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  1. Brad Zimmer

    Release .197 and HF3 from LM

    Pardon me if this was answered somewhere but I was wondering if the .197 update requires the hotfix 3 from LM or vice versa. I haven't downloaded the hotfix yet and was going to install the .197 but wasn't sure if I needed or would benefit from the HF3. Can you advise? I'm not too technical but I wasn't sure what the HF fixed as the only issues I am having is OOM and I don't believe the HF does anything for that.
  2. Benjamin Hennes

    Linate - Gatwick with

    Hi! Just updated the bus and had a flight from Linate to Gatwick. A beautful sunset and all went well. What more can be asked for? Here are some images from the flight.
  3. How reset flightplan without exit simulator? When new is imported into FMC and want to another for ex from PFPX? Today import via PFPX EDDM-EHAM then change in PFPX to EDDM-EDDB. How can I change/import it into FMC A320?
  4. Matthew Derr

    Line on windscreen

    Hello - is it normal to have an unusual line which extends from the captain side windscreen out into the horizon? Any ideas what it is? Screenshot attached.
  5. Terblanche

    To P3D or not to P3D

    I have FSX and P3D installed on my PC. FSX for mainly AIRLINE flights because I have ± 300 payware airports installed of which only 10% are P3D compatible and P3D mainly for GENERAL AIRCRAFT (Carenado, Alabeo, A2A) and mainly ORBX Terrain Scenery (US, EU, UK) and Airports. IMHO the only thing that P3D has that is 'better' than FSX are ... Handles VAS better Shadows in cockpit are nice Hmmmmm ... that's it ........ After installing the A320X in P3D I've done quite a few flights in and around Europe with the few airports that have P3Dv
  6. Brad Zimmer


    Hey guys. I thought I did everything correctly regarding the install of this fabulous plane into P3D but I cannot find how to get spotlights working. Can someone point me in the right direction on how to get it working? Sorry if this is a redundant post :/
  7. Wayne George

    P3D Config Tweaks

    Okay we all know everyone is hurting badly with VAS. These tweaks are only valid for 3.4 (RED) However they may work for other versions of P3D (Orange) as well but most of these tweaks will work for all versions. Please also make sure each of these tweaks I recommend you also copy into your own configuration file for P3D for example if you changed any settings within p3d it's self and saved it a new file for example Myconfig.cfg put the tweaks in there also, if the area for example [Graphics] doesn't exist simply make it etc. MAKE SURE ALL OF YOUR LAND & SEA TRAFFIC IS OFF! This greatly ca
  8. Pascal Ad

    Romantic flight to Frankfurt

    Lufthansa service from Bremen to Frankfurt and I just love the reflecting beacon light on the wingtip
  9. A_ndré_F_olkers

    P3D Next flight with build 193

    After plagued with dxgi error I decide to do a rebuild of the O/S and my system, what was already planned due to mobo / cpu / ram upgrade last year November. Did some tests with the new system and still had the issue with spotlight and loading a default aircraft. However I had already a cold and dark flight saved as default, so loading the bus directly from start-up scenario screen has proven also a better solution and not a single fault since then! I'm running now a complete P3D 3.4 HF2 build and with great performance. Flight from today was from EGPH > EHAM VAS 1.52g
  10. N_i_k_l_a_s__G_i_e_r_s_e

    Love it !

    I absolutely love this amazing addon! Great job FSLabs !
  11. Kévin Broucker

    The FSLabs Service is not runnig

    Hello, I looked if I found the solution on your forum or the internet, but nothing corrects my problem. So I decide to post a topic. Every day when I restart my pc and I run P3D, I get this error message "The FSLabs Service is not runnig. Please start it and restart the simulator." If I restart my simulator it always appears. The only solution I found is to remove FSspotlight and reinstall it. And when I raise, everything works. Do you have a solution ? Car uninstalled every day to reinstall after becoming embarrassing .. thank you, Kévin
  12. Khoa Nguyen

