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  1. Housie123

    A320-x ecam not working

    Hello, When I want to use the ecam on the a320x I encounter a problem. When I select a option such as hydraulic it will instantly put me back onto a different screen (sometimes engine etc). And is the same with all of them. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thankyou.
  2. AlesCZ

    320X and Instant Replay

    Hi captains, have you ever tried the instant replay for landing? It looks terrible. Absolutely no chassis suspension, landing looks like a wooden chair and movement of the aircraft is very unrealistic. I think it is a problem of sampling and FSX no good can record motion A320X?
  3. Hello and good day to all. I try to explane my problem to you: I start the aircraft in cold & dark state, i follow the tutorial to set up the aircraft, but at the point to move the 3 switches ( O&M ELEVONS, IN ELEVONS and RUDDER) on the lower hoverhead panel, the switches constantly returning automatically on the MECH positon. So i'm unable to engage the utopilot. Also I have the PFC light on, on the MWS. I have the Concorde 1.35 for FSX, running under Windows 7 64. Thank you for your help ! I really appreciate
  4. Alexandru Vale 320

    Concorde in 4K

    Hello, I have recently upgraded my monitor to 4K. I have an issue when I try to run Concorde in 4K, the indications of all instruments (IAS, GS, INS, chronometers, N1, N2, etc) are out of scale, text being too large. I have played around with settings and found out it has to do with the way Windows 10 scales everything bigger to 150% due to the 4K resolution. If I switch it back to 100% scaling, Concorde looks normal but everything else is too small to be readable and makes the 4K resolution unusable. Is there any way to fix this apart from scaling everything back t
  5. Alhard Horstmann

    [Resolved] A320-X launch not working

    Hi guys, as this thread is marked as resolved and I have still problems, therefore I start this new thread. You can read in the thread above all information about my installation and my issues. Especially I repeat my last post here: I also appended my PDF problem report again. Now I am waiting for a Team Viewer session with FSLabs support. Thanks, for now Alhard FSL A320-X Problems v2.pdf
  6. Fsx has black preview screen and in fly now is the same -First off I'm running in dx9 cant use 10, because I need dx9 to run Flyinside FSX for VR -Running windows 10 64 bit and GTX 970 with the latest drivers -this started after FSX reinstall -First I had SE installed (switch to boxed because of addon reasons) -ALT+Enter does not work at all Please Note I'm On Hawaii time.
  7. Stefan Schindler

    [Resolved] - Crashes after loading the aircraft

    Hey guys, yesterday I successfully did 2 flights with the A320X, everything was fine and worked as expected. Upon closing FSX though the sim crashed. Nothing wild as I wanted to go to bed anyway. However now I'm not able to load the aircraft in 9/10 cases. At first FSLSounds.dll crashed, and the known warning was shown each time I launched FSX. I chose to not load it anymore, restarted FSX and seem to have fixed it. I checked, as you proposed, with regedit if the DLL or anything related is blacklisted, which is a clear no. Loaded up the default Trike flight, turned off the engin
  8. Zachlw

    CTD in FSX: SE

    Hello all, I purchased the Concorde X approximately 2 hours ago. I can't for the life of me get it running. I've installed as per the instructions (Windows Defender was disabled) and excluded files and .dlls. I've started with the default aircraft running. I'll describe the CTD in detail: I can load the trike at any location and then select the Concorde X (1.32). "Loading Aircraft Resources (FSL_CONCX.DLL)". After that loads I see the VC panel for a moment (blank-black gauges), and then FSX hangs. The sim then crashes to the desktop without an error message. Bum
  9. Stefan Schindler

    ROLL OUT after stop and go

    Hey guys, wondering if the following is expected behavior or perhaps a bug: I'm currently doing some pattern work at EDDS RWY 07 and wanted to perform a stop and go. I did not arm AUTO BRK but did indeed arm SPD BRK. After touching down, I set flaps to 1 and applied TOGA. However the ROLL OUT mode was still active, and no matter what I tried, I couldn't get out of it. APPR was also still illuminated, yet no AP was active. HDG knob could be turned and a HDG set, but pushes and pulls did not do anything. The AUTO LAND button was blinking (I did not do an auto land of co
  10. ryan.davies100

    FSL Dynamic Link Library Error

    Hi, After installing the Airbus 320X, I am receiving a error message in regards to the DLL. FSLABS/DLL/FSLSound FSX asks, 'Do you wish to run this software, If i click yes my Simulator automatically closes down. I have tried uninstalling the Aircraft and re-installing but to no avail. Any Idea? Chers
  11. Safak Cayli

    GSX and Sound Issue

    Hi Everybody; First of all thank you for this amazing addon. I have 2 issue I tried to reinstall but still I have them. Sound Issue I dont hear calloust (FMGS site I selected ) , warning sounds (AP disconect , fire test ect. ) , Throttle detend click sound. All other sounds like push buton are working well. What could be the reason? And When I tried to use GSX I alwasy get parking brake set message. Even parking brake set. Thanks. Safak CAYLI
  12. Andrea Bianchini

    Shimmering in the LCD displays

    Hi guys, I've a problem with the lcd displays of the bus: It looks like there is shimmering. The sim antialias is ok but the pfd, nd, ecam and sys displays looks not very good. Fonts in the fcu are ok but lines, letters and numbers are barely readable if you do not go very near zoom very much my monitor has a 1920 x 1080 res
  13. G1880

    DX10 Problem in FSX

    I've installed the DX10 fixer and loaded the profile from here. I've pretty much followed the manuals and advice for NVI settings and .cfg settings. I've updated to the latest NVidia Driver and I am running a GTX970 3GB. In windowed mode - there is a drop in performance but sharp and fluid graphics. In full screen I am getting 'dragging' of images as seen in the attached video... Has anyone seen this before or can offer a solution ? Thanks IMG_2547.mov
  14. Christian Urban


