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Found 9 results

  1. Updated: 27th February 2016 - Should anyone have any suggestion I will be most pleased to update and improve the text. Just leave a reply to this post. FSX is and will always be a 32 bits application. At the time of writing this post (september 2016) P3D (latest version 3.3) is also a 32 bits application.That means they can only handle 4 Gbytes of your installed RAM. No matter how much RAM you've got on your system. Even if you have 128 GB of RAM a 32 bit application such as FSX or P3D can only make use of up to 4 GB of RAM. Concorde-X is probably the most demanding plane on the market regarding memory use, but I don't think you'll ever have a problem if you fly Concorde-X using default sceneries and reasonable settings. However, you'll very likely get OOM errors (Out of Memory) when using extreme settings and/or other memory demanding addons, such as complex sceneries like Aerosoft Heatrow (specially if combined with London VFR or specially UK2000 sceneries), Aerosoft Mahhattan (specially if combined with FSDream Team KJFK), Paris Charles de Gaulle (LFPG) or FlyTampa Dubai, just to name a few. Because there's no way to increase the amount of memory that FSX/P3D can use, which will always be limited to 4GB, the only solution to avoid OOM errors is to lower the memory demands. As far as I have been able to check, these are the items to take care of when experiencing OOM errors: Number of objects: Scenery objects: Each tree, building, ground assistant and vehicles, post and signs... Every single object needs a space in memory. Reducing autogen or the scenery detail will be of a great help to reduce memory use and has usually solved all my OOM errors. Traffic: Each vehicle is also an object. So using road and airport traffic, boats, etc, will also increase the memory use. It is also important to bear in mind that AI traffic addons, such as My Traffic X, ICE or SKY can introduce a great number of planes (objects) and textures (described next) which will noticeably increase the memory requirements. Airports: FSX/P3D will load airports even if you overfly them at 60.000ft and don't use them to land or even look at them. That means a complete waste of memory by loading a whole lot of unnecessary objects. In the Scenery Library it would be wise to only tick departure and destination airports unchecking all the rest addon sceneries to make sure that we are only loading default sceneries along our route. The free tool Scenery Config Editor is very valuable to easily activate and deactivate sceneries as necessary: http://fs-sceditor.sourceforge.net/ Textures: Varied textures: FSX and P3D come with a limited set of textures, so it is very common so see "repeated" the very same tile of land over and over again, specially over water, desserts, etc. Addons such as FTX Global solve this problem providing a much wider range of textures that help increasing the realism of our ground environment. However, using a wider range of textures means an important increase in our memory use. Most of our flights with Concorde will take place at supersonic speeds over the water. Water textures are usually very monotonous, so most of the times the range of textures won't be a problem for us in those kind of flights, but that is a factor to be taken into account if making a continental flight over land where we will load a wider range of different textures. Photo sceneries: For the reasons explained in the previous section, photo sceneries are a real memory killer, the reason being that no two texture tiles are the same. Even if you are not using a 100% photo scenery please take into account that some developers include a certain area of photo realistic textures around the airport. HD Textures: We all love HD textures... but they are also a memory killer. HD textures are great for the cockpit, but I would strongly recommend not to use HD textures for clouds. I personally don't find that much of a visual difference and, in return, I find a much better performance, specially in storms, and a greater margin to avoid OOM errors. Level of detail: The lod_radius setting in the [TERRAIN] section of the fsx.cfg or prepar3d.cfg files defines the distance from our current position at which the simulator will start loading textures and objects. At least in theory, that will help to reduce blurry textures in the distance or airports suddenly popping up from nothing on our approach because the textures and objects, airport in this case, will be loading long before we arrive. However, and as described in previous sections, having a lot of objects in a scenery can cause OOM. Having varied and HD textures can also cause OOM. Increasing both of them is certainly not a good idea. The default lod_radius setting for both FSX and P3D is 4.5. Extreme caution should be taken when Increasing that value and flying Concorde, as an OOM error is almost guaranteed. Toggle from windowed mode to full-screen mode Monitoring VAS Usage Using FSUIPC Source: http://www.avsim.com/topic/431663-vas-fsuipc-and-fsx/ FSX Menu bar | Add-ons | FSUIPC ... Select the Logging tab Enter an Offset of 024C (that's a zero) Enter a Type of S32 from the drop down box DO NOT check the Hex checkbox Press OK projectFLY Pilot Tools http://pawkbun.co.uk/ Microsoft tool TN Process Explorer http://technet.micro...s/bb896653.aspx Hope this info helps. Bests, PS: This is what Andrew Wilson, one of the developers, says about this OOM errors in one of the replies to this post:
  2. zarbi94

    OOM issue come back...