    VC Shadow Jaggy in P3D

    Hi, In p3D my VC Shadow seems "jaggy and not sharp" (espeacially from 0:20) do you have any idea to enhance vc shadow ? Thanks
  13. So happy I purchased the FSX version back then, transition was painless and smooth :-) FSX-SE history left the HD back to P3D. Running ultra wide screen. O boy performance is great 35+ fps on the ground at FT EHAM and so smooth far better as FSX :-) Hence it never wend below 35 FPS... Software used: P3D V3.3.5 with AS16 / ASCA / GSX / FTX Global / OpenLC / 30% custom made AI / PROATC-X / FSUIPC / PFPX / EZDOK V2 - EHAM > EKCH (both flytampa) day flight (VAS 720 mb when leaving EHAM and 550 MB VAS left when arrived at the gate
  14. Hello Everyone, I have made a video showcase for you all Enjoy it
  15. Hello! I read the FAQ about mouse click responsiveness and that it is a fault in Prepar3D. So it has been until the release of V 3.4 but the FSL A320X still can't handle successive mouse clicks well without changing in windows how fast you need to click for a "double click" to register. Any update on this issue? From changelog for version 3.4: Fixed issue that prevented gauges from handling quick successive mouse clicks Fixed bug that prevented gauges from handling right mouse button double click events
  16. Stewart Cumbers


    hey just a question i use navigraph fms data manager - when i scan for new programs it doesnt come up with the fslabs for my p3d i can manually add the fslabs but am unsure on where i need to install the airac into? if i download the manual install airac from the navigraph manual install site it only has the fsx version and doesnt contain the p3d download can anyone help thanks
  17. Jonas Dahlke

    P3d Shots

    The first flights in P3d an I just can tell u ... this plane has a personality
  18. Pete Banner

    P3D Screenshots

    Gotta love this aircraft in P3D And the VAS usage with tweaks recently suggested and v193 is so much lower!
  19. Biancolima

    SEC F-PLN and FIX INFO ?

    Hello Guys, Congratulations again for this wonderful job ! The A320 is very very realistic, good VAS usage, everything is perfect! realy nice job ! There are only some issues that i noticed flying the plane; 1 - When will the SEC-FPLN and the FIX INFO be implemented ? With the SEC F-PLN the Single Engine failures will be perfect !! 2- I selected a LOC ONLY APPROACH on the FMS and it didn't tune the ILS frequence automaticaly. I dont know if it about the FMS version, the one that i fly does it auto. 3- Then i pressed Track/FPA
  20. A_ndré_F_olkers

    P3D update 193 wooooowww

    Thank you gentlemen regained a staggering 400 mb of vas from 1.1 to 1.55 gb free of vas :-) at FT EHAM even more as the 777
  21. Hey guys, I bought the A320 yesterday (full version, no upgrade from FSX) for my P3D. Today, I have flown the aircraft for the first time. On ground, everything is O.K., I can startup the plane. Shortly after takeoff, I get mirco stutters. The first micro stutter I have seen on the PFD. The altitiude bar was a little bit laggy. After that (during the first turn), P3D get little stutters. But: The frame rate is always between 20-60 fps (mostly about 35 FPS). For a half of second, the frame rate is below 15 FPS, than immediately over 35. The view in the VC
  22. EZCA V2 cameras (VC + outside spot) A320 CFM View File Camera set for A320-214 CFM engine version. Submitter Jimi Viitanen Submitted 01/22/17 Category Utilities  
  23. craiggear

    VAS And My Compromises

    Hey Guys, I don't have a super duper machine, but I feel like I got MY setup in P3D working perfectly for me with no issues in all my payware. These include PMDG products, and the Majestic DH8D, AS2016 and Orbx and all that. Now, new in my hanger is the ever so beautiful FSLabs A320. I bought it when it was out for FSX and I actually clean-installed my copy of FSX for it. I didn't install any Orbx or even remotely try to set it up like I have my P3D set up. I basically only had the Airbus, and a few select airports I wanted to fly to. I loved it! So, ba
  24. Hi everyone I have a limited amount of technical knowledge withn the Flight Simulator world and always rely on the forums for advice and to learn by reading other users comments and experience, although I realise that not all comments are helpful, sometimes you have to read between the lines. At the moment I use FSX SE and have purchased the A320. I congratulate the developers on a supurb product. In order to compliment the high specifications that new aircraft use I am intending to upgrade my computer to high specifications and also purchase P3D to compliment and
  25. Bruno Teixeira

    Freeze while inflight.

    Hi, I'm writing this message to inform everyone (and mainly developers) that all 3 flights I tried to make with the FSL, all ended with a Freeze. When the sim freeze, sounds are OK, and no error message, P3D simply closes 4/5min after the freeze. - First one occured on a flight from Porto to Lisbon (picture from wingview). - The second one from Geneva to Zurich. - Finally, the third one, on the same flight from Geneva to Zurich (picture from VC). Any idea / solution? Regards, Bruno. PS: I sa
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