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Found 25 results

  1. Guys The Flight Management and Guidance Computers is the last system on the FSL buses to be completed. They are still missing many features such as STEP ALTs, RTAs, OFFSET, CONSTANT MACH, etc. There was a rumor going around that FSL may have stopped development on the A320 series, however @ Lefteris Kalamaras assured me that this was not the case and they were continuing development on the A320 for the foreseeable future. What really got things interesting was that in his reply, that the FMGC has been receiving lots of love lately and that we would see some of that in the next few updates possibly. So I figured what the heck, to make a hype topic for the remaining FMGC features similar to the infamous A321 "hype" progress thread. Why am I doing this? I am very excited for this as the FSL A321SL is the only aircraft I fly on my new P4D installation (I upgraded my hardware and got a new PC). Flight Sim Labs is my most favorite company because they are the only ones who produced a true replica level Airbus for ANY flight sim platform. I used to hate FBW and thought pilots who flew it were lazy but the FSL A320X I purchased in 2017 changed that completely. I used to be an Airbus hater to a die-hard Airbus lover. I used to fly on A320s a lot a while back on Spirit and Delta, I prefer the A321s. Being a Nerd, the Airbus is a Nerd's plane and it's all about the systems, you could say the Airbus is the Gulfstream of Airliners in this regard. I have other Airbus addons for other sims and they don't come close. For years I have been flying the A321 exactly as described on the FCOM and it behaves the same way. I just wish for FSL to complete the FMGC features since this is the thumping heart of the bus. The FSL A321 is my most favorite product and I desperately wish to see it grow in the near future, the remaining FMGC features being added in would make this a complete simulation and I don't regret any of my FSL purchases ever. So anyways what do you guys think the surprise is for the FMGC update, is it the features we have requested after all those years or something else, let me know in the replies below!
  2. James Kavanagh

    mcdu n00b - MCDU question

    Hello, I feel silly asking this, but I really can't find the answer anywhere. I'm building oy own MCDU, and I am a bit confused on how to get the MCDU screen onto my external display. I have the screen working correctly and set up in windows etc. I just can't for the life of me work out how to get the 2D panel to pop out as just the screen, and not the whole MCDU. I've searched this forum and have seen plenty of people talking about it, and even seeen a screenshot or two, but havent been able to find out HOW to do it. Is there a better way to be doing it, I just assumed that undocking and dragging it to the external monitor would be fine? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi everyone, I watched this recently. It's another A320 flight deck video but it differs a little from many out there because the flight crew spend more time explaining MCDU and other systems. It's well worth a watch :-) Piloting MyTravel A320 to Palma de Mallorca
  4. Michal Pierzchala

    Not keeping rwy's course when on LOC

    Hi, I have a problem in A320X. When I am established on LOC, plane immediatly turns onto another, different course and suddenly I turns back to the rwy's one. It can happen many times on one final approach, not just one time, but two or three. Can anyone help me or tell me what am I doing wrong? May it would be useful, that I'm unable to set rwy's course in MCDU like in picture below. Thanks in advance, Michal
  5. Michal Pierzchala

    Few buttons don't work in A320X

    Hello, I gotta question. One month ago I bought A320X and I have problem with few buttons. In MCDU LSK 2L, LSK 3L and LSK 4L are unable to click. They don't push as fine-working buttons. When I wanna set the VOR frequency (first screenshot) I'm unable to click it as in MCDU, but on FO's panel the same button works. And I gotta 2nd problem. When I am on LOC and I'm established on ILS to runway, immediately it changes the direction and after few seconds it turns back to the rwy's heading. Did anyone had sth like that and can help me? Regards, Michal
  6. Since upgrading to 4.2 on the latest version of FS labs, I am finding that the remote MCDU set up is now essentially useless as it is extremely in registering keystrokes. Also, a lot of entries will not be displayed until I move away from a given MCDU screen and then come back to it. Is anyone else having an issue with this? I simply don't have the time to go through the support ticket system. I have obviously tried closing chrome on the iPad and re opening it however this does not effect any change.
  7. Gianluca Belardinelli

    Wrong ILS APP Draw

    Hi, As you can see from the Image below just taken, while doing the LUMEL8K ARR for ILS Y rwy 15 @ LFSB I see that the procedure in the ND is wrong drawn. Below the ILS Approach from Jeppesen charts. NO OFP printed to load the RTE. EDIT: Airac 1701 Regards
  8. Gianluca Belardinelli

