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  1. I am experiencing white fast flickering boxes around the aircraft when in an outside view. I am in the latest experimental version of the FSlabs. It's quite unpleasant, anybody else experiencing this?
  2. samcallaway

    Thrustmaster TCA

    Hi there, I have recently purchased the tca products by thrustmaster and I cant seem to get them to work with my aircrafts. I am wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. Kind regards Sam
  3. Gregory Verba

    Jetblue A320/321 liveries

    As you already know I did a few Jetblue liveries. On this post I will list all my current released tails and of course any other on WIP. All liveries include real cabin files, real weights and options. Released liveries: A321 - WL: N972JT - Just Plane Blue N942JB - Menta Fresca N905JB - Blue Swayed N947JB – Una Nueva Menta-lidad N956JT – The Bluer, The Better N935JB - Fly In Mint Condition A320 - WTF: N623JB - Playa-way With Me N615JB - Blue Bravest N565JB -Bippity, Boppity, Blue N531JL - Blue Finest N649JB - Fancy Meeting Blue Here N645JB - Blues Have More Fun N570JB - Devil with a Blue Dress On N768JB - Blue Crew N779JB - Bluericua N586JB - I love Blue York A320 - WL: N708JB - All that and a bag of Blue Chips
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Lauda Airbus A320 (OE-IHD) The download contains a repaint of a Lauda's Airbus A320 (OE-IHD). Repaint comes with customized and reworked fuselage, engine and wing textures (including bump and specular maps). For installation instructions check the included readme.txt. Creating liveries takes lots of time and effort. If you consider a donation, please visit paypal.me/mcnobody. Thanks! Note: FSL A320-X version or higher required. This repaint is optimised for PREPAR3D v4.5 and compatible with Tomatoshade or other shader tools.
  5. Version 5.1.0


    This A320 livery is in the colors of Travel Service, registration YL-LCD. This is version 5.x
  6. Florian Wolf

    Few LHG Liveries

    Previews of my wip liveries, please head to my profile file section for an overview of all the curretn ones. For support you can either write in this thread or write me a private message and I'll try to help you.
  7. Version 1.1.0


    ONLY FOR V. Thai Smile Fleet Pack A320-232 This pack contains: HS-TXA, TXB, TXC, TXD, TXE, TXF by outwithnade
  8. Version 5.1.0


    This A320 livery is in the colors of Aer Lingus, registration EI-DEB. This is version 5.x
  9. Version 5.1.0


    This A320 livery is in the new colors of Easyjet, registration G-EZTA. This is version 5.x
  10. Version 1.0.0


    This A320 livery is in the colors of Syrian Arab Airlines, registration YK-AKD.This is version 5.x
  11. Version 1.0.0


    This is my Evelop EC-LZD livery by Pablo Röhrig. The real EC-LZD has Sharklets. Once the FSLabs Sharklets version is out, I will make the Sharklets livery. If you want to make a donation to support my work, I will be very thankful, and you can do so through the following page: https://paypal.me/thespanishaviator If you have any questions contact lepaplanespotter@pmiplanespotting.com
  12. Version 1.0.0


    ONLY FOR V. Eurowings Hertz 100 Years A320-214 D-ABDU Thanks to @Hugo Bicho for letting me use his cabin textures! https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/files/file/1789-eurowings-cabin-textures-a319-a320/ by outwithnade
  13. Jaime Valenzuela A

    A320 X For FSX Latest Version

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if someone could please tell me if FSX_v1.0.1.400 is the latest version for the FSX A320 X or is there a newer one?
  14. Michal Pierzchala

    Black textures

    Hello, I have a problem like on video below. Did anyone experienced something like that and know the solution? Regards. Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® v5 2020-06-30 23-10-28_Trim.mp4
  15. Version 1.0.1


    Hello, this is the Sundair A320-214 D-ASMR for v2.0.2.300 and above. Aiframe specific infos: Reg.: D-ASMR MSN: 2619 Selcal: AQ-CD Cabin layout: 180Y 60/60/60 Weights: DOW: 43376 kgs MZFW: 61000 kgs MLW: 64500 kgs MTOW: 77000 kgs Units: Temp: °C Alt: imperial Volume: qt Weights: kg Baro: hPa
  16. Version 1.0.0


    This file contains the newly repainted A320 for Solomon Airlines H4-SIB ex: ZK-OJK, EI-EWD, PR-MBJ Credit goes to: Hangar226 for the belly textures John Tavendale for the transparent overlays.
  17. Version 2.0.0


    Accurate ChasePlane presets for FlightSimLabs A320 Family by A320 type-rated pilot.
  18. Version 1.0.4


    New 6 liveries pack from TAP AIR Portugal ! Hope you'll like it Featuring the new CFM engine texture/Paintkit V2.0 and the new airframe option ! TAP common file must be dragged like the textures files P3Dv4 only - v2.0.2.300+ Airbus A320-214 MSN 1181 joined TAP in 1999 as CS-TNJ, re-configured CY175 (2016) and got new livery with the "AIR" in fuselage in 2018 MSN 1816 joined TAP in 2002 as CS-TNN, re-configured CY174 (2017) old livery. MSN 2792 joined TAP in 2014 as CS-TNW, re-configured CY174 (2017) got a slight different paint job as the other TAP's A320 due to an error during the delivery by Jazeer Airways. MSN 2822 joined TAP in 2014 as CS-TNX, re-configured CY174 (2018) and got new livery with the "AIR" in fuselage in 2019 MSN 4742 joined TAP in 2017 as CS-TNY, configured CY174 kinda "new" livery. MSN 3136 "joined" TAP in 2018 as F-HBIS (leased from Aigle Azur), configured CY180 white livery with the Aigle Azur logo on tail. Repaint by Hugo Bicho - New cabin seats / all the cabin has been improved - New CFM engine rim and pylon texture - Custom bump, spec, paint kit - Improved shadows on the fuselage For remarks or some reports : HB-TEXTURES on facebook
  19. James Kavanagh

    n00b - MCDU question

    Hello, I feel silly asking this, but I really can't find the answer anywhere. I'm building oy own MCDU, and I am a bit confused on how to get the MCDU screen onto my external display. I have the screen working correctly and set up in windows etc. I just can't for the life of me work out how to get the 2D panel to pop out as just the screen, and not the whole MCDU. I've searched this forum and have seen plenty of people talking about it, and even seeen a screenshot or two, but havent been able to find out HOW to do it. Is there a better way to be doing it, I just assumed that undocking and dragging it to the external monitor would be fine? Thanks in advance!
  20. Version 5.1


    This A320 livery is in the colors of SATA Azores Airlines, registration CS-TKK. This is version 5.x
  21. Ole Henrik Gilbo

    Something Blue at BOS

    Sun's setting at BOS as we head to 33L for our departure to DCA. Great work everyone @fslabs <3
  22. Version 5.1.0


    This A320 livery is in the colors of Turkish Airlines, registration TC-JPA. This is version 5.x
  23. Version 5.1.0


    This A320 livery is in the colors of Gulf Air, registration A9C-AF. This is version 5.x
  24. Version 5.1.0


    This A320 livery is in the colors of Itapemirim Transportes Aereos, registration PS-SPJ. This is version 5.x
  25. Version 2.1.0


    Germanwings A320-212 [D-AIPT] The download contains a repaint of a Germanwings A320-212 [D-AIPT]. Repaint comes with customized fuselage, engine and wing textures. For installation instructions check the included readme.txt.
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