    After the last update the OOM issues were ok winning the average of 300Mb. During my last flight the virtual size increased from 2600 to 4000 and of course OOM... Why ? Il was working so well...
  3. Nikolay Efimov

    [Resolved] Persisting OOM crashes

    First of all let me say that I absolutely love this product! I really want to enjoy it, but I keep getting OOM crashes almost every other flight, which is really ruining the experience for me. I've read the FAQ, and I configured my FSX(SE) setup accordingly. Actually I have a fresh FSX install with only the A320 and a few sceneries installed. I have the DX10 fixer and used the profile from the FAQ. I'm using ASN but didn't install any cloud sets. I have no performance issues per se, with FPS in a very usable 20-30 range. Since getting the A320, about 40% of my flights end with OOM CTDs, including flights between default sceneries. During my latest flight (FSDT JFK to FSDT LAX), I was monitoring my VAS usage very carefully, and here's what I noticed: 1. JFK : ~ 1.8GB used 2. Enroute: stable @ 1.4 GB 3. At TOD: still stable @ 1.4 GB 4. 5 minutes into the descent: rapid growth to 3.1 GB, and OOM CTD... A very similar spike to > 3 GB happened on approach to (default) LGA as well. What could have caused such a sudden spike in VAS usage? Sure, FSDT LAX scene is pretty heavy, but so is their JFK, and that never went over 1.8GB on departure...Besides, I was still about 100nm from LAX, don't think it would have even loaded yet. I think it must be something with the A320. If it helps, during the flight I encountered: - APU AUTO SHUTDOWN - FUEL AUTO FEED FAULT (or smth like that), prompting to revert to manual fuel control. - I had to change the arrival runway just prior to TOD. I kept the same STAR. Any help troubleshooting this further would be appreciated. For now, I feel put off from flying the A320 since it's probably gonna CTD anyway.
  4. Wael AL-Qutub

    OOM in most addon airport sceneries

    Hi all, i have been getting OOM's while approaching airports such as Taxi2gate LTBA & Flytampa copenhagen, i have followed the recommendations by @Tim Mitchell but it seems that i still have the annoying oom , i have windows 10 and FSX SE with the direct x 10 fixes , any help is much appreciated Thank you
  5. Ralf Reuß

    FSX A320 crashes (VAS), etc.

    I'm really disappointed !! It can not be that I have to reduce everything to start a plane without crashing? Even with aircraft of PMDG there are no such problems. I as a user have a feeling I was working as a beta tester, whether new CFG file Ramsoftware or other settings, and I speak here of hours with my Flight Club in the group all has nothing helped real. So I delete all favorite airports again? The same applies to traffic. Without traffic, it is not fun !! On the Internet you will find closed threads and no one has a perfect solution. If you write to the support, the answer is a link to the forum. This is a support ?? So can this aircraft apparently only without Scenery, traffic and without installed addons operate ?? Not with me!! My holiday I have enough already sacrificed so !! I want to give the aircraft within the right to return back !!!! Ich bin wirklich enttäuscht !! Es kann doch nicht sein, dass ich alles reduzieren muss um ein Flugzeug ohne Absturz zu starten? Auch mit Flugzeugen von PMDG gibt es nicht solche Probleme. Ich als Benutzer habe das Gefühl, das ich als Beta-Tester funktioniere, ob neue CFG-Datei, Ramsoftware oder sonstige Einstellungen und ich spreche hier von Stunden mit meinem Flight Club in der Gruppe alles hat nichts wirkliche geholfen. Also lösche ich alle Lieblings Flughäfen wieder? Das gleiche gilt für den Verkehr. Ohne Verkehr macht es keinen Spaß !! Im Internet finden Sie geschlossene Threads und niemand hat eine perfekte Lösung. Wenn Sie an den Support schreiben, ist die Antwort ein Link zum Forum. Das ist eine Unterstützung ?? Also kann man dieses Flugzeug scheinbar nur ohne Scenery, Verkehr und ohne installierte Addons betreiben?? Nicht mit mir!! Mein Urlaub habe ich schon genug damit geopfert!! Ich möchte das Flugzeug innerhalb der Rückgaberecht zurück zu geben !!!!
  6. Lobo Tommy