    NEW DEST after a GO AROUND

    Hi! I am now doing a test flight and after the go around I wanted to go to a new Destination. I've did it by inserting a new waypoint and there I've selected the new destination. The problem is that I've now in the PERF Page the GO Around phase and in this way no T/D values are visible. Can I know how it is in real life and / or if in some way that's a limitation or our FSL? How can I manage after the go around procedure to have back the CLB/CRZ/APP phase for the new airport? Thanks!
  9. I've run into this issue a few times now, usually when I'm doing a turnaround, but this time it happened from a fresh load. My sim is always loaded per the instructions in the manual w/ Cold and Dark (i.e. start the trike, then load the A320, etc.). All best practices are followed, using DX10 with the fixer, running Win10 x64. What happens when this issue occurs is the same every time: No OPT FL in the PERF page Leg distances show screwy values on F-PLN T/D calc keeps resetting to 7NM, clicks down to 1NM, then starts again at 7NM ETA keeps showing current time or a few minutes in the future I've found no way to reproduce the issue, though I believe that every time I've had this occur it was when I loaded the FPLN using the PFPX Print OFP method - that's unconfirmed though. This time and with the screenshots attached, the plan was uploaded via PFPX. Please see attachments and let me know if there's any other data I can provide that could help. Thanks! Tom JBU313 KDFW-KPHX (23 Sep 2016) #2.txt
  10. lionel


    Dears very good afternoon I have a small issue regarding installlation of MCDU in my Ipad I tried to follow the explaination but I guess Im too old for this (53yd) !!!!! LOL Anyway when I click on icone MCDU in my computer screen which is the computer of FSX everytg is under control but when I want to have MCDU in my Ipad it doesnt work I opened in my ipad CHROME I putted etc etc and nothing NADA !!! could you please give my a simple procedure to reach my goal : to be able to use MCDU in my ipad thks a lot for your answer merci beaucoup lionel
  11. Manfred Tamminga

    [PROCEDURE] Entering approach in the MCDU

    Hi there, is there a possibility to enter a STAR or Transition first, before entering the active runway? My questions is because of following: I´m doing online ATC flights. Approaching Munich last time My last programmed waypoint was ANORA, by the ATC I was given clearance to BURAM and the ANORA2A STAR not knowing if the runway was 26L or 26R. But as far as I know one can only choose a STAR/Transiton when an active runway was choosen first? Am I wrong with that? So I choose 26R randomly. So luckily later on I was adviced to land on 26R. But i also could have been 26L, so I had to switch the programmed runway during approach. So simply asked again. Is there a possibility to choose a STAR/Transition in the MCDU before choosing a runway? Does someone know how it is done in real life aviation? All the best Manfred
  12. Alexander Luzajic


    Not sure if I am posting on right place but I have question in regards to RADIAL FIX INFO not active in MCDU. Let's say I want to create RADIAL FIX from Arrival APT. Or in other words how to create FIX radial from waypoint and distance? Like in other A/C FMC - MCDU. Thanks
  13. dominique

    Features Missing

    Hello, I have just discovered that the secondary flight plan is not implemented !? How is it? How to activate it and make it functional? Thank you for your reply
  14. Alaa Riad

    MCDU and V speeds ?

    Dear Flight Sim Labs First I want to congratulate you to your distinguished product that takes FSX to a new higher level of professionalism and amusement so thank you. I have some issues hoping to get more information about I do apologize if they were mentioned somewhere at the manuals or forum and I couldn't see: 1- I realized that no matter how I change the FLEX temperature at the MCDU the V speeds doesn't not change I am not sure if this is normal? 2- It's hard to change the trim form VC view I hope there was a small pop up window with the current reading to make it easier to modify. 3- it seems like in a certain conditions where the plane has to take a sharp turn after takeoff to follow a flight path specially in weathered conditions the AP will disconnect ? 4- When I am flying a livery with a certain engine type and I close FSX then later I choose another livery with a different engine type the SIM crashes. 5- The graphics on the MFD or ND or any of the other screens even when enlarged is a little not easy to read (compared with other models I use and perhaps because of my age too ) Again it's a great product I have been flying it for month and cant get enough of it Best wishes Alaa
  15. Gerald Krutsch

    MCDU goes blank LPFR NARTA 6U SID

    Hello guys, something strange happens on FARO Airport (LPFR) when entering RWY28 with NARTA 6U SID. What to try out. Prerequisites: Standard Navdata which came with the FSL A3XX instalation (think it's Cycle 1608), standard LPFR scenery, Gate 24 Medium for start. So... - start in C&D (standard procedures) - after IRS alligned fill in both pages of the INIT - PAGE 1 for example: FROM/TO as LPFR/LPMA, no need to press INIT REQUEST, press IRS INIT, COST INDEX of 20, CRZ FL360 - PAGE 2 fill in all with autofill - go to FPLN and select LPFR departure RWY28 and SID NARTA 6U --> *boom* MCDU brings up a short message on the bottom then goes black leaving you on the MENU page with only 2 options to the bottom right FAILURES and OPTIONS. You can still click everything and also start the plane if you want but you will not see the FMGC again! This might be a Navdata issue but maybe some of you can check it out. Regards.
  16. Hey everyone. Just wondering if there was a more simple way of doing what I am about to explain. I am going to make up a fictitious runway and sid. Lets say upu want to depart rwy 24 on the Johns sid. So you select that but later want to change to the Stampede departure for the same runway. It seems like you have to go into the departure page, change it to a completely different runway and sid and then go back and change it to the Stampede off of rwy 24. Is there an easier way of doing this in the bus? Thx!
  17. George Fartek

