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Found 9 results

  1. Hi - I have a strange problem with the A319, latest version, in both P3D4.5 and P3D5.2 - upon going through the shutdown procedure at the end of every flight at any airport, the scnery reloads and places me at EDDM on RW 08L.... Anyone else have this issue? Thanks, Jim
  2. Tim Nitz

    LPMA in V5

    Hey guys, im currently flying in V5 only without having V4 on my harddrive, I´d love to do some flights down to LPMA however the installer is surprisingly not compatible with V5 yet and it doesnt let me install it at all. So I was wondering wether there is any workaround for that, something like "tricking" the installer to proceed regardless, I dont want to install V4 just to get it. Thank you in advance...
  3. Until I did a W10 repair and reinstalled P3Dv5, I was able to use the keyboard arrow and pg up/pg dn keys with and without ChasePlane Floaty view. Now they do nothing. I really want to pan in Floaty, but now can't find a way to do it. I've come here as a last resort!
  4. Theo Haralambof

    REX Skyforce P3D5

    Hi! I saw that REX Skyforce has been released as beta for P3D5, has anyone installed and tested it? If so, can you share your REX settings? If you use other addons like ENVTEX/ENVSHADE/Active Sky Cloud Art, can you also share your experience and settings? Thanks
  5. Hi, I loose 20fps when connecting to vatsim via vpilot in the fslabs a320!? My specs: i7-9000, RTX2070Super, 32gb ram Does anyone have any ideas? This issue only occurs when on the ground.
  6. Ian Bowden


    Hi everyone, just wondering what you are all doing re sky/cloud textures on P3Dv5? EA is getting there but night lighting I think is awful (not dark enough!) and the clouds don’t quite cut it yet. I’ve just upgraded my PC so have a very clean install of P3D5 with the latest hot fix. Usual addons but I don’t want to overdo it, my last install was tweaked so much it got annoying!! Thanks in advance! Ian.
  7. Hi all, I have seen several posts about resizing the MCDU undocked panel using the panel config. I was wondering if it is possible to actually clip the panel as well. I would like to cut the panel in order to leave only the actual display showing without the buttons and frame. The same would also be very usefull for the ISIS and DCDUs. Here is a picture of my prototype MCDU. As you can see I can drag and resize the undocked panel to fit, but the frame and buttons show up on my other screens.
  8. Hendrik Herryjanto

    VRAM on KLAS

    Hi Guys, I was wondering how is your VRAM usage on FT KLAS. This is the only airport I am getting VRAM problem. I checked the net and people say with 8gb VRAM we need to turn down the texture to 1024x1024 but those posts are from P3D5 HF1. Now this HF2 I couldnt find any other info. I have 1070, 9700k and 16gb. EA on with medium texture, DTS on and shadow quality on high and 4k resolution. If I use 2048x2048 on the texture I will get VRAM oom. The only solution is using 1024x1024 on texture. Changing PBR on FT KLAS configurator doesn't have any effect, still VRAM oom on 2048 texture res. How about your experience on this. Much appreciated. Thanks
  9. I'm having an odd issue with the A320 in P3Dv5, basically using the ATSU Fuel Page to refuel all goes well and once the truck is gone and the fuel report is sent, a fuel truck comes back, hooks up and never leaves, this blocks boarding and thus stalls the fight at this part, this has happened to me twice in a row, I have to disable GSX then re-enable it and continue on however the sim will often crash when enabling it again so I give up and close it down, Not sure where this has come from because I wasn't having issues a few days ago. Any thoughts?
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