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Found 7 results

  1. Asher Yearwood

    AMD 6800XT My Best Settings

    here is a thread about my settings to get very smooth performance on P3Dv5 on any aircraft. ASUS Maximus XII hero WIFI z490 i9-10900k AMD 6800XT 32GB RAM 2TB STORAGE + 1TB M.2 MY ADDONS ARE: FSLABS (ALL) APART FROM SHARKLETS... ORBX ALL GLOBAL, MANY EUROPEAN AIRPORTS AEROSOFT EGLL,LEBL,LEMD,EDDH,EDDB PILOTS EUROPEAN MESH EVNTEX ACTIVE SKY P3D REX SKYFORCE 3D
  2. Terblanche

    To P3D or not to P3D

    I have FSX and P3D installed on my PC. FSX for mainly AIRLINE flights because I have ± 300 payware airports installed of which only 10% are P3D compatible and P3D mainly for GENERAL AIRCRAFT (Carenado, Alabeo, A2A) and mainly ORBX Terrain Scenery (US, EU, UK) and Airports. IMHO the only thing that P3D has that is 'better' than FSX are ... Handles VAS better Shadows in cockpit are nice Hmmmmm ... that's it ........ After installing the A320X in P3D I've done quite a few flights in and around Europe with the few airports that have P3Dv
  3. So happy I purchased the FSX version back then, transition was painless and smooth :-) FSX-SE history left the HD back to P3D. Running ultra wide screen. O boy performance is great 35+ fps on the ground at FT EHAM and so smooth far better as FSX :-) Hence it never wend below 35 FPS... Software used: P3D V3.3.5 with AS16 / ASCA / GSX / FTX Global / OpenLC / 30% custom made AI / PROATC-X / FSUIPC / PFPX / EZDOK V2 - EHAM > EKCH (both flytampa) day flight (VAS 720 mb when leaving EHAM and 550 MB VAS left when arrived at the gate
  4. S_T_E_V_E S_U_M_M_E_R_S

    FSL A320X and new GSX refuel

    Hi all, for those of you who have GSX, a new update has been released which features an improved refueling animation. I've spent some time tweaking the settings for the A320X. Here are the settings to position the refuel truck in the correct position under the Port Wing. Position: -10.25 -2.92 3.90 Cheers! Steve PS: Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to FSL staff and all the members here.
  5. Manish

    A320 FCU PR0BLEM

    Hello Folks, I have been facing issues with my A32X 1.FCU panel screen is misplaced,which hides the v/s and hampering the whole alignment of screen with frame. 2.When i load the aircraft i get a message on screen,which is about the realism setting and changes to be made on Autocrood,and when i change it,message comes back again a bit annoying. all your help and time would be really appreciated. thank you all.
  6. Terblanche

    DX9 versus DX10

    I've tried DX10 previously after the DX10 Fixer was released but switched back to DX9 because of 'bad' performance (i.e. FPS impact). Now I'm back at DX10 because it was well advised by FSLabs for the A320X. Although there is an improvement in VAS usage, it comes at the expense of FPS - on my rig anyway. I've imported the DX10 and Nvidia Inspector settings as prescribed on the forum ... NI = 8xCSAA and 4xSGS while DX10 is on 4x AA and Trilinear & AA is set in FSX A new fsx.cfg was written when I installed the A320 and only [Bufferpool] PS=0, [Jobschedular] AF=14,
  7. Hello Concorde-Fans, With free time to spare, I thought to conduct an experiment and measure the VAS (virtual address space) at different scenery and traffic settings. VAS is known to be a notorious issue for most of you, as it is the most common source for OOM's, so this report might help established or potential ConcordeX flyers getting an idea of how much they can expect the add-on to consume. In the following, I have described the precise actions of my replicated test flights, so that you can follow it and possibly reconstruct the flights yourself. I have replicated three test flights
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