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Found 10 results

  1. Gerald Krutsch

    My FSX:SE tweak experience

    Ok guys, here are some of mine findings regarding FSX:SE tweaks. -FOREWORD- Now and then comes the time when your SIM gets realy laggy and you can't seem to figure it out what's exactly causing the issue. Is it your drivers, your SIM settings, a particular addon or is just because you overloaded your SIM? -HOUSEKEEPING STEPS- This just happened to me and I decided to start again from 0. For housekeeping stuff I went ahead and uninstalled all my Addons in an order that I thought would make the best sense: 1. External services like: weather (AS16),
  2. Tamer Khayyat

    DX 10 FIXER

    Hello, i would like to know the recommended anti aliasing value to be inserted in DX10 fixer. Is it 2x or 4x or 8xCSAA as in the nvidia inspector profile? i have all FSX settings recommended by FSlabs. thank you.
  3. Matthias Hanel

    Request for a dummy effect

    For the upcoming update it would be great if you could consider to add a dummy effect that is always on. The problem I have under DX10 (using the fixer) is that older sceneries, most importantly the Aerosoft German Airports and Mega Airports sceneries, can have severe lighting issues under DX10 on some systems. For all other planes it is possible to just add another light effect in the [LIGHTS] section of the aircraft.cfg, defined as a navigation light for example; the called effect file would be a so called lightshield effect provided by Steve, which is an invisible light in fron
  4. As the title says, I am looking for a way to implement the lightshield fix for use with the DX10 fixer. Some older Aerosoft airports won't show taxiway lighting for example if it's not installed.. on other aircraft I could just add it defined as a navigation light, and then position it accordingliy in front of the windshield. However it seems that all lights on the FSL bus are done internally.. does anyone have a solution for this problem? Regards, Matthias
  5. Hi all, I am very happy about the A320! A superb machine. I also like the route uplink which loads your flightplan instantly when IFR flight plan is loaded in MSFSX. I also noticed that I "lose" the navigation lights as soon as I take off (LG no ground contact anymore). Strobes and other white lights stay on, as does the red beacon of course. Is it normal during daytime that NAV lights switch of on the A320 as it takes off?? I should do a flight at nighttime next time. I this bus that smart?? Then I am stunned!! Of course it could also be a bug. But the fact that the nav li
  6. Terblanche

    DX9 versus DX10

    I've tried DX10 previously after the DX10 Fixer was released but switched back to DX9 because of 'bad' performance (i.e. FPS impact). Now I'm back at DX10 because it was well advised by FSLabs for the A320X. Although there is an improvement in VAS usage, it comes at the expense of FPS - on my rig anyway. I've imported the DX10 and Nvidia Inspector settings as prescribed on the forum ... NI = 8xCSAA and 4xSGS while DX10 is on 4x AA and Trilinear & AA is set in FSX A new fsx.cfg was written when I installed the A320 and only [Bufferpool] PS=0, [Jobschedular] AF=14,
  7. Remy Sarkis

    NAV Lights Not Working

    Hello Guys, The Nav lights are not working they just illuminate the logo and nothing else [ no NAV Lights Illuminated] . anyone facing this problem ?
  8. G1880

    DX10 Problem in FSX

    I've installed the DX10 fixer and loaded the profile from here. I've pretty much followed the manuals and advice for NVI settings and .cfg settings. I've updated to the latest NVidia Driver and I am running a GTX970 3GB. In windowed mode - there is a drop in performance but sharp and fluid graphics. In full screen I am getting 'dragging' of images as seen in the attached video... Has anyone seen this before or can offer a solution ? Thanks IMG_2547.mov
  9. Aidan Hutchison

    DX10 crash on startup

    I went ahead and bought the dx10 fixer by Steve to compliment the wonderful a320x after experiencing low frame rates (as was expected). However, when the dx 10 preview is enabled my fsx crashes on startup. I'm running an fx 8350 @ 4.1ghz and an r9 270x card. I realize that fsx does much better with intel/nvidia (rip me) but i was happy with my system's performance in fsx before the a320x, hence why i invested in the dx10 fixer. Included is my cfg file, a screenshot, and the dx10 scenery fixer profile provided by Matt Davies that i tried to use. I cant remember how to find the offending file in
  10. Hello Concorde-Fans, To those of you who want to see how the VAS behaves in FSX:SE and Prepar3D in combination with Concorde-X, I have a video for you. In it, I have measured the VAS consumption in identical flight situations under comparable settings in FSX:SE and P3D v3.2. To make things more interesting, I have actually run the test in three modes - FSX:SE DX9, DX10 and Prepar3D v3.2 (since it is known that DX10 can provide a sizeable VAS relief over DX9). In the tests, I flew Concorde-X from KIAD to KJFK, similarly to what I did in the tests that I conducted over
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