    Dear FSL Team if it possible in the future to come an Satcom antenna ? best regards
  15. Geoff Bryce

    Views in 2D,AOC not working

    I have just joined the FSL ranks with the A320X and have a few questions. 1. I keep getting a message when loading the A320 that the AOC Service has stopped working. What does it do, and do I need it anyway? 2. I selected the 2D version when I loaded the A320. I notice when the A320 loads(after the trike loads at my airport choice) the first view is see is the sky. I have to go to the top menu and select views,select cockpit. Then with a lot of flashing(including what looks like the old Flight sim sign), the captain side cockpit appears, then the count down appears. W
  16. Terblanche

    Three questions ...

    First of all - thank you FS Labs ... the detail of complexity is staggering and will take a while to get a grip on everything. Although Parking Brake is set, the red notification on bottom of screen does not appear and GSX and AES keep screaming to 'Set Parking Brake' after push-back, or do I miss something somewhere? Is there a way to set Range Arcs around destination airport or another fix and have a waypoint set 'abeam' in you Flightplan page ... in Aerosoft F-Plan you go to FIX INFO but I don't know if it is realistic and applicable to the real thing ... it sure h
  17. Efrain Rodriguez

    FSX SE and FSLabs

    Hello everyone, I luckily was able to purchase the fslabs 320 last Thursday, all good but I been having some issues, let me first specify my specs; I have an Intel i5 core, 2.67 processor, 8 GB ram, ATI video card, 1TB space, fsx steam on windows 10 I understand my pc is very outdated but for the last 2 years I been able to run fsx and now fsx se with most of the aircraft add-ons normally, I mostly use default airports but I invest always on aircraft add-ons like pmdg, majestic, a2a,etc BUT im not here to compare FSLabs to any other add-on, I only would like to know if there's any
  18. Benjamin Odom

    I need a little help

    1. Windows OS version and whether 32bit or 64bit? WIN 7 64 2. Sim platform and version number? FSX SP2 3. Sim installation path? C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X 4. Did you disable your anti-virus software prior to installing Concorde-X? I dont have one 5. Did you run the CIVA installer for each of your sim installations? yes 6. Did you reboot the PC after installing Concorde-X? yes 7. Are you loading Concorde-X in Window or Full Screen Mode? Both 8. did you DISABLE your ant
  19. Hello Concorde-Fans, To those of you who want to see how the VAS behaves in FSX:SE and Prepar3D in combination with Concorde-X, I have a video for you. In it, I have measured the VAS consumption in identical flight situations under comparable settings in FSX:SE and P3D v3.2. To make things more interesting, I have actually run the test in three modes - FSX:SE DX9, DX10 and Prepar3D v3.2 (since it is known that DX10 can provide a sizeable VAS relief over DX9). In the tests, I flew Concorde-X from KIAD to KJFK, similarly to what I did in the tests that I conducted over
  20. Erwan Alexandre

    FSX freezes during taxi

    Hello, I have a problem since I've downloaded the new service pack. After 5 minutes taxiing, the simulator freezes, not only the Concorde but all FSX, impossible to do anything I just have to stop the processus FSX.exe, so the Concorde is unusable ! Three times I've tried the bug occured. Config : Processor : IntelCore i7 3.4 GHz Ram : 4Go Graphic Card : NVidia GTX 550Ti Highmemfix=1 in FSX.cfg Do you have solutions ? 'cause it's a really frustrat
  21. During testing of v1.3 of ConcordeX I noticed that my available VAS suddenly dropped by a huge amount when I was preparing the aircraft for departure from London Heathrow. I initially suspected a 'bad' texture in my Ai Traffic program but eventually found that opening the Flight Planner dialogue in FSX to load a plan was responsible. Only a few hundred Mb is lost if the Edit option is avoided but if that option is selected the map eats an enormous amount of memory and it's never released. Before opening the planner I had 1230Mb available. After I closed it having accessed the map option it f
  22. Callum Green

    Saving Flights.

    Hi, quick question. Can you save flights without a registered version of FSUIPC? If so, how? Thanks.
  23. Problems installing the Concorde X v1.3 for FSX Hi, I have a big problem. Today I installed the 1.3 version for FSX. Since nothing works. All entries in the "dll.xml" and in the "FSX.CFG" yet, Civa also installed and still nothing works. The "ConcordeX Performance Calculator (FSX)" breaks with the error message "Application Error" now and not start until. In the 2D view, I see only the "MIP_1920X1200_CPT.bmp" in the menu bar with add-ons is missing the entry of "FlightSimLaps" completely and virtual cockpit missing all instruments. The individual views are missing all. The Version 1.2
  24. Hi, I´ve been flying with the concorde since two years and never had any major problems. But since two days, every time I start the FSX and try to fly the concorde the front wheel is below the ground. Then I tried to to reset the airplane into the air and fly it from there. But there is a strong pitch down tendency, which makes concorde unflyable. I have attached a picture of the initial start. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance, Hinty
  25. Ju_li_en Ke_ml_er

    Entertainment Version Failures

    Hi, I'm new to the forum but have been following the development for some times now. I've been reading the forum and found some different statements regarding the failure system that will be available for the entertainment version. As I think the ability to generate accurate failures will be what makes this plane so special compared to the others a320 available on the market I'd welcome some precision on that subject. Will we be able to generate hydraulic or electric failures in general or will we be able to select the exact component that fails e.g AC BUS, DC BUS, GEN 1 or 2 for the ele
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