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Found 7 results

  1. Bruno Teixeira

    Freeze while inflight.

    Hi, I'm writing this message to inform everyone (and mainly developers) that all 3 flights I tried to make with the FSL, all ended with a Freeze. When the sim freeze, sounds are OK, and no error message, P3D simply closes 4/5min after the freeze. - First one occured on a flight from Porto to Lisbon (picture from wingview). - The second one from Geneva to Zurich. - Finally, the third one, on the same flight from Geneva to Zurich (picture from VC). Any idea / solution? Regards, Bruno. PS: I saw a similar post (here) on the forum from yesterday, but can't awnser to it.
  2. I'm asking the community if they also experience frequent freezes of FSX when initializing GSX after loading in the A320X. I was able to replicate the situation six times in a row today, but sometimes I am able to get both to play nice together. The freezes occur when GSX first loads 3D objects into the simulator, and this only occurs with the A320X aircraft. This has been happening for months now, and I haven't seen many reports on this. So am I an outlier, or has this been happening to others?
  3. J_U_A_N__R-A-M-O-S


    Hi guys! What i hear so far is that failures are modeled and they are triggered by abuse etc...so im wondering: its it possible to end in a situation like air france 447? at night with activesky, entering a storm cloud and ending with the pitot tubes blocked, getting unreliable air speed, alarms, the autopilot disengaging etc? in short.. its icing and its effects modeled?
  4. chrisrob57

    crash when in flight

    finaly got a320x to start a flight climing to cruise alt then fsx freezes but not stop but not start again i have to shut it down can you help please fsx steam
  5. Christophe M.

    FSX freeze when leaving

    Hello all, Each time i want to end the flight (after playing with the A320-X), FSX freeze and not responding. Then I need to stop FSX and start it again. It's happen only with the A320-X OS win7 64, FSX sp2 (French) --> No background systems "ON" (like EZDOK or weather engine) Regards.
  6. Benjamin Odom

    I need a little help

    1. Windows OS version and whether 32bit or 64bit? WIN 7 64 2. Sim platform and version number? FSX SP2 3. Sim installation path? C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X 4. Did you disable your anti-virus software prior to installing Concorde-X? I dont have one 5. Did you run the CIVA installer for each of your sim installations? yes 6. Did you reboot the PC after installing Concorde-X? yes 7. Are you loading Concorde-X in Window or Full Screen Mode? Both 8. did you DISABLE your antivirus prior to installing Concorde-X and CIVA (can re-enable after installing) I dont have one (FSX-only) 9. Is the Trike or Piper Cub the sim's default saved flight? yes 10. Running DX9 or DX10 and is the latest Steve's DX10 Fixer Program installed? DX9 11. Any Visual/texture shaders mods installed, example Reshade or SweetFX, etc....? No (All platforms) 12. Provide detailed explanation of the issue your encountering. When loading concorde X in sim or selecting it and then hitting fly now the FSL resource thing loads then the sim pops up and within 1 second of the initialization the whole sim freezes. 13. All the 3 FSL entries in the DLL.XML file? where would the XML file be? 14. Did you install the latest FSL Spotlights? If not, please install it. No I have to monies. Thank you in advance for your cooperation, patience and continued support of FSLabs and Concorde-X.
  7. Erwan Alexandre

    FSX freezes during taxi

    Hello, I have a problem since I've downloaded the new service pack. After 5 minutes taxiing, the simulator freezes, not only the Concorde but all FSX, impossible to do anything I just have to stop the processus FSX.exe, so the Concorde is unusable ! Three times I've tried the bug occured. Config : Processor : IntelCore i7 3.4 GHz Ram : 4Go Graphic Card : NVidia GTX 550Ti Highmemfix=1 in FSX.cfg Do you have solutions ? 'cause it's a really frustrating problem ..
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