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Found 6 results

  1. Zheng Jiang

    A P3D Film - Airbus A320

    Hollow guys, I spent most of my spare time in last month composing my new P3D film: Airbus A320. It cost me about 100 hours to collect all the footage and do the cut. Hope you like it! YouTube link: Some screenshots of the short film: Enjoy your flight!
  2. Hey Guys, I have the Fslabs a320 for P3D v4.1 installed and also ezdok v1.85. It is working with i.g PMDG aircraft in the Inside (Virtual Cockpit) View and outside view.. In the FSLabs, when I press the hotkey for the outside view, the camera just points towards the sky and the VC is still active... I have run tue Euro config tool, renamed the V4 appdata folder to V3, configurated and renamed back again in V4.. But still the problem exists and only in the Fslabs. Maybe because of the new system, that the FSLabs folder is in the Addons section? Best Regards, CptNik
  3. Does anyone know of any tutorials on how to use the A320-X Paint kit? This is my first time repainting for P3d and need somewhat of instruction because I'm confused with how everything is laid out. Thanks
  4. Wayne George

    P3D Config Tweaks

    Okay we all know everyone is hurting badly with VAS. These tweaks are only valid for 3.4 (RED) However they may work for other versions of P3D (Orange) as well but most of these tweaks will work for all versions. Please also make sure each of these tweaks I recommend you also copy into your own configuration file for P3D for example if you changed any settings within p3d it's self and saved it a new file for example Myconfig.cfg put the tweaks in there also, if the area for example [Graphics] doesn't exist simply make it etc. MAKE SURE ALL OF YOUR LAND & SEA TRAFFIC IS OFF! This greatly causes a VAS LEAK, does not affect vatsim so don't panic. Okay! so let's get started. [MAIN] AlwaysFullLoad=1 [TERRAIN] UseGlobalTerrainView=True Benefit: Less VAS and improvement to performance when multi-view present, also helps reduce texture flashing and terrain spikes. [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask= Benefit: Less stutters, higher FPS, less VAS usage. Tool to determine best value: http://www.gatwickfsg.org.uk/affinitymask.aspx?SubMenuItem=hardware [SIM] OPTIMIZE_PARTS=0 Benefit: Increased performance (improves FPS). CON: set to 0 you can loose FPS in favour of gaining VAS in some odd cases Caution: Rob Ainscough Discovered That Using Value 1 Can Oddly Cause HIGH VAS USAGE So it's experimental, By default this is 1 so try 0 [SCENERY] MaxRegionsPurgePerFrame=16 Description: To reduce stalls was to put a limit on the number of scenery regions purged per frame. This was part of the big updates we made to optimize trees. As you fly around, scenery regions get requested based on distance from the camera. Scenery regions hold model placements, auto-gen, etc. The terrain mesh/texture data is handled through a totally different system though which relies on the LOD radius. The scenery database loads modes based on your scenery complexity, and makes auto-gen requests based on auto-gen settings, etc. The regions represent 64km, 16km, 4km, and 1km tiles with 16 children. These are loaded as needed and stay in memory until purged. Because of parent/child dependencies, the system only purges by distance at the 64km level. When a top level region is removed, it then recursively removes its children. Autogen tree data is stored in 1k cells, so there could be up to 4,096 tiles worth of three placement data to free up. This would cause very noticeable hangs. So, rather than remove all the tiles, we que them up for remove and remove a few every frame. Originally this was set to something low like 4. We raised it during the last round of memory optimizations to help speed up the process of clearing memory and avoid potential edge cases where fly fast at a low framerate might allocate memory faster than it gets freed. Benefit: Decrease value to reduce long frames (stutters), but VAS usage could increase. Increase value to reduce VAS usage but will increase long frames (stutters). [GRAPHICS] ENABLE_MEMORY_OPTIMIZATION=1 Description: 1. Performs periodic cleanup of the geometric cache which stores buffers used for batched buildings. If you have high autogen settings and move spin the camera around, the geometric cache can get quite big. Looking strait up at the sky for a few seconds may get you back 100+ MB of VAS. This change doesn't really help with the worst case scenarios where 200+ MB of memory is needed for the current scene, but it could help a great deal if you were to start in london where autogen is very taxing and switch to FlyTampa Dubai, where autogen is mostly disabled and replaced with pre-batched placed models. 2. Clear textures out when changing airports. Going to a new airport would trigger loading of new texture before the current area's textures had been given their 10-seconds to page out. Clearing out textures on airport change, helps prevent a spike in texture memory related to this. Note that with MaintainSystemCopyOfDeviceTextures enabled, this is less important as the bulk of the memory associated with these textures should already be freed up before the switch. Benefit: Reduce VAS USAGE [DISPLAY] TextureMaxLoad=9 MaintainSystemCopyOfDeviceTextures=0 Description: With this option disabled, the system memory copy of all textures loaded from files are cleared out as soon as the memory has been copied to the GPU. The only real downside to this is in certain multi-gpu use cases. If the texture is later requested for another GPU, it must be reloaded off disk. The clear happens after textures have been given a chance to copy to all GPUs in-use, so the most likely time this would affect the end user is when dragging the application window to a new monitor for the first time. In that case, all textures are being reloaded off disk rather than simply copied to the GPU. Default Setting is 0 Benefit: Significant reduction in VAS usage (as much as 600MB or more) Notes: All of these tweaks I personally use are from Rob Ainscough Tweak Guide & has significantly helped me with less OOMS, It's all thanks to Rob Ainscough for the great guide he has created. Without Rob Ainscough, We would be stuck! Please do post your results after you have tried these tweaks and let me know of the results! A few tips: If you are using Orbx Vector, Disabling it will not be enough, you must uninstall it, I've been reading reports most of the morning that people have gotten 700mb back after uninstalling it. If you are not using Chase Plane or any other 3rd party camera addon, find your cameras.cfg in C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3 and make a backup of it and delete the original, P3D will rebuild it automatically, its been discovered that oddly this causes a heavy VAS issue as well. If you are using an Intel PC and are using hyperthreading turning it OFF could additionally save you 500mb of VAS. You can search google.com on how to disable hyperthreading.
  5. Ralf Reuß

