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Found 5 results

  1. Version 1.1.0.


    Lufthansa A319 NC Fleet Pack This Fleet Pack includes all A319s of Lufthansa in the new colour scheme. The liveries feature a realistic replica of the real liveries including the correct Lufthansa wing texture, completely reworked window textures to fit the real Airbus windows and the correct Lufthansa colours. I also added a vent to all D-AIL aircrafts at the engine like they have in real life. Included are: Lufthansa: D-AIBC, D-AIBE, D-AIBF, D-AIBG, D-AILC, D-AILD, D-AILE, D-AILH, D-AILI, D-AILK, D-AILL, D-AILM, D-AILN Lufthansa CityLine: D-AILB, D-AI
  2. Version 2.0.0


    ONLY FOR V. British Airways A321-231 Fleet Pack This pack includes: G-EUXC, G-EUXD, G-EUXE, G-EUXF, G-EUXG, G-EUXH, G-EUXI, G-EUXJ, G-EUXK, G-EUXL, G-EUXM, G-MEDF, G-MEDG, G-MEDJ, G-MEDL, G-MEDM, G-MEDN, G-MEDU by outwithnade Thanks to @Hugo Bicho & @John Tavendale for their custom 4K A321 paintkit. Thanks to @Hugo Bicho for his British Airways cabin textures. https://www.airformliveries.com/
  3. Guillaume L.

    Air France fleet

    Version 1.1


    Air France Concorde entire fleet. Includes : F-BVFA F-BVFB F-BVFC F-BVFD F-BVFF F-BTSD F-BTSC
  4. Guillaume L.

    British Airways Fleet

    Hi all, Following my AF fleet repaints, the BA fleet is finally here (after a long delay). What I've done : -Include the entire fleet (G-BOAA ; G-BOAB ; G-BOAC ; G-BOAD ; G-BOAE ; G-BOAF ; G-BOAG) with the correct SELCAL codes. -Added the correct registration for each aircraft both on the fuselage and the under wing. -Same goes for the 2 letters of the registration on the front landing gear door. -The fleet is available both in the Landor and Union flag liveries. Please note that I'm not a professional photoshop user nor repainter, therefore the registration font is not the real
  5. Guillaume L.

    Air France Fleet

    Hi all, Call me crazy but it bugged be to only have F-BVFB to fly with when it comes to AF Concorde. Sooo, I decided to repaint the whole fleet. Please note that I'm in no way a professional Photoshop user, so it's clearly not paywayre quality but still does the job nicely IMO... What I've done : -Include the entire fleet with correct registrations and SELCAL codes. -Changed the "Groupe Air France" logo with a photorealistic one. -Changed the underwing registration to make it look more realistic. -Added the red stripes on the wingtips. -Added correct registration letters on
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