settings in FSX:SE and P3D v3.2. To make things more interesting, I have actually run the test in three modes - FSX:SE DX9, DX10 and Prepar3D v3.2 (since it is known that DX10 can provide a sizeable VAS relief over DX9). In the tests, I flew Concorde-X from KIAD to KJFK, similarly to what I did in the tests that I conducted over a year ago (which is still archived somewhere in this forum). Back then, I ran the test on FSX only using the old Concorde version 1.2. This time I, used the new, optimized Concorde version (1.32), and the test comes in a video form where I added Prepar3D v3.2 to the "race". So, if you are interested in knowing how much VAS is consumed by different sims when flying Concorde-X, I'm sure you will find this video useful.
  7. Alcides Segovia

    P3D V3 NGX Warm feeling

  8. As subject says, I have an issue where no 2D panels got click spots. Running P3D 3.1 on a win 10 machine. Any help appreciated! Jonas
  9. AFR1679

    P3D V3.1 - Load Crash

    Hi , i have a problem ! Whenever I select the Concorde this ! http://www.pic-upload.de/view-29564312/Unbenannt.png.html ​P3d v3.1 on Windows 10
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