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Found 10 results

  1. Concorde Performance System X: http://concordeperformancesystem.org/ Concorde Performance System X (referred to as CPS-X hereafter) is a standalone utility which can be used with SSTSIM for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (aka FS9) and FSLabs Concorde X for FSX, FSX-SE, P3D v2.x and v3.x. It allows the most demanding simmers to plan any Concorde flight either subsonic or supersonic. Any airport included in the simulator can be chosen as departure, destination or alternate, provided that it has a long enough runway to takeoff or land Concorde. CPS-X is only a fuel and performance planner, not a route planner. This means that you first need to use software like PFPX, FS Commander, or any route planning tool to generate the routes that CPS-X will use. Those routes must be exclusively created in FS2004 (text file) or FSX/P3D (xml file) *.pln files format. If not, CPS-X will not be able to use them. The tool provided by FSLabs only allows the calculation of the performance for some of the most popular airports used by Concorde during her illustrious career and only with a few loading profiles. CPS-X offers virtually unlimited routes only restricted by your own imagination. CPS-X allows you to calculate the right balance for any load, the right amount of fuel required and its distribution and the correct takeoff and landing performance. The performance provided by CPS-X is based on the real aircraft documentation from Air France. CPS-X uses several weather sources to compute the performance and fuel required. Real weather can be downloaded from NOAA servers or programs such as Hi-Fi Simulation Technologies Active Sky 2016 (only for FSX and P3D) or set manually by the user. CPS-X benefits from 5 years of experience developing previous versions while listening to and supporting its users. It is the sum of these 5 years that has helped me to improve it. This is a short summary of this product that should satisfy the most demanding fans of “Hard Core” Concorde simulation. Pierre Chassang
  2. K_e_n_a_n__A_g_h_a_y_e_v

    Fuel Tankering Calculator

    Version 1.0.0


    Based on the FCOM tables of a particular airplane and might not coincide with the data of MSN modeled by FSLabs. MS Excel REQUIRED. A319 IAE is missing due to lack of data. For any questions/suggestions feel free to contact me by PM.
  3. Kyprianos Biris

    Subsonic Fuel Consumption

    For the sake of the discussions regarding subsonic fuel and range I just submit my data for the longest subsonic flight I did so far. ENGM - UBBB flight executed with Concorde-X 1.34 in P3D 3.2 MASEV Z183 LEGPO L199 RASEL Y130 SOPUN L199 MILTA Y130 RUDNI N623 LOVIK M996 GUKOL A225 LATRI G118 OGURA B450 KZ B122 MKL B494 BUMAR N67 NOBVA 1899 nm (1930 track miles flown with departure & approach) VATSIM flight log http://www.vataware.com/flight/57668f7b5352334ec3000003 Barbados pax load (89 tons), 90 tons fuel at ramp before start up. Flight at FL310, IAS 360 / Mach 0.95 T/ AS 550 Kts Fuel consumption at cruise started from 20,5 tn/hr and before top of descent was 17.2 tn/hr Fuel at Take Off : 88.5 tons Fuel at landing : 16 tons Flight time : 3:42 Average flight fuel consumption : 72.500 / 3.7 = 19,6 tn/hr So roughly the range of Concorde-X for full subsonic flight is 2,000nm + reserve
  4. Andrea Bianchini

    Fuel unbalance and Air Bleed

    Hallo guys, experiencing your a320 continue with a lot of satisfaction! Thanks to the good implementation you have made on the one engine taxi now I always taxi with just one engine on large airports but this has lead me to one question: After take off I notice a slight fuel unbalance due to the use of one engine instead of both . just 300 kgs but opening the xfeed valve soesn't fix the fuel unbalance. Any suggestion? Is this implemented? Another question: While cruising at FL330 I've tried to turn off both BLEEDS (ENG1 and ENG2), I had a PACKS 1+2 fault and the ENG bleeds of message and two fault on the overhead but the cabin pressure remained the same, no changes and no deprezuritaion. The pressure Delta remained 7.8 and V/S FT/MIN remained 0. Cabin altitude remained the same as well. Only when I switched off PACKS 1 and 2 on the Overhead I started loosing pressure. Is this correct? Lossing both eng bleeds doesn't make the two packs inoperative? Thanks in advance! Gino
  5. Daniel Kittler

    Remote MCDU and refueling

    Hi, Could somebody be so kind to explain with details how to use this feature ? I've tried and tried to get a connection: no success Thanks
  6. scott albrecht

    Low fuel inflight

    Hello everyone, first let me start out by saying what a fantastic and beautiful aircraft this is! I usually only fly the 737 but this aircraft is so awesome I'm trying to learn the Airbus. This question may sound stupid (remember im new to the Airbus) but does anyone know why I'm running out of fuel inflight? The fuel desk top icon dosent load to a page on the web, neither does the mdcu. If anyone could explain to me how to properly fuel the aircraft so I can enjoy a longer route it would be greatly appreciated.
  7. dodongos

    Abnormal Fuel Flow

    Previous patch, i can fly economic rate, fuel flow 2,5 - 3 Kg/hr Latest patch always 5 - 5.5 Kg/hr
  8. Fraser Gale

    Fuel Transfer Help Sheets

    Fuel Transfer Help Sheets View File A document I wrote a few years ago to help someone understand the transfer of fuel in a typical flight. Please accept this "as is" because it was written for personal use only and I don't claim it to be perfect. Submitter Frazz Submitted 05/28/16 Category Concorde-X
  9. Herby Gore

    Cg At 53.5% Or 54%?

    Hi, Thanks to CPS, it is now very easy to fly the Concorde anywhere in the world on any route. But this raises a question: When exactly should I opt for TO with a 54% CG? As afr as I understand it, this is for the longest routes where the plane has to be filled with the maximum amount of fuel. But what is the exact limit?
  10. oZZ

    Fuel Transfert

    Hello, I've got an issue during the transonic phase when i transfert fuel from tank 9 to 11 i've no issue. But when the fuel in the tank 11 reach the load limit value Inlet Valve tank 5 & 7 doesn't open what's wrong ? Here few screens During climb to subsonic cruise. Next on during Transonic acceleration.
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