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Found 3 results

  1. Luis Oswaldo Bethencourt

    For those with low FPS

    Hello people This is for those with low end computers and striving to get a few extra FPS to get your FSL experience a bit better. You know who you are. I have disabled the PFD and the ND at the 1st officer seat, and I believe I have gained a few extra FPS (5 fps avg) I dare to say that i´ve finally gotten close enough to the confort zone while flying this puppy!! I thought it would be worth to mention here, so maybe someone can try and verify if it is possible to replicate my results. Needless to say, FSL will not approve this, since it is a modification of their panel.cfg file, but as long as you make a backup of your original panel.cfg file and you JUST comment the 2 lines i will point out, you should not have any issues. (After all, this is a novice/rookie modification, we´re not doing rocket science here) Go to your FSX folder, (wherever your sim is, just locate the root folder) and then go to either one of these two folders (whatever engine variant you want to try this on) FS_ROOT\SimObjects\Airplanes\FSLabs A320 CFM\Panel FS_ROOT\SimObjects\Airplanes\FSLabs A320 IAE\Panel Please make a backup of your panel.cfg located there. Call it panel.cfg.original or something that will help you identifying the file. Then just edit the panel.cfg (with notepad, no Wordpad or any other text editor which might alter the plain text format of this file), scroll a bit down till you locate the following: ////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Main Panel DUs ////////////////////////////////////////////////// [VCockpit01] size_mm=1024,1024 pixel_size=768,768 texture=$DUPFDND background_color=0,0,0 gauge00=..\..\FSLabs A32X\FSL_A32XX!Controller, 0, 0, 0, 0 gauge01=..\..\FSLabs A32X\FSL_A32XX!LCDScreen_1, 56, 56, 400, 400, F0.85 gauge02=..\..\FSLabs A32X\FSL_A32XX!LCDScreen_2, 568, 56, 400, 400, F0.85 gauge03=..\..\FSLabs A32X\FSL_A32XX!LCDScreen_5, 56, 568, 400, 400, F0.85 gauge04=..\..\FSLabs A32X\FSL_A32XX!LCDScreen_6, 568, 568, 400, 400, F0.85 You see those last two lines? gauge03 and 04? those are the 1st officer PDF and ND. COmment them with // at the beginning of the line and save the file. They should look like this: gauge00=..\..\FSLabs A32X\FSL_A32XX!Controller, 0, 0, 0, 0 gauge01=..\..\FSLabs A32X\FSL_A32XX!LCDScreen_1, 56, 56, 400, 400, F0.85 gauge02=..\..\FSLabs A32X\FSL_A32XX!LCDScreen_2, 568, 56, 400, 400, F0.85 //gauge03=..\..\FSLabs A32X\FSL_A32XX!LCDScreen_5, 56, 568, 400, 400, F0.85 //gauge04=..\..\FSLabs A32X\FSL_A32XX!LCDScreen_6, 568, 568, 400, 400, F0.85 Then try to fly the bird. Please let me know if I am just blind, if I am on one of my upbeat overoptimistic days.. of if this really does something. I am sure I am getting a few more fps, not a lot, but enough for me to say I am able to ride the full 9 yards now . At least this works for me. Again, FSL will not likely approve this. After all, if you don´t know what you are doing you might screw up the panel, but again, this is basic file edition. So this is up to you guys. Hope it wont be a problem for FSL if I display part of their panel.cfg on this thread... All the best Luis
  2. Hello, Upon Starting up the engine I always Get These 3 Message, Just Wanna Know what do they reflect: 1- Pred W/S Off 2- NG1 Oil Low Temp 3- NG2 Oil Low Temp as a result I get on the ND Delay T.O Config ? why am I getting these messages in addition to delaying the T.O Config thank you
  3. Giacomo Mariucci

    [RESOLVED] "Bumpy" taxi

    Hello FSLabs, I've recentely noticed when starting to taxi, that the A320 moves in a really bumpy way, just if it's encountering some holes on the taxyway or something like that. This effect disappears at around 4-5kts. If I stop taxi and start it again, I can still experience this "effect" and, as you can imagine, it's quite annoying. I've got only standard sceneries and no terrain softwares installed. Can you help me solving this problem? Thanks in advance.
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