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Found 3 results

  1. - A note for our FSLabs A32X Home Cockpit and Professional Versions future customers: We are working with select hardware providers who have been eager to lend us their products so that we can ensure full and correct compatibility. Delays in releasing compatibility kits have been inevitable due to the various simulator platforms being released simultaneously. We hope and expect to have something for our customers by the end of the year. I'm so excited!!! (;
  2. Paul Benke

    Freezing Displays / DME not working

    Hello Everybody, I found a strange bug regarding freezing displays in the virtual cockpit. It happened to me twice while flying from Lisbon (LPPT) to Madeira (LPMA) and back. Every time the aircraft is over open waters, with out any airport in the vicinity, the displays are freezing after switching views. In fsx, when there is no airport around (for example over the ocean) you loose the tower view, because there is no tower near by. In this case, when im hitting the "s" key I only get cockpit and spot view. But this is normal and happens on every aircraft. But on the A320, when I'm switching views in this case, the displays in the virtual cockpit are frozen. But the pop up panels are still working and the airplane is flying normal. I can also turn knobs and push buttons. But the buttons are not reacting to the fact that i push them. When I'm pushing the autobrake button for example, the system is recognizing the push but the button is not lighting up (If you know what i mean). Also the displays on the FCU are frozen. I can still change the heading and everything but the number stays the same. But he strange thing is, when I'm approaching the coast and the tower view becomes available again, everything recovers and the display aren't frozen anymore. Today I tried to replicate the error. I took off in Lisbon, climbed to FL350 and just flew over the ocean (heading 270) in standard fsx weather. At a distance of approx. 160nm from LPPT I switched the view and the displays are frozen again. I also noticed that the sound changed an the engine sound was to loud (buzzsawing noise like it is during takeoff). I tried turning the airplane in heading mode and it works as described above. I took a screenshot to show the frozen displays (see below). I also noticed, that hitting the F9 button twice solves the problem and switching views brings it back. It's kind of funny to do that. ;-) Can anyone else try to replicate the bug? My configuration: fsx SP2 (boxed), directX9, windowed mode, vers. __________________________________________________________________ I have another problem with the DME not working properly. I just tested it in Hamburg but for some reason the A320 is not displaying the distance of the ALF DME (115.80). Every other plane does. I took a screnshot of the A320 with the radio tuned and one of a standard fsx plane. Thank you in advance. Greetings Paul
  3. Very good videos for how work computer system and more https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDHnh3oX6gJsKGM4qn1Ujh1zlsKePzdbp
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