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Found 8 results

  1. As the title suggests, a time-lapse video of my approach into Helsinki on my flight from Munich in a Lufthansa A319.
  2. I just updated to P3D 5.1 recently but I noticed that the FCU/BARO readouts does not have the yellow backlighting to the digits like it did in 4.5, did FSL remove them or did I do something wrong during installation?
  3. phil highton

    switches and rotaries

    hi all, anyone know how to get your mouse to control the switches a little more precise , i find them a little to hard to control very sensitive especially QNH , always having to retune, fiddle around to get the right setting in the box , also the lights are the same. i have had this before with other addon aircraft but not the FSL bus?, been trying all day but cant seem to fix it, maybe its my mouse or some setting i cant remember, anyway its not major just a pain !
  4. Alexey Klyuchko

    Spotlights P3D v5+

    Hello. Is there an adaptation planned for P3D v5?
  5. Søren Dissing

    ASP3D Beta 7 (build 7487) posted

    As indicated in title Beta 7 was posted yesterday. This should apparently fix the ND range change-related issues reported in this thread:
  6. phil highton

    p3d v5 well this is strange ?

    hello guys, this is a strange, when typing in the MCDU 2 scratchpad it mysteriously starts self deleting what ive typed like a ghost first officer very weird. i have have installed the co pilot and call out addons and fly from the right hand seat , wonder if thats got something to do with the issue ?
  7. Louis Vallance

    Beware of VRAM usage in P3D v5

    Hello everyone, I've been tweaking my P3d v5 settings to see what makes the sim tick. Unlike in v4, v5 makes very heavy use of VRAM, which is good! However, I and a few others have noticed that it's rather easy to crash the sim by going over the memory limit. With all the ORBX products installed, sitting at FlyTampa EKCH V2, I easily hit the VRAM limit with my RTX 2080 when sat in a default A/C. Bear in mind that most of my sliders are one notch away from the maximum position. I just wanted to let you know so that you're prepared for this possible issue ahead of the FSLabs v5 installers coming out. So far I have found that the two biggest VRAM hogs are Advanced Atmospherics (TrueSky Beta) and Texture Resolution. Just look at the attached screenshots taken at Copenhagen and see how quickly the VRAM usage increases as you choose a higher texture resolution. You can easily save about 600MB just by choosing High instead of Ultra, and both look absolutely fantastic when viewed up close, let alone from the cockpit or high up above the ground. LM are aware of the issue of high VRAM usage and are looking for ways to avoid hitting the memory limit. Bear in mind also that I'm intentionally pushing the sim and your mileage will definitely vary. I just assumed that most of us who are invested in the FSLabs busses will be using some high quality add-ons alongside it. Cheers, Louis texture_res.zip
  8. Rick Brown

    Future P3D upgrade pricing

    Dear FlightSimLabs, as a potential customer, I wonder if you could shed some light on your likely pricing model going forward. I understand that P3D V4 represented a lot of effort for developers to adapt their product to the new code base, and as such I can understand the cost of the P3D v3 and P3D V4 versions being the same, in effect meaning that anyone wanting to operate the software in both environments pays for each at the full price. My question is whether you see yourselves continuing with this model through future iterations of P3D e.g. V5, V6 etc. I understand that it is quite a loaded question for you to answer, as you can't know what changes each major iteration will bring, and therefore how much work it will entail, but I think it's probably safe to say that they are unlikely to represent the level of rework that the 32 to 64 bit transition entailed. The reason I ask is that, with Lockheed Martin rolling out a version level upgrade roughly every year to year and a half (I think), the cost for myself (and I suspect a lot of other simmers) of paying the full price at that periodicity might be more than I can afford, and much as I regard your software as highly desirable, your response to this question will have a large influence on my purchasing decision. Please understand that I am only trying to establish the long term 'cost of ownership'. Kind regards Rick Brown
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