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  1. Jarred Evans

    Gaming PC + Fslabs

    Hi, I am asking on behalf of a friend who wishes to get into flight sim and fly the FSLabs A320. He currently has a Dell Gaming laptop, with the following specs. Would these be likely be enough to run P3D with FSLabs A320? He's not looking for like high settings but he just wants a stable flight sim pc. Let me know your thoughts. Processor - Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQ - Quad-core - 2.8 GHz / 3.8 GHz (Turbo Boost) - 6 MB cache RAM 8 GB (2400 MHz) (32 maximum installable RAM) Graphics card - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 - 4 GB GDDR5 - 10th generation Pascal Storage - 1 TB HDD, 5400 rpm - 128 GB SSD
  2. NOTE: Please read this post and the disclaimer carefully. This installation is not a "press this button and get the result" thing. It is farely complex and requires some computer knowledge. I tried to provide easy instructions but if you do not know what AppData and ProgramFiles directories are, you shold NOT do this, I'd strictly advise against it. The night lighting of the jetways used here is not particularly good and if you want maximum compatibility, please continue to use the orignal T2G Jetways. Hi, as you might know, I made a package of Terminal 2 SODE Jetways for EDDM wich was highly welcomed, BUT I made the mistake to share files that were protected under the copyright of Taxi2Gate. I 100% agree with that being a mistake by me, I was not aware that I violated copyright at that moment. I eagerly awaited the P3Dv4 update for EDDM and as many of us hoped we now have SODE jetways as a standard at this airport, but as it is my homebase, it had to get more love than just not carefully placed, non-glass jetways. Now I want to share, how I placed those way more realistic looking glass jetways with you, without sharing any files that are protected by copyright - meaning you'll have to modify your own installations of the two airports used here, I can only provide the instructions on how to achive what I show you in these screenshots. Also I made the process easier for you by providing files that I did create and that are NOT violating any copyrights. For installation you will need the Drzewiecki Design EPWA X airport, the updated version of EDDM for P3Dv4 (it will not work with the versions for FSX (SE) and P3D up to v3) and some concentration, as YOU will have to customize your installations. In the download file you will find my own .xml, an installation and uninstallation guide, my GSX.ini file for the whole airport and a modification file to enable use of Terminal 1 Jetways with Boeing 777 and 747 airplanes. I recommend the use of GSX, as I fitted and tested all parking positions to the individual aircraft types and jetways. Also this will get you SafeDocks at the correct gates. FAQ: Q: Jetway out of range? A: I can only gurantee that all jetways work in the parking positions that I've put into the GSX.ini Q: SafeGate does not work! A: upon arrival after landing, select the gate in the GSX menu, it will then be activated Q: Can you replicate this at other Airports? A: depends on each individual airport, definitely not for Aerosoft sceneries Q: Why not make the original jetways glass? A: move your camera inside one of those, you'll see the jetway disappearing, that's what happens if I change the texture to glass DISCLAIMER: neither T2G nor Drzewiecki Design are aware of this and if you feel that this project of mine is a spoil or that any of the parties involved will take a loss in me doing this, I will immediately remove all files upon asking. I do not want to hurt anybody or any company by doing this. I removed all files that are protected through T2G's or Drzewiecki's copyright and either wrote into the installation instructions where to get those files OR replaced them with files that I created. As of now, while writing this, I am not aware of any laws that I would be breaking or copyright that I'd be violating. If this is the case though, please contact me and I will happily take all files down! If you are an admin of this forum feel free to delete the post if it violates any rules that I'm not aware of. EDIT: Removed files, please download the new ones one post below
  3. David Murden

    8am Flight From EGLL to LSZH

    Enjoy! FSL A320 Flight BAW712 Push back Taxi T4 & T5 Break through South of Paris Heading to LSZH At the gate
  4. Version 1.0.0


    AIRBUS A320-200 LUFTHANSA 2018 | D-AIZD Download our Airbus A320 Lufthansa (D-AIZD | 2018 NEW LIVERY). Compatible with FSLabs A320-X. Features: - original colors - original font / letters - new Lufthansa logo (lettering + crane) - including "welcome panel" at the front left door - including the christian name "Schwäbisch Gmünd" and Airbus A320-200 lettering More liveries, presets, videos and pictures at www.aviationlads.com Also visit our Facebook page at @AviationLads (Facebook). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you like what we are doing please feel free to spend us a cup of coffee: www.paypal.me/aviationlads ### You are not allowed to edit this livery in any way or upload it on other websites. Please support us and share the link to our website. Thank you! ###
  5. Version 1.0.2


    The first Lufthansa A320 "D-AIZC" (named City of Buedingen) which received the new 2018 Lufthansa livery. Features: - original Lufthansa fonts - original colours - added real marks and signs Thanks to @John Tavendale for using some parts of his textures and thanks to @Hugo Bicho for using his Engine textures. A Readme with instructions is included. More liverys at: FS-Kurier Also visit my Facebook Page CFG-Repaints
  6. With v231 I now notice that if I have a display popped out while in the virtual cockpit and I then change to another cockpit camera angle, that all the popped out displays close which is quite frustrating. I used to be able to popout the lower DU for example and then shift to my overhead panel view, click the APU power switch and watch the synoptic page change to the APU page. This is no longer possible. Anyone else notice this change?

