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  1. Hello everyone; I hope everyone is keeping safe and flying safe during this troubled time. Quick introduction, though I am hoping that anyone from that old crowd hanging around would remember me fondly. I was quick active back in 2004, and had several utilities from flight simulator; the most popular one was called “FlightSim Manager”: in fact it had won gold award from FlightSim.com; basically it was an Install Wizard, VA Fleet manager, Optimizer, AI Traffic editor, LAN viewer and a lot more. I also had another software called “FSM Moving Map” that would allow you to have googl
  2. Hi all I wonder if you can help me solve an issue I have with my FSX A320 installation. I recently updated to the latest version after a while of not flying. After the installation, when I load up FSX I get a warning about multiple entries in the FSLabs A320X IAE aircraft.cfg. To resolve it, I've edited the .cfg so that each line with the A320 X includes the aircraft registration. I save the file, reopen it to check the settings are saved (and they are), then close it. When I restart FSX and go to select an aircraft I get the same error message. When I close FSX and check the a
  3. Dear All, With the news that Concorde-X for P3Dv4 64-bit is 'paused' and quite possibly may never happen, I have restored my FSX and installed the 32-bit version so I can at least fly it again. My question relates to the process of redownloads for the boxed version. Currently the process involves paying $4.99 redownload fee (valid for 365 days) to get an order ID number to use with the serial number to download the latest version. As I understand it, this will no longer work after 30th September. I have Concorde-x installed in FSX currently but if I need to reinstall it after that d
  4. Bedran Batkitar

    P3D FSLAB LVAR info for Flaps

    Hello, I am writing to you because of a Flap problem on Fslabs aircrafts used with the Recorder of our virtual airlines. The issue is the following, we get penalties each time we performe a takeoff, the Recorder is recognizing a wrong TO flap configuration and it is the same with all flaps configuration from 1 to 4. As you haven’t used standard flap offset our Recorder gives always a flaps 0 position. Instead the standard offset you have used LVAR and we have to know which local variable you used in order to fix this issue on our Recorder. Could we please get some informations about that
  5. Hi I purchased Concorde-X on CD/DVD from Aerosoft last year and would like to know how I can register it here at FS-Labs forum please. Thanks Simon
  6. Tobias Gövert

    Random Screenshot Thread

    I thougt, why open a new thread everytime for just a single screenshot - so let's introduce a "Random Screenshot Thread" My firs entry - Deboarding at Bordeaux in the evening, after the last sector of the day, inbound from Santorini.

    Refund questions

    Hello I support fslab since the launch of A320 for FSX and then P3D the refund would be full 140$ from the installation my computer opens only the simulator and explore chrome , never imagine that something like this could happen sorry
  8. Phoenix Pereira

    Concorde Prototype

    Hello all, i was just wondering if there was a Prototype skin for Concorde, would be nice to see the original Nose on Concorde Thanks
  9. Tim Vancauwenbergh

    Share your knowledge!

    Hello everyone I am starting this topic to bundle all (LEGAL!) sources considering flying the A320 and some useful tips and tricks. It can be a manual you have written, a youtube channel, a website, ... Please check before you share. Often airlines do not allow to share their FCOM's, checklists, QRH's etc. So, go ahead. Share the experience and knowledge (and if you have some tools, go ahead as well)! My main sources: http://www.smartcockpit.com/plane/AIRBUS/A320.html Youtube channels: Baltic Aviation Academy Captain Joe Blackbox711
  10. Kevin Taylor

    FSX vs Prepar3D v4

    Good Evening All, I am new to the forum and new to FlightSim. I currently use FSX but am considering moving to P#D V4. Looking for opinions and some direction. As i have not yet made any add on purchases. It seems to me that it would make sense to make the move before doing so as I understand that FSX is no longer being supported. Also, is it necessary to purchase the professional version of V4 for someone with no plans to use it for real life training or would the academic version be sufficient. I welcome and thank you for your opinions and input. Kevin
  11. Hello all First I apologize if this issue was brought up earlier and I couldn't see, After a long hesitation I bought FSX:steam I installed and it works fine, I wanted to install A320 to use with it, so..... 1-How do I get the latest download link with latest updates or should I use the original download link I used when first purchased? 2-Could A320 be installed at both FSX and FSX:steam at the same computer and of course separate directories? 3-Any recommendations or directing me to related older post? Many thanks Alaa
  12. KrystianGala

    Hotas Warthog Engine Operate?

