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Found 10 results

  1. pedro jevoux

    concorde X bugs

    Hi, im all new in this thing of flight simulation and started by the FSX steam edition, after learning a bit i decide to fly other airplanes and then i find concorde X, but flight simlabs dont sell it anymore : ( Started looking around for outher versions and find some sort of "cracked" version of the concorde X intalled with out problems but when its time to fly plane it simply does not work AT ALL! every thing its black in the cockpit and commands to see the 2D controlers just give me black stuff on my screen. The outside of plane have bugs too its on the ground but no gear down, the concorde remains levitating try to reinstall it but nothing works. Can somebody help me?? i really want to fly this majestic plane. PS: sorry for bad english
  2. This is the second time this happened. After takeoff from Salt Lake City, at about 11000ft, I commanded a deviation via HDG SEL e EXPED to avoid bad weather. After 5 seconds of turbulence, the AP was disconnected and the aircraft entered in A FLOOR. Without any sidestick authority, it started a deep dive verticaly into terrain, as you can see in the images bellow. A similar issue had happened some days ago, approaching in Tocumen (Panama) at about 8000ft. It is impossible to control the aircraft when this happens. I never had this before the latest Airbus update (v2.0.2.352). Anyone had anything similar?
  3. Hello guys for a while ago i had the same issue with the MCDU wont reset after engine shutdown. If for some reason i need to GA or i need to performs a TOAG and i need to appy TOGA, the MCDU won't reset after engine shutdown on ground. Can you guys fix this issue or maybe give us an option on the MCDU itself to erase route i case this happen again, please i hope you guys can recreate this issue and see it ur self otherwise I have a video i can send you i case you need it. Have a nice day
  4. Ray Proudfoot

    Flight Engineer Panel Fuel Remaining bug

    Most of you are probably aware of the 'bug' in the Flight Engineer's fuel remaining readout that occurs when a saved flight is loaded. The fuel remaining is always the same as a/c weight. I have been looking at the sav file in Concorde\PanelState to try and see if it can be edited with the correct value before that flight is loaded. This appears to be the relevant section... [Fuel Remain] Fuel Weight Set=9469 Fuel Weight=6733 Aircraft Weight Set=8253 Aircraft Weight=14986 I've tried editing some of these but without success. The fuel remaining weight is always the same as a/c weight. I know Andrew will look at this when time permits but in the meantime does anyone know if this can be fixed by a simple edit before the flight is loaded?
  5. Andreas Guther

    Sound issue (not new)

    Hello, I'm experiencing a minor sound issue with a background noise (I don't know what component it is). It seems that the sound is not played based on the direction of view but on the direction of airplane which might be not correct. The issue was already in build 174 and is still present in 184. Here is a video of it: BR, Andreas
  6. Edgar Luis Predabon Jr

    [Resolved] FSX BUG After Installing Update v1.0.1.184

    Look at what just happened after installing this new update: https://postimg.org/image/q2bpz1qwx/ Hope it has other sollution then a clean install...
  7. very minor 'bug' i dont know if it is supposed to do that , so i think i'll share with you guys Video : 2016-12-8_0-21-22-340.BMP 2016-12-8_0-21-27-696.BMP
  8. Manuel Schlachter

    Pack Flow Switch sound missing

    Hi guys, I just noticed that the pack flow switch still hasn't got a sound. Apart from that, all sounds are there. - And they sound absolutely amazing. Edit: sorry for posting twice, wasn't intentional.
  9. Fredric Greenblott

    concorde Attitude Indicator unresponsive???

    Hey, This is my first post on the forum. I downloaded Concorde X yesterday for FSX Steam edition, and everything works great and I love it so far, but the main attitude indicator is unresponsive and will not go up or down. It only stays level and only moves when you hit the "test" button. The backup attitude indicator works just fine, though. What could be wrong and how do I fix it? Thanks!
  10. Jeppi94

    Disappearing Horizon Gyro

    Greetings everybody! I've recently bought Concorde X, the products works just fine except that my main horizon gyro starts to litterally fade and becomes totally grey and unusable about 30-40seconds after the plane have loaded. By now i've re installed Concorde X 3 times and it's still there. it's hard to fly her without the main artificial horizin...so, anyone got any clues for what this might be? Regards, J-P
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