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  1. Roar Kverneng

    P3Dv4 crash - FSLSpotlights

    I have just updated Nvidia graphic driver to 388 and after this P3D will not longer start after installed FSLSpotlights v I therefore have to go back to FSLSpotlights ver - but have low fps nigthflying.
  2. I am realizing that when I hold down the middle mouse button in EZDOK in order to pan around in the cockpit, and I inadvertently scroll- sometimes the mouse is invisibly over the window- and it will open. After takeoff of course this will be followed by the whole pressurization problem/master warning etc... Not a bug! Well, maybe an EZDOK thing.. but definitely had me scratching my head why windows kept opening on the FO side (and tray table coming out etc)
  3. Joe Waldron

    FSUIPC Throttle Configuration

    Hi all, First of all thanks for the fantastic update to the A320. I'm enjoying it thoroughly. I have a question regarding setting up the throttles with FSUIPC. Is it possible to have the throttles set up so they are calibrated through FSUIPC and filtered with the a320?. I have tried to no avail. I ask because my cheap nasty Saitek throttle quadrant is quiet old and has noisy pots. So I like to try and filter them through fsuipc for all my aircraft. Otherwise when trying to use the throttles they are jumping all over the place. Any advice would be great. Joe
  4. Orcas


    The product is amazing no doubt. But to be honest as a real world airliner pilot, the Aircraft non-flyable without Fs2Crew. I asked in the past about the SDK as Fs2crew guys need it but the answer was Fs2crew not the biggest concern then, I hope you concider releasing the SDK some time soon if its not already out! many thanks

    A320 P3d 4.0

    Hello I have a question can I install A320X in version 4.0 or need the latest update
  6. Version 1.1


    Camera set for A320-214 CFM engine version. How to install: Go Ezdok menu and ''Import camera file'' and thats it!
  7. Greg Caesar


    Does anyone know if there are any photos previewing the A321-X that's being worked on? Thanks!
  8. Hello, Today suddenly I cannot download any liveries. I checked to see that my product was verified in my account settings and found it had disappeared. When I try and reverify it it says "Order lookup failed (1002)" It also seems that I cannot submit a support ticket; it won't recognize my password. Thanks, Daniel
  9. I get this message when starting P3D "FSL Spotlights was not intialised correctly " Please help!
  10. Hello guys, I have the A320X, AS16 + ASCA with Prepar3d V3.4, and NVIDIA GTX 980 video card with 4G of Vram, so far it is discreetly fluid; If I install ORBX FTX GLOBAL BASE, could I have heavy problems and microscates? thank you
  11. i bought FSX 320X sometimes ago ,but recently i want to upgrade to P3D,and when i click the buy option, it says the link is 404. please help to check out ,thanky ou.
  12. Fabio Marra

    Fslab with PTA

    Hi All, last month I took the decision to leave FSX for P3D (v3). I must say that I don't regret my decision, since p3D looks very beautiful and it performs very well on my new PC if compared to FSX. However I am starting to deal with the HDR p3D settings. I performed some flights with (starting from fslab recommended settings) and without HDR, but in both the cases I don't feel satisfied at 100% with the results I achieved. Surfing on the browser (and in the various forums) I discovered the p3D tweak assistant (PTA) software for p3D. I would like to try it, cause the results seems to be promising. My question is, someone of you have ever tried PTA with Fslab a320, and if yes, can PTA settings cause conflict with Spotlight ? And more in general, how are the real results in terms of visual improvements in p3D ? Before to buy it, I would like to get some opinions here in the forum :-) Thank you in advance
  13. Kieran Hennighan

    Cold and dark

    Hey, Where can I find the cold and dark state for the A320?
  14. Looking forward to the A320 in V4, Should be fun got my V4 all configured and ready, Plus what ever the new more fuel Airbus will be 321 or 330 or 350 if we lucky or if they want to totally suprise us an A380 would be awsome XD <3
  15. K. Serhan Onur

    Taxi with IAE Engines

    I have a question about IAE Engines type. When taxi A320X with IAE engines; the plane goes rather fast with respect to A320X/CFM engines type! (The throttle levers fully back - idle position) At this time I am reading approximately 1.025 EPR threshold values for both engines on ECAM screen. (The throttle levers fully back - idle position still) Anyway during flight descent phase again the throttle levers idle position - fully back- and at this time I am reading 0.835 EPR threshold values on ECAM screen. Is this normal? Serhan
  16. Brad Zimmer

    Rudder pedals

    I use ch pro pedals. I also have fsuipc. I've noticed lately that the pedals in the virtual cockpit are moving without me actually touching them. It is usually the right pedal. I have sensitivity turned to the right and null zones to the left. Can anyone help with suggestions on fixing this? Thanks!
  17. DJBlacklight

    P3D V4 Plan

    Hi, I was looking to buy the FSLabs today but wondering about if we will have to buy it again if/when a new version of P3D comes out I have seen some companies have said they wont be charging again for software when a new version comes out but wanted to check on the A320 to see if we will need to buy it again or what the FSLabs stance is on this?
  18. Samuel Lafage

    Visual apprroach rwy36 at Calvi (video)

