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Found 11 results

  1. phil highton

    P3D V4 All this updating

    Hi , just wanna say all these updates are starting to get a little tiresome !, Has much as I love simming iam starting to feel update fatigue, endless updates , re configing my system is beginning to take its toll , and I am seriously begging to question if I would be better spending my time and money on other things , this is in now way having a go at the Devs , I understand they are just trying to make their products better , I just wished they would all get together and work closely together to make the whole community move as one , yes that's eiser said than done I understand , iam just saying once again it seems iam spending more time in setting up the sim than actual flying in the sim , and iam starting to think is my time doing all this stuff worse it ?, Phil
  2. Felix Caft

    P3D Autogen loading slow

    Hi. I have a problem with P3D V4.4 The houses and trees are reloading. That means I'm approaching Cologne, for example, but below me and behind me there are no houses or trees yet. Only after the landing the trees and houses pop up. Does anyone know what could be the reason?
  3. Erwan Alexandre

    Mouse Macros P3D v4

    Hello everyone, I'm currently trying to get my VrInsight CDU work with our favorite A320 but I have some difficulties. I have seen some posts on the forum but they are old and often not answered. I tried to do that with mouse macros but MCDU buttons are locked down when I push them via the hardware, I can only click one time on them... I also tried to assign the same action when the button is released to unlock it but in vain. So mouse macros seems not to be the best way. Did you found a solution or any alternative ? Did I missed something ? It's a bit frustrating not to be able to use such a hardware with this aircraft.. ! Regards

    Hope for next upgrade

    First of all, i am very appreciate that FSL offer so high quality for us. Everything is so realistic. But only one thing always feel unsatisfied-the fps. I know my old PC is not achieve the lowest requirement. But now my new PC is still like this. My new PC Hardware: I7 8700K+ 1080TI+ 32G RAM DDR4 3200+ 500G SSD+ 4T HHD My p3d seeting as below: p3d v4.3; Fsl 320 v2.0.1.266 I don't think my setting is too high. But my fps is not too high like my old pc. As usual, Pmdg cold and dark i can get 60-70 fps while FSL only 40-50. But after star aircraft the fps will drop 10-15. Because i often fly Asia area, so the fps just ok. But if i try to fly to UK or Amsterdam that the fps will be very terrible. But other addon not any problems in these area. There is many time i think that is my setting has problems. But no matter how i try, the fps still can get good enough. So i notice that 320 will get same feature to 319 and 321. But i hope fsl also can pay more attention to the fps optimization. It will be perfect. And we also hope you can bring more and more high quality Airbus addon for us. Cheers
  5. Version 1.0.1


    A fictional (soon to be real) repaint of Lufthansa's Airbus A319 in their new paint scheme. This livery is painted to resemble most of the details of the real world D-AIZC. If you have noticed any bugs or issues with my repaint please PM me here on the forum or shoot me an email at maxdyba@icloud.com, I'll get back to you ASAP and release an update of any necessary changes
  6. Kevin Taylor

    FSX vs Prepar3D v4

    Good Evening All, I am new to the forum and new to FlightSim. I currently use FSX but am considering moving to P#D V4. Looking for opinions and some direction. As i have not yet made any add on purchases. It seems to me that it would make sense to make the move before doing so as I understand that FSX is no longer being supported. Also, is it necessary to purchase the professional version of V4 for someone with no plans to use it for real life training or would the academic version be sufficient. I welcome and thank you for your opinions and input. Kevin
  7. David Norfolk

    Your update is amazing

    the update is brilliant, the performance is so good & the wing effects are also really good. However i did notice that the fonts or lights on the autopilot & upper panel had disappeared. also the fmc wasn't clickable nor were the switches. However after a sim restart all is well. Cheers Chaps
  8. Marc Stanford

    Upcoming A320 models :)

    I'm super excited with Mr.Kalamaras announcement of the upcoming A32X models. He said we can expect them in the coming months so maybe this December we can expect the A319, and then the A321 wary next year? Im sorry but I REALLY love your guys work and is a masterpiece in P3D v4 (just upgraded). The A320 is my fauvorite now in both real life and the sim. A321 is my fauvorite model in the A320 series so can we expect it next year? Heck I love the A321 so much I'd be willing to pay the devs $500 for this plane, I want it so bad Delta just got some A321s to slowly replace their 757s We need the A321, and with Christmas coming up the flights are gonna be packed.
  9. Hey Guys, I have the Fslabs a320 for P3D v4.1 installed and also ezdok v1.85. It is working with i.g PMDG aircraft in the Inside (Virtual Cockpit) View and outside view.. In the FSLabs, when I press the hotkey for the outside view, the camera just points towards the sky and the VC is still active... I have run tue Euro config tool, renamed the V4 appdata folder to V3, configurated and renamed back again in V4.. But still the problem exists and only in the Fslabs. Maybe because of the new system, that the FSLabs folder is in the Addons section? Best Regards, CptNik
  10. Hello, Could someone please direct me on where to download the A320 for p3d v4 i cant seem to find it anywhere on the sight, Many thanks
  11. Moreno Lugarini

    AIRBUS A330

    Hi, I wanted to know if in the future you are planning a version of Airbus330 for long range. Thanks Moreno
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