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  1. Jaime Valenzuela A

    A320 X For FSX Latest Version

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if someone could please tell me if FSX_v1.0.1.400 is the latest version for the FSX A320 X or is there a newer one?
  2. Michal Pierzchala

    Black textures

    Hello, I have a problem like on video below. Did anyone experienced something like that and know the solution? Regards. Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® v5 2020-06-30 23-10-28_Trim.mp4
  3. Hi folks, For my homecockpit I can succesfully undock (from the VC) all PFD, ND and ECAM displays to drag and save them to the appropriate position on my monitors. It would be great if this became possible for the ISIS and DBI screens as well. Would it be possible to facilitate this in the next 320X update? Or is there already a way to do this? Cheers! Vincent
  4. James Kavanagh

    mcdu n00b - MCDU question

    Hello, I feel silly asking this, but I really can't find the answer anywhere. I'm building oy own MCDU, and I am a bit confused on how to get the MCDU screen onto my external display. I have the screen working correctly and set up in windows etc. I just can't for the life of me work out how to get the 2D panel to pop out as just the screen, and not the whole MCDU. I've searched this forum and have seen plenty of people talking about it, and even seeen a screenshot or two, but havent been able to find out HOW to do it. Is there a better way to be doing it, I just assumed that undocking and dragging it to the external monitor would be fine? Thanks in advance!
  5. Tom van de Wetering

    [Answered] Joystick required for a320?

    Hi, I’m thinking about purchasing the a320 for FSX (don’t judge me for still owning FSX lol). The only thing keeping me from purchasing is that I don’t know if I can use just my keyboard just like the PMDG planes. Aerosoft also offers the a320 family but you need a joystick the control that plane. So, my question, do I need a joystick for the FSLabs a320? Please refrain from trying to convince me to buy a joystick.. I'm sure you have your reasons but so have I.. Sincerely, Tom van de Wetering
  6. Hello, I am a member of a flight simulator club and our vocation is to build realistic air cockpits which are used by our members in our facilities or outside during some events. Our last productions are (see pictures): - DR 400 - DA62 glareshield - Boeing 777 (based on PMDG 777X and Prepar3DV4) Our future 2020 project is to make an A320 cockpit based on FSLABS A320. For this we need to get all the elements allowing us generating inputs (by pushbutton, switches, encoders, etc) and outputs (lights, displays) About inputs, most of the information are available through Linda publications, but I'm not totally sure they are covering all the inputs simulated by FSlabs product. On the other hand, I didn't find any information about the outputs. Typically the offset mapping of outputs and inputs is absolutely necessary to us in order to build this cockpit, if we want to use FSLabs A320X. Is somebody aware where I could find these information? Or if somebody from FSLabs is reading my post, may be he could help us.
  7. Hi, I was changing PCs but I can't locate my A320 serial key. I've checked back in my emails but the only confirmation I've received, is the 'Fast Spring' order confirmation with my order number in it. I haven't got an installation/serial key anywhere in my emails. Could anyone help? Thanks! Btw I didn't buy the A320 add-on on this account, it was on my mum's account. Thanks,
  8. Chawin Kongtup

    Black Screen and No landing gear

    after I install fslabs a320x then open FSX:SE it occur black screen and no landing gear How I fix it? *** I try to uninstall complete and reinstall it still remain
  9. Version 1.0.0


    ack contains the S7 Airlines A320-200 CFM for FSLabs P3D (registration VQ-BOA) Upload without author permission or textures modification is strictly prohibited. For any question/suggestion contact me on Fslabs forum Enjoy Your Flights Stefano **FOR INSTALLATION** Simply drop the folder "Texture.SBI_VQBOA" into "FSLabs\SimObjects\Airplanes\FSLabs A320 CFM" folder
  10. Version 2.0


    This is a livery for the A320x in the stunning United Airlines division "TED" which operated from 2003-2009. Tail number "N475UA" . ***THIS is my 1st P3D paint and 1st paint for the FSLabs Airbus Line also thanks to this FSLabs community for answering questions i had about the file saving process in P3D. Please let me know if i have forgotten anything or if you are having problems with the livery in your sim.*** Installation: Drop the file "Texture.TED" inside of the the zip file you downloaded into your \FSLabs\SimObjects\Airplanes\FSLabs A320 IAE folder. Features Include: - Custom hand crafted Livery that was painted to match real world aircraft as close as possible. - Custom Colored landing Gear - Painted Static wicks - WING DIRT overlay from Jonas Dahlke Wing Dirt Files _____________________________________________________________________________ I really had a lot fun making this one and I hope you all enjoy flying it as much as i did making it! *IF you like my work and want to buy me beer feel free to donate here: paypal.me/Mach3Legend ENJOY and as always Happy Flying!
  11. Max Harris