    Good exercise but not so easy envoy / https://youtu.be/KGjhq6eUqcg
  19. Hi all, First of all, I don't own the A320 yet, however, I'm following "blackbox711" on twitch and I'm absolutely amazed by this product! You guys did a great job! I have two questions though: The only thing that's keeping me from purchasing a new high-end PC and the FS Labs A320 is P3D v4--I'm waiting for the 64-bit version in order to buy all the scenery and add-ons only once. Since you already stated that you're developing the A319/A321 I'd like to ask whether it'd be already 64-bit compatible (I'm not really expecting you to answer this tbh... )? There's one thing that I think your A320 is not capable of doing as of now, which would add a lot of realism to the sim, at least from my point of view. Is it planned or would it be possible to implement some kind of a service-based, "random" failure generator, using a certain real-life probability for any failure to occur on the plane? It'd add so much more tension for me if I knew that something could go wrong during engine start, take-off, climb, cruise etc. (even though the probability would be quite low of course) rather than just programming something myself into the FMC? Thank you very much for answering my question(s) and keep up the great work! Cheers
  20. Hi guys, I recently purchased P3D and with it the Concorde from FSLabs. When I run the Concorde-X installer on the simulator selection platform box, my P3D is greyed out and unable to be selected. Also I am running PreparD V3.4.22.19868 which I think is the latest version at this moment in time. I have looked up the issue and I have tried multiple things including trying to rename P3D .exe file to try and get it to find it but that didn't work. Any help would be highly appreciated.
  21. K. Serhan Onur

    RNV App. LTCT

    LTCT, Igdir Airport, is most in the east airport at Turkey. It is just a few km. away Turkish/Armenian border. MDA 3900 You can see Mount Agri (Ararat) peak also. (It is 5.137m / 16.854feet) And I know this airport just a regional one. But I love to fly there. And I know Condor doesn't fly LTCT but I love this livery! Enjoy. 1 Prepare to descent 6 Mount Ararat's peak behinds cloud! 7 Mount Ararat's peak 5.137m 11 Backtrack to rwy. for taxi 12 Welcome to Igdir.
  22. K. Serhan Onur

    Approach LTBS

    1 Cumulonimbus on ND 2 and It is... 3 Decent to LTBS 4 Approaching to LTBS
  23. Hello all, I've been poking around here for a couple of months now watching the development of this great software. I've helped a few guys with some of there RW Airbus questions but now I'm looking to take the plunge and get setup with P3D and a new PC to run this to assist with my technical skills development particularly as it pertains to training for A320/1 abnormals. I currently use a (2013) iMac 27inch with another couple of sim platforms that are less than ideal for this purpose and therefore I would like to take the plunge and buy a PC to get a reasonable processor speed and graphics card etc. I am familiar with the recommended specs info provided by P3D and FS labs, however, as I have not had a new PC since 2000 (yeah, I know!) I was hoping someone could suggest a way that I might be able to purchase/build something that is a good value/performance ratio here in Australia (so as to be covered by warranty) Question 1) What would be the best way to go about purchasing/building a good value/high performance PC? Would there, for example, be a recommended website that I could go to that would be able to sell me all the components without an enormous markup (PM to avoid endorsements is fine obviously) and is there any suggestions around support for setting up the new rig from scratch for a PC novice like me? Question 2) What would be the best way way to make the PC future resistant (I am aware of discussions around P3D 4.0 being in the pipeline) I would really help with whatever assistance you may be able to provide, it's obviously not going to be a cheap exercise but I do already have a Mad Catz joystick and a Saitek rudder and thrust lever quadrant to start off with. Question 3) (forgive the really stupid question) When this whizz bang computer is eventually setup, am I going to need anti-virus software on it these days, I have never used it on my iMac and this thing runs like a dream. Thanks in advance, Willie.
  24. Brad Zimmer

    RNAV into KPSP

    I did my first RNAV approach today into ORBX KPSP (31L). I typically fly ILS’s or visual but this airport only has RNAV. I thought I did everything correctly but I kept running into an issue that ultimately had me end up with a crash on landing. I have the MCDU loaded with the approach and the approach phase is activated. The skies were clear and the wind was calm so there was no weather or traffic. At the IAF, I can see the rwy and the papi’s so I switch off the A/P and hand fly down using TRK/FPA to help guide me down. At about 2000 ft., the nose swung sharply to the left and I started to drop (hearing sink rate, sink rate). I couldn’t reestablish so I went TOGA and declared I was going around. I did a visual approach this time around and flew the pattern. I got back lined up with the runway and was configured for landing at the IAF again. I switched of A/P and flew down with TRK/FPA again. Again, around 2000 feet, the same thing happened. Is this some sort of known fault with the scenery or with RNAV approaches? What I found weird is that this all happened without the A/P so it wasn’t like the MCDU was managing the landing. Or, did I simply not do the approach correctly? Thanks!
  25. Maximilian Lappé

    Germania A320-214

    Version 1.01.0


    Welcome to this fictional Livery of an A320-214 from Germania. Please keep in mind, that until now, Germania does use the A319 and A321 but not the A320. If I am informed correctly, Germania has ordered A320Neo being delivered around 2020. Until FSLabs has no other Airbus Type (yet), I decided to make a fictional one. Enjoy it! Installation: 1.) Copy the Texture Folder to ...\Prepar3Dv3\SimObjects\Airplanes\FSLabs A320 CFM 2.) Add the Text in the readme.txt into your Aircraft.cfg and replace the "X" with the corresponding number. Disclaimer: You may not use, alter or copy the textures without my permission. If you want to contact me, write me a pm in the FSLabs Forum. My work was the fuselage (thank your for the good paintkit), the Engines and the Tailsection. If you should find any texture which belongs to you please contact me so I can replace them. Allways three green, Airmax
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