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Found 16 results

  1. Version 5.0.0


    Sunclass Airbus A321-X fleet This package contains all Sunclass A321 CEO models. Instructions is in the zipped file.
  2. Hi all, For my homecockpit up to now I've been using mainly LeoBodnar control cards together with SpadNext to interface my hardware (buttons and LEDs). I would like to start using the Arduino Mega 2560 card with Mobiflight for my future MCDU project because I don't think SpadNext (fully) supports Arduino. Does anybody have any experience with this combination that he could share? I think the 2560 board has 52 PWM/Digital/communication pins that can all be use to assign to buttons? All MCDU buttons have rotorbrake codes that can be assigned using FSUIPC. Will these work with Mobiflight? Thanks for any help. Vincent
  3. James Burgess

    [Resolved]Help if possible

    Hey all, Wondering if anybody can offer me some help here. Getting a complete hang (with loud buzzing noise) and sometimes to blue screen of death on pretty much every flight these days. I've opened the event viewer to see if I can find out what's happening but I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking for and where I should be looking. Can someone guide me here? Trying really, really hard not to launch this box out of the back door! Usually happens on final by the way/right at the end of the sector which is of course doubly frustrating. Been simming for a long while now and I've not suffered this before. My rig is not new but isn't bad (GPU excepted). Any help truly appreciated. James
  4. I used the FSL320 for the first time.I would like to know what I need to do if I need to reinstall my system or replace my computer in the future. By the way, why is the key Settings of the game reset after closing the game with FSL320?(this requires me to reimport the configuration every time, but it's a hassle)
  5. Just one. Enjoy!
  6. hello to all i just installed FSL Spotlights and restarded my computer. wehn i have tried to run P3D V4as admin i get this message from windows.(look at picture) and wehn i click to close the program p3d freeze on splash screen does somebody know if there is any issue to fix this ? PS: fire-wall and windows defender are disabled spotlight version : Config: GTX1080, 32G RAM, I7-7700K (4.2Ghz), 1 HDD for P3D Thanks in advance for all answers
  7. Stefan Geppert

    LFBO Toulouse - LSGG Geneva

    Some impressions of my afternoon flight from LFBO to LSGG
  8. Stefan Geppert


    Another beautiful flight, this time from Bilbao to Toulouse. I just love this Addon in P3D V4.2, performance and visuals are fantastic!
  9. Stefan Geppert


    Some impressions of my flight from Porto to Bilbao:
  10. Terblanche

    SpotLights and HDR

    A KIND REQUEST: I've asked it before, but is there any way possible that FSLabs can make Spotlights independent of HDR ...? Please? For various reasons I prefer to fly with HDR off at night and on the panels that I've done my own cameras/lights it's nothing more than a 1 AMP bulb with a 1 Volt battery. Even with the intensity all the way up to 100% it's hardly visible. I know, and believe with my whole heart that some day soon, maybe P3D v7 or maybe P3D v10, LM will get its act together and fix their whole lighting system once and for all. Until then, as the Big Book says, hope will not be ashamed. Thanks
  11. Chris Eggleton


    Hi guys, Since purchasing the FSL A320-X yesterday I haven't been able to stop playing with it - and once I'd brushed up on my systems knowledge and Airbus SOPs, I thought I'd best take her on a proper day out and decided to fly the LHR-ABZ-LHR shuttle service with British Airways. Included are a 'few' screenshots from the day, unfortunately there were no parking shots at LHR because pulling onto stand my flight sim thought i'd crashed into an invisible object Anyway, here they are. Preparing the flight deck for our flight to Aberdeen this morning Pushback stand A23 Airbourne 09R Leaving a cold London behind Over Nottingham In the descent through some thick bumpy stuff Finals My walkaround! Preparing the flight deck once more Push & taxi Airbourne again Departure toward the ADN VOR before turning up toward Edinburgh EDI River Mersey shortly before descent Huge shortcut left us hot and high Finals 09L EGLL Thanks guys, hope you enjoyed them
  12. Matthew Gurjão

    Quick Consult

    Hello guys, I'd like a quick consult. I'm buying this new pc, and I'd like to know if the P3D v 4.1 will run smoothly. Can anyone help me? -Intel Core i5-7600 Kaby Lake 7th gen, Cache 6MB, 3.5GHz (4.1GHz Max Turbo) LGA 1151 - 16 gb Kingston HyperX FURY 8GB 2400Mhz DDR4 CL15 Black HX424C15FB2/8 (2x 8GB). -SSD Kingston 2.5´ 120GB - Motherboard GigaByte B250M-GAMING 3 - Asus GTX 1060 6GB Thanks!
  13. OuterMarker

    Bug with Group Brightness

    Hey guys, I have an issue with V2.0.0.3. I've created a Group for the Panel lights in the Phenom 300, including 5 spotlights. The Group brightness in the Spotlights Manager is set to 1.0, the brightness of 2 lights are set to 1.0, the other 3 lights are set to 0.2. No Problem so far but if I now adjust the Group brightness in the simulator all individual lights jump to 1.0. This was not the case in previous versions prior to the P3Dv4 Spotlights V2 release. Have a nice weekend, Jan
  14. Jack Sparrowhawk

    P3Dv4 and 8gb RAM

    Hello, I am very interested to purchase this product! I am just wondering on how my PC would run with 8GB worth of ram... I saw on the website it said: '<Minimum 16gb of RAM' Is 8gb enough? What does RAM do exactly in P3D V4? Does this affect performance ? I would love to get this aircraft! I'm too scared to purchase in case of the bad FPS. By watching videos online with the difference performance with the 8gb and 16gb I don' notice a big change in FPS or stutters for example... All I can see is maybe a 4-8fps decrease. My setup is: Intel Core I5-4590 GTX760 4K monitor 8GB of Ram Installed Thanks, Jack Sparrowhawk.
  15. Hi all, In the announcement of May 2017 the following was stated: - A note for our FSLabs A32X Home Cockpit and Professional Versions future customers: We are working with select hardware providers who have been eager to lend us their products so that we can ensure full and correct compatibility. Delays in releasing compatibility kits have been inevitable due to the various simulator platforms being released simultaneously. We hope and expect to have something for our customers by the end of the year. For the Home cockpit built many switches etc are accessible using the Rotor Brake codes and/or using Linda. Unfortunately the OHP and MIP square pushbuttons won't work, even if you can see the VC switch actually being pressed/released using the Rotor Brake codes. I was wondering if this functionality will (only) become available in a future Professional edition and not in the much anticipated "P3DV4/FSX update". ATB, Vincent
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