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Found 8 results

  1. As the title suggests, a time-lapse video of my approach into Helsinki on my flight from Munich in a Lufthansa A319.
  2. Hi guys, Im doing a lot of training offline ivao or vatsim network with the bubus to be full prepared when i will go into ATC condition, i keep only active sky weather.To day i simulated a too high altitude: Destination airport was LEBL with PUMAK star Runway 07 ILSLZ, fuel on board at landing about 3.2 3.5 What i dot is the following, i descent to FL290 from FL350 then i wait like 2 or 3 minutes at FL290 (for simulate approach on busy airports with a lot of plane like ivao network where the ATC can't respond quickly) after this time i pushed OP DES with middle spoilers out, descent rating was between 27000ft/mn and 3500ft/mn.The problem is i never coma back on vnav path, i was 1600ft higher when 250kt restriction come so i deployed full spoiler to slow down at 250kt but my next point was at about 7000ft and i was finishing to decelerate at 10 000ft... so finaly i was 3000ft higher, i use V/S and middle spoiler out to keep 240kt and on the Next waypoint i was about 1800ft too high. So in this case what mode use ? stay VNAV give an uncorfatble descent rate for passenger and EXPED too, V/S and OP DES are they the good way to go down quickly ? I noticed OP DES is very good below 10000ft on VOR approach, it can be very hepful to control a good speed and descent rate to the FAF.On boeing plane i was using LVL/CHG when i was to high with spoilers but in this case what i saw today is little bit different on airbus plane.Maybe i miss something ? Thanks
  3. Flow Bloisi

    Is the a320 speed managment realistic ?

    Hi guys, I was this morning on LFPO runway 26 with a very foggy weather and modérate rain and few winds (im using ASN on realistic weather mode).I was maintening 195kt and i was a little bit delayed on the approach procedure, so i intercepted the GS at 1650ft (airport is at 280ft) and i down the gear and switch to managed speed for slow down on my VREF.I was expecting to do a go around cause of my higher speed at GS interception but the plane slow down himself fine and i landed.Standard payload was used and fob at this time was 2.8 (Kilogramms measure) landed with flaps full. The question is, is this managment speed is realistic ? how can i pass from 195 to 140 with no wnds and only 1370ft (1650-280) and no speedbrake ? Does the real aircraft act like that ? i have few hours on the a320 like 50 for the moment but i find this strange.With a 737 pmdg you can't be at 195kt and slow down like that into the glide scope.So what do you think about that ? Iis any airbus pilot or more experimented simmer on the A320 can answer me ? Thanks
  4. Manfred Tamminga

    [PROCEDURE] Entering approach in the MCDU

    Hi there, is there a possibility to enter a STAR or Transition first, before entering the active runway? My questions is because of following: I´m doing online ATC flights. Approaching Munich last time My last programmed waypoint was ANORA, by the ATC I was given clearance to BURAM and the ANORA2A STAR not knowing if the runway was 26L or 26R. But as far as I know one can only choose a STAR/Transiton when an active runway was choosen first? Am I wrong with that? So I choose 26R randomly. So luckily later on I was adviced to land on 26R. But i also could have been 26L, so I had to switch the programmed runway during approach. So simply asked again. Is there a possibility to choose a STAR/Transition in the MCDU before choosing a runway? Does someone know how it is done in real life aviation? All the best Manfred
  5. Terblanche

    Approach and ILS

    Don't know what's going on but the last couple of days the strangest thing happens - Intercept ILS LOC and stable approach Intercept ILS GS and for a while stable descent Then suddenly the aircraft starts to turn right, losing the LOC, it then turns left again and the whole ILS approach becomes an abortus Disconnect AP and manually fly the aircraft In all instances the ILS freq is tuned correctly. LOC & GS are intercepted. Nothing else changes and no other input was given. Does anyone have an idea what causes this anomaly to happen? Regards Terblanche
  6. Hallo everyone.I have this problem and i would like to know if someone could help me.As i descend to approach to my destination and i am below 3000ft and airspeed is about 200kts,i set flaps to 1.Then the plane starts shaking heavily,like there are heavy crosswinds,it goes off the course,and i have to turn off AP and land it manually otherwise it crashes.Although the AP is off it still shakes but i can controll it better and land it.I tried with flaps to 0,but still the same.I also tried with AS16 and without AS16 and fsx fine wather, but still the same.This problem occurs only when i am on VC.If i try the approach from the 2D cockpit,everything goes fine,no shakings,easy landing.I have low fps (10-20 in VC,around 30-40 in 2D cockpit) but i don't consider this as the problem,because the whole flight runs smoothly,except this phase of approaching and only in VC.I am on AMD A8-6600K OC to 4.1GHz and GTX950.Any ideas?
  7. pierre legault

    Final Approach at La Aurora Airport MGGT

    Final Approach Runway 01 surrounded by Volcano and Thunderstorm. Very nice scenery from Latin VFR Guatemala City
  8. Bsal

    [RESOLVED] Missed Approach

    I wasn't fast enough to purchase today but I have watched a couple of videos and a stream of the FSlabs A320 today, one thing I noticed from all the videos was the missed approach blue track lines were not being displayed on the ND after passing the FAF. Is it a bug or not modeled in V1?
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