    esellerate download limit

    I'm having issues with FSlabs A320 so decided to do a fresh install, several times so far. Just as I thought I was getting somewhere, I get the message fro esellerate that I've reached my download limit. I've sent them an email but in the mean time any ideas on what I can do? Like all computer issues, I'm pulling my hair out !
  12. Hi Fslabs, Firstly, I would like say what great products you have released. Currently I'm flying the A320x and have decided to do some night time flying. I installed FSL spotlights but i'm having issues controlling the lighting. In my SIM, when I click DOME from 'off' to 'dim' the whole cockpit lights up with extremely overbright lighting. I click the DOME light 'dim' to 'off' and the lighting stays. I have to go into FSL SpotLights manager and click reload for the light to turn off. Also sometimes when I am at the gate or taxi, even with the DOME light to 'off' the cockpit lighting turns on by itself. I have tried turning of HDR lighting and testing it. The same outcome applies. I've been reading the forums here, i don't have a firewall or Anti virus installed. I know the communications between FSL spotlights and the sim is working because there is lighting. I have attached a screen capture of the SIM with FSL spotlights manager open. I've seen some pre-made presets that users have made for the A320 that I want to test with to see if its just the default setup, but i'm not sure where to put the downloaded config file. Any help will be much appreciated.
  13. Hello I made you a video about one of the latest version of features. The cloud surfing at night is just a thing, but seeing the lights on the clouds more than anything. I just quickly went up above the clouds to make this for you. The Video Hope you like it! Marcell
  14. Marcell Csendes

    [Resolved] Just bought FSA320X

    Hello! I just bought A320X! Wondering if FS SpotLights still available free of charge, so if bundled with the A320? As I can see it's not, however just asked it anyway Thanks! Marcell
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Repainted almost entirely by scratch. Custom made photo-realistic wing, fuse, engine, tail and wing textures. All new bump and specular maps.Tiny details such as nose cone varieties and actual aircraft marks have been added to create the ultimate realism.
  16. Hi guys i just created a new account on this forum to download some liveries for my A320X, but i get this error when clicking on the download button "1D161/3" what to do please ?
  17. A-n-t-o-i-n-e_L-e-b-ou-r-g

    China Eastern Safety Demonstration

    China Eastern Safety Demonstration View File China Eastern Airlines Safety Demonstration from B-7031 (B738) recorded with mobile phone on 26/02/2017. As live record, there are some noise coming from A/C and passengers but the quality is decent. The first seconds, welcome in Chinese language, are also missing due to wrong manipulation from the crew. Submitter alebourg Submitted 03/03/17 Category Unsupported Modifications
  18. M@TTHl@S PlETSCH

    Vueling Safety Demonstration

    Vueling Safety Demonstration View File By user request the Safety Demonstration of Vueling. It is a cabin recording only but with decent quality. Submitter Mad_X Submitted 03/02/17 Category Unsupported Modifications
  19. M@TTHl@S PlETSCH

    LTU Safety Demonstration

    LTU Safety Demonstration View File Safety demonstration of long gone German 'LTU International Airlines'. The video were the sound is originating from is from 2002 and was designed for an A330. It is German language only with english subtitels. Submitter Mad_X Submitted 03/02/17 Category Unsupported Modifications
  20. M@TTHl@S PlETSCH

    Alitalia Safety Demonstration

    Alitalia Safety Demonstration View File Safety demonstration for Italian carrier Alitatila. Submitter Mad_X Submitted 03/02/17 Category Unsupported Modifications
  21. M@TTHl@S PlETSCH

    Saudia Safety Demonstration

    Saudia Safety Demonstration View File This is the safety demonstration of Saudias' A320s. Submitter Mad_X Submitted 03/02/17 Category Unsupported Modifications
  22. M@TTHl@S PlETSCH

    Air Arabia Safety Demonstration

    Air Arabia Safety Demonstration View File The hillarious Safety Demonstration by Air Arabia feating a bunch of Kids. Just test it out and enjoy :). Submitter Mad_X Submitted 02/22/17 Category Unsupported Modifications
  23. M@TTHl@S PlETSCH

    Air Canada Safety Demonstration 2016

    Air Canada Safety Demonstration 2016 View File This is the new Safety Demonstration Air Canada currently uses. Submitter Mad_X Submitted 02/22/17 Category Unsupported Modifications
  24. M@TTHl@S PlETSCH

    Air Serbia Safety Demonstration

    Air Serbia Safety Demonstration View File This is the Safety Demonstration of Air Serbia. It looks and sounds a lot like the one used by Etihad, which is not suprising as Etihad holds a considerable share of Air Serbia. Submitter Mad_X Submitted 02/22/17 Category Unsupported Modifications
  25. M@TTHl@S PlETSCH

    Volaris Safety Demonstration

    Volaris Safety Demonstration View File This is an telenovela safety demonstration by Volaris. It is only in Portuguese (?). Submitter Mad_X Submitted 02/22/17 Category Unsupported Modifications
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