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Found 3 results

  1. Terblanche

    [RESOLVED] Weather Radar Not Working

    Approaching EGKK ... rain clattering against the windshield ... AS16 loaded and pumping heavy clouds, rain and turbulence ... weather radar ON and AUTO, full GAIN ... not a single spot on the weather radar [??] Is there another setting or switch that needs to be ON/OFF? Have notice this before that the weather radar will only display a few green spots if you fly straight into a charlie bravo. Regards Terblanche
  2. For about 24 hours now I have not had one completed flight at all. During different stages of flight (early, mid, approach) The flight controls completely stop responding. I originally thought it was something to do with a PMDG SP1 update I did, as I was having a similar problem as well. When I try to turn the plane the animation shows the ailerons, rudder, flaps etc moving but it does not move the aircraft up or down or in any direction. I have owned this product for month and have been using it with AS16 for about two weeks with no problems until yesterday. I checked and there are no armed f
  3. Something very strange just happened ... on short finals LSZH Rwy16, autopilot OFF, the plane suddenly banked sharply to the right - no windshear and headwind only 3 knots ... quickly corrected back to runway and on 50 feet it happened again but this time it threw me completely off the runway. Full power but from the time the engines responded to throttles forward, the aircraft hit the ground. It is as if the ailerons get hit to a sudden right bank and for a second or two remains there and then back to neutral. I've tried now twice to duplicate the 'situation' but every approach is smooth
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