    Hi, I recently purchased the HOTAS warthog, I absolutely love it but I am still learning about aviation so I wasn't sure what each of the switches are supposed to do in the a-10 The only one that I could not find anything about was the 'ENG OPER' Switches If anyone can inform me about it's proper function that would be fantastic. P.S sorry if I posted this in the wrong section or something like that.
  13. Craig Udseth

    New Sound Immersion Feature

    First a little backround: I have FSX SP2 and Win10, which I was forced to install to accommodate my high-end equipment upgrade. After MS finally fixed their broken upgrade, I discovered that my version of ConcordeX (v1.2) would not work with Win10, so I upgraded to v1.3. I had read Lefteris's prologue on the version and remember him mentioning something about a sound upgrade but just thought it meant new more accurate wave files. On my first flight in my new upgraded plane, however, I was frustrated because the sliders in the FSX sound menu kept changing on their own and would
  14. Hi, in this fall i didn't fly the bus very often. Last week I wanted to fly the bus but after launching FSX with the trike and selecting the A320 fsx crashed. No way to get the bus running :-( The only thing i did before which may relate to my problem was the installation of ATMEL Studio which included the MS Visual Studio. Has anyone an idea how to get the bus running without removing the ATMEL Studio or reinstalling the bus? Env.: latest official Win10, FSX SE, latest FSL-A320 (Feb.2017) Thanks Andreas
  15. Adrian Korth

    Future of FSX

    Hey Guys, First of all: Congratulations for the release of the P3Dv4 Version of the A320X. Now my question: Is it planned, that the FSX-Version of the A320X will get this service pack (and maybe all other future models) aswell? Greets, Adrian, a proud FSX-User!
  16. fsx_games

    It doesn't work

    So I installed the fslabs a320. I loaded it up in the sim.(FSX) I cant click anything. I can't start the plane. Please help thanks.
  17. Hey to every one, I would like to know if in the future there will be a new version for FSXusers with the sec flight plan and fix info available. Thanks a lot!
  18. Colin Foley

    Concorde X crashes at 3%

    Hello, Yesterday I received Concorde X (boxed edition) after purchasing it from Aerosoft. i installed it, but whenever I selected it in the FSX menu (FSX Steam Edition) the game would crash. I reinstalled it and this time I managed to select it, but now when I load the flight FSX crashes at 3% loading. I have CIVA INS installed, and I have checked multiple times and do not have any of the conflicting windows updates that I know of. Any help would be appreciated, because I would love to fly this beautiful plane. Thanks, Colin
  19. Peter Zaehringer

    FSUIPC window not opening

    Hello FSLabs Team, I've been experiencing a strange error with the wonderful A320 recently. I've had this great bird almost since the day it was released and never had any problems with it, even on my ancient PC (i5-2500K oc 4.3 GHz, Z68X-UD4-B3 INTEL, EVGA NVIDIA GTX 570 1.2 GB GDDR5 Win-7 64 - FSX Box SP2. Long story short, I purchased another add-on airplane a week ago and "cheated" on my beloved FSLabs Bus ;-) Now, whenever I load the A320, it renders my FSUIPC inaccessible, meaning I can see it listed in the drop down add ons menu, but when I click on it nothing happens. I have
  20. Joshua Hamdorf

    FSX A320 updates

    Hi there, I know there is a P3D V4 update for the A320. But is there any incoming updates for FSX? like sounds, lighting or anything to do with the aircraft itself? Josh.
  21. Ben Harrell

    Serial Number Not Found

    Hello all, I was trying to reinstall my FSLabs A320 and I can't find my serial number. I went to eSellerate, tried to recover my details through my email, but nothing was sent. I bought the product around December, but neither website seems to have my information nor my serial number. I am almost about to re-buy the aircraft because I am so frustrated. Please help! Thank you! Ben H.
  22. Roar Kverneng


    I recommend everyone to use fsuipc registered version and disable joystick control in fsx. You get much better control by setting up a profile in fsuipc that controls all the features of your joystick.
  23. Hello everybody, maybe someone here in the forum can help me to understand just a couple of things about this fantastic addon. 1) Does someone know where the information about the averaged wind trip can be retrieved (I refer to the info that have to be put in the fmc inside the INIT page)? I currently use Active sky 2016 for the weather while I am able to read the wind information for any waypoint of my route, I don't find any information about an averaged wind trip. 2) During my flights I noted that , for a route of about 400 miles, v

    ayuda Freno A320

    Hola estimados. buenas tardes tengo el A320 p3d, tengo un problema con el freno de la aeronave estoy tratando de configurar el freno pero siento que el avion no frena presiono el punto y continua rodando.. estoy solicitando ayuda alguna persona que sepa configurar o alguna solucion tengo autorizacion de escribir en Español en el foro. saludos.
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