    A320-X Intercept

    Dear Folks! First of all, I would like to thank you guys at flightsimlabs for making a dream come true to have an on spot simulated Airbus available for FSX and later P3D (can’t wait). The Airbus is a dream to hand fly and the system are very, very deep. Nevertheless, there is a problem that I want to address. Yesterday I was climbing out of LFMN when I noticed, that the bus seems to overshoot the flightpath and tries to fly back on the track, although there is a track (138 degrees) given by the charts (see picture). I thought, that the airbus recalculates your positon after the turn and “directs” you on the track to the intercept point. I wouldn’t say that the airbus behaves wrong, just abnormal I guess. For example: There is a video of an A380 Level-D simulator, where you can see an intercept example out of EGLL. Even though the pilot doesn’t turn the aircraft, there is no route offset (example: 0.3 R). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TywPmByZxps Maybe the A380 behaves different, but I guess in terms of this situation not that much. Performed with AIRAC 1610 (Navigraph and Navdata Pro). Any ideas?
  18. What does 'NO ANSWER TO REQUEST' mean on INIT page of MCDU ...? Everyday something new to sort out. And YES everything is setup, done, imported, saved, folder, file between PFPX and AOCService and was working fine until this morning. Nothing changed, nothing different from yesterday >>>>> back to manually enter a flightplan. This AOCService is more of a pain as a joy on my rig #justsaying There is another link on the forum with the same question with no answer to resolve the problem. Any help will be appreciated.
  19. Michael Gadeberg

    Next wpt not possible

    I am really enjoying the 320X and it performs very well on my system. The import functions to the MCDU are great but sometimes the routes are not accepted. In that case I manually input the route but in case no airways is used I cannot input a next wpt into the MCDU? On the FP page I click the wpt and want to input next wpt but it is not possible? In the US a lot of routes go dct between wpt's but the MCDU requires that you use a via(airway).
  20. Hi guys, maybe i'm doing something wrong here but after landing in manchester i turned on the apu, reached the gate and then shut off the engines. I heard the "clank" APU AC bus kicking in but then the apu gen was on fault. Non option or fault menu appearing in the mcdu left or righ, only the fmgc choice.
  21. Daniel Kittler

    Remote MCDU and refueling

    Hi, Could somebody be so kind to explain with details how to use this feature ? I've tried and tried to get a connection: no success Thanks
  22. Berk Basar

    Wrong way poing ETA calculation

    LTFD/LTBA LTFD05 SID DUGLA TURKO1A LTBA05,CI 20, crz FL200, weight standart, FOB 5000. No navdatabase update. Over TURKO did direct to ATCOS then put 77IST under TURKO to sequence the F-PLAN, ETA at ND and MCDU for the next waypoint was changing as screenshots show. Also after everyflight when I shut down the engines GND CTRL comes on, It should stay in light out position.
  23. Concern: Currently flying from EGGW to EDDH, and ETA timings for next waypoint are out by several hours on MCDU PROG Report Screen. (see attached screenshot) - note ETA for arrival at EDDH is before ETA for OKOKO and VALAM. ETA grew from ~1 hour out, to 5 hours out over the course of ~1minute. Concern has occurred once, and managed to resolve itself while task switching for screenshot. Concern occurred on first use of PROG Report Screen during flight and could not be reproduced after resolving by switching between MCDU modes. Details: FSX (non-Steam) A320X Version 10.0.61355.173. Navaid database for FSX was updated with install. FSUIPC: 4.931 ASN: build 6011 PFPX: 1.26 Used for route with AOC export. 1511 nav cycle data used. ATC ROUTE: N0449F370 MATC1Y MATCH Q295 CLN UL620 ARTOV UP44 SOMVA UP155 OKOKO UZ303 VALAM UZ304 GRONY UM105 EEL UN125 REVLA T907 RIBS2A SORUN T903 RIBSO Note: Waypoints OKOKO and VALAM are within 30 NM of Schiphol, Aerosoft Schiphol scenery is installed.
  24. godfather

    MCDU outside of FSX not working

    Dear fellow pilots, I had a problem that the MCDU was not working on external devices. I was able to access the the server, but the MCDU was dead. Reason for my problem is that I am living in China, a country which takes good care of its citizens and protects them from the evils on the internet. Among those evil parties is google and everything related to google is blocked. Now, what has that to do with the MCDU? Simple, as it seems it is working with something supplied by google which needs an internet connection (google api?). Solution to that problem for all fellow pilots who live in countries where google is blocked: VPN. After I saw that the browser is trying to connect to a google website, I switched on my VPN and it worked! Is there a way, where I don't have to rely on a connection to google but still can run the MCDU on a 3rd device. Best regards from good ole China G
  25. ifitsaboeingitsnotgoing

    Winds Aloft Data

    Hi, Will there be functionality in the MCDU to allow us to enter winds aloft data either manually or through a file generated by PFPX like how PMDG have done it? Thanks
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