    severe OOM issues in P3D v3.2

    Hi everyone i just bought the concorde X yesterday for P3D 3.2 but i'm beggining to be really dispointed by this addon right now , since the install each time i load concorde , the sim OOM , every single time i try , i OOM I have a powerfull system who can run pmdg 777 and a lot of others addons with everything maxxed out without any problem at all , got no OOMs for months and now it's every time i load concorde. even when i've tried to reduce the graphics of the sim to the lowest specs possible..... What's wrong ??? i was expecting something really better regarding the price of this bird... please help !!!!!
  7. DukeSan27

    Panel_Stretching=1 Causes Ooms?

    I have a strong feeling that PANEL_STRETCHING=1 in P3d cfg file (which is a default value) is the cause of OOMs when using high-resolution screens (e.g. 3440*1440 or 4K). If I use this default value, then with the Beech King 350 2D panel, I can see memory going up quite a bit (by 150MB I think) and down as I increase/decrease my resolution (by resizing the window). And in fact, this resize action crashed P3d also few times. Now Beech King 2D panel is very basic so its surprising it can cause so much memory fluctuation as well as crashes. So I switched this option to PANEL_STRETCHING=0, and I no longer have memory going up nor any crashes. Can anyone with ConcordeX and high-resolution setup try this? (I don't have it anymore.) Anyway, we do not want the 2D panels stretched, they become un-usable on high resolutions.
  8. vortac12

    The Dread Oom Close To Desktop

    I recently purchased the FSLabs Concorde X and let me say that it is AMAZING. I have become familiar with flying the old iron steam gauges such as the DC-9 classic, 727, and 707, but the systems in the Concorde is unprecedented. The modeling FSLabs creation is top notch. I was happy to see that one of the developers was with PMDG and therefore a lot of the menus were familiar to me as they are almost identical to the MD11 from PMDG. With this being said, I have one issue...the dread OOM and black textures upon landing. My first flight from London to JKF, I landed, taxied off the runway and was performing the After Landing checks when textures started to go black then a minute later FSX closed due to a OOM issue. I never really have a problem with these and I have done trans Atlantic crossing in the MD11. I did have a problem that when I landed at the airport, only the jetways were visible. I couldn't see the airport buildings itself. Since my MD11 crossings I have purchased a boatload of new scenery files that I am sure hog up a much memory as possible. On my first flight I forgot to turn those off. So on my second flight to Paris from JFK, I closed down all add on scenery and upon landing, I was able to taxi to the gate, however I was afraid to open up any panels because I noticed black squares and textures missing from AI aircraft. (I forgot to mention that I was running Traffic 360, REX Textures for weather, and UTX in North America. I have seen some videos on YouTube from a fellow who flies from Heathrow to JFK with add on scenery and it seems fine. I have a similar setup as him. I saw the post about running in windowed mode but for some reason the bar at the top of the screen bothers me and I can not get over it. I did a couple of time hit ALT+ENTER to exit full screen to read a PDF and the bring it back to full screen. That maybe the issue there. What other steps can I take to ensure that I can complete a flight? I would one day like to get a scenery pack for JFK but right now I think that would kill my flight and cause me grief.
  9. Charlie Mck

    Fsx Not Responding With Concorde X

    Hello, I have recently purchased the Concorde X which I am extremely pleased of I must say it is an fantastic product. However there is on problem that makes the Concorde X almost unflyable. I was flying on VATSIM performing a standard depature out of kennedy at I was through FL400 when I rebootings INS number two and around there was an annoying telephone like noise in which stopped around 5 minutes later and then at FL490 my flight simulator stopped responding. I applied the himemfix into the .cfg but when I tried again the same happened. My VAS Usage was around 2.2GB at the time and all addon scenery was disabled apart from the UK2000 Heathrow Extreme. At the time I was achieving around 25fps. My specs: Intel i5 8gb Ram Windows 8.1 64bit 1tb HDD 24gb SSD Intel graphics 4000 thingy Hope you can help Kind regards Charlie McKenna RYR3136
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