    FSX A320 crashes (VAS), etc.

    I'm really disappointed !! It can not be that I have to reduce everything to start a plane without crashing? Even with aircraft of PMDG there are no such problems. I as a user have a feeling I was working as a beta tester, whether new CFG file Ramsoftware or other settings, and I speak here of hours with my Flight Club in the group all has nothing helped real. So I delete all favorite airports again? The same applies to traffic. Without traffic, it is not fun !! On the Internet you will find closed threads and no one has a perfect solution. If you write to the support, the answer is a link to the forum. This is a support ?? So can this aircraft apparently only without Scenery, traffic and without installed addons operate ?? Not with me!! My holiday I have enough already sacrificed so !! I want to give the aircraft within the right to return back !!!! Ich bin wirklich enttäuscht !! Es kann doch nicht sein, dass ich alles reduzieren muss um ein Flugzeug ohne Absturz zu starten? Auch mit Flugzeugen von PMDG gibt es nicht solche Probleme. Ich als Benutzer habe das Gefühl, das ich als Beta-Tester funktioniere, ob neue CFG-Datei, Ramsoftware oder sonstige Einstellungen und ich spreche hier von Stunden mit meinem Flight Club in der Gruppe alles hat nichts wirkliche geholfen. Also lösche ich alle Lieblings Flughäfen wieder? Das gleiche gilt für den Verkehr. Ohne Verkehr macht es keinen Spaß !! Im Internet finden Sie geschlossene Threads und niemand hat eine perfekte Lösung. Wenn Sie an den Support schreiben, ist die Antwort ein Link zum Forum. Das ist eine Unterstützung ?? Also kann man dieses Flugzeug scheinbar nur ohne Scenery, Verkehr und ohne installierte Addons betreiben?? Nicht mit mir!! Mein Urlaub habe ich schon genug damit geopfert!! Ich möchte das Flugzeug innerhalb der Rückgaberecht zurück zu geben !!!!
  6. Hello I just want to introduce myself to the forums. I have been a sound engineer for about 7 years and have a great deal of skills in the sound industry for FS, I love this plane and now it is time for me to buy this fantastic product and I will be doing a brand new soundpack, not saying the original one is no good that is not true!!! but what I will do is recreate a brand new free soundpack for users of the addon and bring the beauty into 2013. I have been currently working on alot of soundpacks for military aircraft for developers but that does not rule out the fact I am not capable to reproduce a true authentic sound for the Bird. Anyways until I have work to show I leave it there speak soon.. M.S.S
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