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Found 7 results

  1. Tom van de Wetering

    [Answered] Joystick required for a320?

    Hi, I’m thinking about purchasing the a320 for FSX (don’t judge me for still owning FSX lol). The only thing keeping me from purchasing is that I don’t know if I can use just my keyboard just like the PMDG planes. Aerosoft also offers the a320 family but you need a joystick the control that plane. So, my question, do I need a joystick for the FSLabs a320? Please refrain from trying to convince me to buy a joystick.. I'm sure you have your reasons but so have I.. Sincerely, Tom van de Wetering
  2. Mohit Bhargava

    Not able to configure brakes A320

    Hi, I new to FSLAB A320 i am using joystick but when i press brakes the aircraft doesn't stop i have read all FAQ tried everything but no use please can someone tell me what i am doing wrong
  3. Gearup6644

    Windows10 - Cyborg 3G driver

    Since upgrading to Win10 PC no longer recognizes my old Cyborg 3G joystick. Does anyone have an idea if a driver update for Cyborg 3G even exists for Win10 64 bits? Thank you!
  4. cpt.ghost24

    Home Joystcick Vs Airbus Sidestick

    Ok so i flew the level D A320 sim of my countries airline (Sri Lankan Airlines) and the one thing i noticed straight out(Other than it being the best thing after my first solo flight and my PPL checkride ) is the fact that the sidestick has some nice weight to it with quite a bit of resistance, being pretty firm compared to our home joysticks, sensitivity wise i think i have it set up the same but then again it is an ever changing factor considering speed and config. anyway long story short would you guys(FSLabs) be giving a super high in depth config for our home joysticks or would you(Pretty please) be coming out with an affordable a320 sidestick that we could purchase and use. Most currently in the market hit the $1000 mark and damn thats way too much for us home simmers(most of us actually).
  5. Lefteris Kalamaras

    A320X Controls Mega Thread

    Gents, you will notice that the thrust controls (keyboard and joystick) now work a bit differently from what you're used to in FSX. The way we coded them should make a bit more sense for an Airbus, as we tried to follow the 'gates' methodology as closely as possible. Here's the logic behind them: 1) Joystick: Use the MCDU Menu -> Options page to reach the Thrust Lever Controls page In this page, you can tell the A320 sim: 1) whether your thrust controller has a single lever or two levers 2) whether you will use the stick for controlling reverse thrust or not (i.e. your stick does not go into the reverse range) 3) If you want visual cues ON to tell you if you're in a gate or not with selection "Set Gate Zones" you move to the next page, "Gate Settings" where you can set the joystick range for each gate. The example here is with a single-lever joystick, but the philosophy extends to dual controllers as well. In this page, you can select the lever you want ('BOTH' is the option if you have a single lever) and assign the proper range depending on lever position for each gate. The way I do it, I move the joystick to the full back position, click the THR POS button (LSK R1) once (scratch pad receives the current value), then move it slightly forward a bit and click LSK R1 again. The scratch pad should contain a pair of two values - for example, "-0.988/0.810". Then, press the appropriate LSK for FWD IDLE (LSK L4) to set the range for the FWD IDLE gate. I do the same the next three gates (CL, FLX MCT and TOGA) and that way, my stick is now set up to 'fall into' appropriate gates depending on the values coming to the sim from the joystick. The low/high values for each gate signify the positions within which the A320 Thrust Lever is locked inside a gate and will not 'move'. (i.e. it protects for your hardware's possible jitter). If you have done this correctly, all values will be green. If some ranges fall within each other, the respective values will become amber, signaling that you need to correct them. We pre-calculate default values for you too, so you can click on LSK R6 to get those, and see if you like them. In the example above, I have no reverse thrust position settings defined, as my joystick does not have reverser action - however, I could, if I wanted to, set my REV MAX and REV IDLE positions starting at the full closed joystick setting, but that would mean I'd need to physically mark on my joystick lever where the FWD IDLE position would be. Here's where the visual cues ON setting helps... Keyboard action is a bit easier to grasp: F2 and F3 buttons move the A320 levers back / fwd respectively (as normal). F1 and F4 are a bit different: They are used to move the thrust lever to the next gate, rather than to full back / full forward position. That means that if you are at FWD IDLE, you press F4 to move to CL, then F4 again to move to FLX MCT, and another F4 to move to TOGA respectively. Similarly with F1 - each key press moves the thrust lever back one gate (sound "click" position helps to identify this action). We hope this makes your simming experience a bit more realistic when it comes to thrust controls! Let us know what you think!
  6. godfather

    Saitek X-5x Joysticks

    Hi community, is anyone using Saitek X 55 or even 56 with the bus? Is it recommendable for the bus? I am impressed by all these switches and wonder if this would enrich the experience. Thanks for any feedback in advance. g
  7. Jackbauer

    Force Feedback

    Hey guys, I'm just another guy waiting for the realease and I'm wondering if some kind of force feedback will be implemented as I own the logitech G940. All airplanes works very bad with it on FSX, would be nice at least get some kind of ressistance. Daniel
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