    Refund questions

    Hello I support fslab since the launch of A320 for FSX and then P3D the refund would be full 140$ from the installation my computer opens only the simulator and explore chrome , never imagine that something like this could happen sorry
  8. Felix Caft

    Prepar3D V4.2 Compatibility

    Hello! Is the FSLabs A320x compatible with the Prepar3D Version 4.2 released today? Or will you make a Hotfix? Would be great! Thanks!
  9. Phoenix Pereira

    Concorde Prototype

    Hello all, i was just wondering if there was a Prototype skin for Concorde, would be nice to see the original Nose on Concorde Thanks
  10. K. Serhan Onur

    Over somewhere

  11. Brad Zimmer


    Does anyone have any experience with Chaseplane and the A320? I use Ezdok but am having issues in P3dv4. I looked at Chaseplane and on paper it looks like a better all around fit for me. I was wondering what people on here think. Are there profiles that we can use much like in Ezdok that others have created? Thanks!
  12. Matthew Cianfarani

    P3D [RESOLVED] A320 Spotlights INOP

    Hi guys, After a sim reinstall and consequently an airplane reinstall, the floodlights do not work anymore. The knobs move, but no light. The panel lighting works great, though. Spotlights is installed, and the manager says it's connected to V4. I'm not sure what the red, yellow, and white colour coding means in the manager, but I'll include a screenshot just in case something is wrong. I've tried a few plane reinstalls, and a few spotlights reinstalls. Each time they would be fully uninstalled before continuing. Any help is appreciated. Cheers!
  13. Marcell Csendes

    [Resolved] Just bought FSA320X

    Hello! I just bought A320X! Wondering if FS SpotLights still available free of charge, so if bundled with the A320? As I can see it's not, however just asked it anyway Thanks! Marcell
  14. Stefan Geppert

    A320 EDDL/EDDH

    Finally the airplane and the simulator i have waited for many years! It looks just awesome and is so much fun to fly now. Enjoy some awesome looking screenshots: EDDL/EDDH
  15. Aaron Ortega

    Any update soon?

    Hello: I'm just wondering what's going on with the fixes for this airplane? It's been at least 2 months since an issues with importing PFPX flights in LBS. has come up and the problem still hasn't been corrected. As a matter fact, I haven't read any news about updates for this airplane. So what's going on? Is this product no longer supported? I'm not looking for a date(s), I just want to make sure that our issues are being heard and addressed. Thanks.
  16. Taylor Niblett

    Concorde X support ticket

    Hi, just wondering if FSLABS still provides support for Concorde customers, I have created a ticket 4 days ago and have gotten no response at all. Taylor
  17. Antonio King

    What am I doing wrong?

    Hey all, So I'm back to having some issues with Spotlights for the A320. For some reason, they'll load fine in default aircraft (where I can see the symbol at the bottom left), however, when I load the A320, they aren't on and don't work. I'll shut down the sim, restart it with the A320 loading from the default menu, and the night lighting isn't there. Is it a requirement to load a default a/c first, then the A320?
  18. Recently I was looking for a way to expand my setup with MIP displays. My 1080 GPU is rather busy taking care of my 3 screens for the outside visual. So I've made the jump and bought 2 USB monitors and so far I'm very happy with the result. The only thing is....how to save the undocked displays. I'm using P3D4. If anyone has any experience with this, any help would be highly appreciated. ATB Vincent
  19. Brad Zimmer

    Weather Related Issue

    Yesterday I did a flight from MSP-MDW. IRL, Chicago had scattered rain/mist but nothing too crazy. As I began to descend into Chicago, I noticed on my radar that there were storms being depicted with pink and white radar along with green. I think this could have been a AS issue since there were no storms in the area but I decided to go through them as I didn't have time to divert. As I flew into the clouds, my speed began to heavily fluctuate and A/P disengaged and then my nose dropped and I went into an uncontrollable dive into the ground from about 6000 ft. Obviously I shouldn't have flown into what I saw on the radar (whether it was accurate or not) but should the a/c have reacted like that or is there some sort of disconnect between my p3d settings, AS settings, and FSLABS? Other than that, I have been loving this plane.
  20. Fabio Marra

    Laap ATC chatter

    Hi all, maybe someone uses "Laap" freeware program to listen ATC real chatter during flight and can help me with the following strange behavior... I notice that the software works very well with all the airplanes (defaults and pay as for example PMDG) but it is not working with the Fslab A320. Anyone experienced this ?
  21. Ray Proudfoot

    Barbados freeware scenery and P3D

    After a four hour flight to Barbados I was disappointed to see texture bleed through with the freeware Barbados scenery I have. Taxiways and the runway were affected. A search on AvSim Library revealed an update to correct this problem. Provided by our very own @Kyprianos Biris. Thanks for that Kyp.
  22. As the title suggest, I have a GTX760 atm. It has done it's work for four years now, it can handle P3D V4 with the bus at 30 FPS, but with dynamic lighting or bad weather it just can't take it anymore. Looking at the 1070 as next card. I'm not looking for a huge improvement over the 760, but I am wondering which one I should take since the price differs per card (MSI, ASUS etc) Anyone any experience with the 1070 and which ones I should avoid when buying one? Cheers, Lars
  23. Version 1.0.2


    Repaint of Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium. registration: OO-TCT.
  24. Roar Kverneng


    I have configured registered version of latest FSUIPC together with latest of FSLabs A320 in latest P3Dv4 but cannot extend or retract both the landing gears and the flaps. Any solution for this?
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