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  1. Brad Zimmer

    Rudder pedals

    I use ch pro pedals. I also have fsuipc. I've noticed lately that the pedals in the virtual cockpit are moving without me actually touching them. It is usually the right pedal. I have sensitivity turned to the right and null zones to the left. Can anyone help with suggestions on fixing this? Thanks!
  2. DJBlacklight

    P3D V4 Plan

    Hi, I was looking to buy the FSLabs today but wondering about if we will have to buy it again if/when a new version of P3D comes out I have seen some companies have said they wont be charging again for software when a new version comes out but wanted to check on the A320 to see if we will need to buy it again or what the FSLabs stance is on this?
  3. Samuel Lafage

    Visual apprroach rwy36 at Calvi (video)

    Good exercise but not so easy envoy / https://youtu.be/KGjhq6eUqcg
  4. Hi all, First of all, I don't own the A320 yet, however, I'm following "blackbox711" on twitch and I'm absolutely amazed by this product! You guys did a great job! I have two questions though: The only thing that's keeping me from purchasing a new high-end PC and the FS Labs A320 is P3D v4--I'm waiting for the 64-bit version in order to buy all the scenery and add-ons only once. Since you already stated that you're developing the A319/A321 I'd like to ask whether it'd be already 64-bit compatible (I'm not really expecting you to answer this tbh... )
  5. Hi guys, I recently purchased P3D and with it the Concorde from FSLabs. When I run the Concorde-X installer on the simulator selection platform box, my P3D is greyed out and unable to be selected. Also I am running PreparD V3.4.22.19868 which I think is the latest version at this moment in time. I have looked up the issue and I have tried multiple things including trying to rename P3D .exe file to try and get it to find it but that didn't work. Any help would be highly appreciated.
  6. K. Serhan Onur

    RNV App. LTCT

    LTCT, Igdir Airport, is most in the east airport at Turkey. It is just a few km. away Turkish/Armenian border. MDA 3900 You can see Mount Agri (Ararat) peak also. (It is 5.137m / 16.854feet) And I know this airport just a regional one. But I love to fly there. And I know Condor doesn't fly LTCT but I love this livery! Enjoy. 1 Prepare to descent 6 Mount Ararat's peak behinds cloud! 7 Mount Ararat's peak 5.137m
  7. K. Serhan Onur

    Approach LTBS

    1 Cumulonimbus on ND 2 and It is... 3 Decent to LTBS 4 Approaching to LTBS
  8. Hello all, I've been poking around here for a couple of months now watching the development of this great software. I've helped a few guys with some of there RW Airbus questions but now I'm looking to take the plunge and get setup with P3D and a new PC to run this to assist with my technical skills development particularly as it pertains to training for A320/1 abnormals. I currently use a (2013) iMac 27inch with another couple of sim platforms that are less than ideal for this purpose and therefore I would like to take the plunge and buy a PC to get a reasonable proc
  9. Brad Zimmer

    RNAV into KPSP

    I did my first RNAV approach today into ORBX KPSP (31L). I typically fly ILS’s or visual but this airport only has RNAV. I thought I did everything correctly but I kept running into an issue that ultimately had me end up with a crash on landing. I have the MCDU loaded with the approach and the approach phase is activated. The skies were clear and the wind was calm so there was no weather or traffic. At the IAF, I can see the rwy and the papi’s so I switch off the A/P and hand fly down using TRK/FPA to help guide me down. At about 2000 ft., the nose swung sharply to the left and I started
  10. Brad Zimmer

    SP1 question

    When the new release is out, will we have the option to load the plane straight from the menu without having to load the piper first and shut the engines? It would be nice to be able to do that and to pick either cold/dark or turn around state. Thanks !
  11. Brad Zimmer

    Strange Issue in P3d

    I've been having an issue lately in P3D. I am not sure if it is related to FSlabs but there are so many helpful people in here I figured to check to see if anyone has had this problem or any recommendations. Lately, every time I start P3D and load the bus (again, I don't think this is an FSlabs issue), in the background, my Explorer keeps opening new windows VERY quickly and I am not able to hit ALT and get my menu options. It will flash and then disappear. I can still manage to fly but it is rather annoying. The IE windows just keep opening new tabs and the only way to stop it is to hit

    ayuda Freno A320

    Hola estimados. buenas tardes tengo el A320 p3d, tengo un problema con el freno de la aeronave estoy tratando de configurar el freno pero siento que el avion no frena presiono el punto y continua rodando.. estoy solicitando ayuda alguna persona que sepa configurar o alguna solucion tengo autorizacion de escribir en Español en el foro. saludos.
  13. Alex Ridge


    Hi guys,, Didn;t want to be the first, but the VAS usage is ridicolous. It's fine when I start but as the flight continues it drops and drops and drops, until finally crashes. P3d on all other aircraft stays constant as you depart and VAS recovers as you go to cruise. I am flying the EZY exe livery and wondered if that has anything to do with it and 1096 textures.
  14. Brad Zimmer

    Static AI

    Are there any AI programs out there that only populate the AI at the gates or on the ground that doesn't have an impact on performance? I see a lot of folks in X-Plane and on P3D that fly online (like myself) but also land at populated airports. It would be nice to land and airports that aren't ghost towns. However, all of the AI traffic applications that I have seen actually have the AI planes flying and therefore would interfere with performance and with my flight plan/ATC. I have one airport (KPSP) from Orbx that comes with static aircraft but that is the only one I have seen. Thoughts
  15. John Fairman

    FPS loss with Spotlights

    I have encountered a significant frames per second loss with Spotlights installed. I have installed the latest binaries,.193, with the latest Spotlights v32. I have noticed a very welcome drop in VAS usage with this version. in the VC at a payware airport, UK2000 EGSS, I am getting 30fps which is what my sim is set to. this is without Spotlights. With Spotlights installed the FPS drops to 20. Is this normal? This was also present in the previous version, binaries v193 & Spotlights v31. in the same situation with PMDG 777 the FPS is at 30. My
  16. Brad Zimmer


    Can someone tell me how to turn off the turbulence in my ezdok settings? I tried but didn't see anything that related to turbulence affect. Thanks
  17. Brad Zimmer

    Patch / update

    Kind of a dumb question, but what is the most recent version of the A320 in P3d and where do I check to see what version I have installed? I thought I downloaded an update a while back but I'm not sure if it was the most recent and if its installed.
  18. Flight with A320 from LGIR to LIMJ
  19. Very busy airspace departing Seattle.
  20. Brad Zimmer

    Reverse Thrust Not Happening

    So I have noticed something strange on occasion. After landing, my reverse thrust doesn't start. I have never had this happen with the IAE, and it only happens on 2 of my 3 CFM engine liveries. Virgin America works every time but Delta and American don't. I have my reverse set up on stick via the MCDU. The weird thing is that I wouldn't think this has anything to do with the livery so I am not sure why this doesn't go into affect with certain liveries. Is there anything that I should check to see where the issue could be?
  21. Hi, I am using the 2D panel view in P3D. At the moment I am trying to set up the viewpoint in order to have a correct "look an feel". Now, flying in 2D with zoom factor of 1,0 an having reset the viewpoint I can not see the ground when in level flight (at FL370 at the moment) I am experimenting with wide view true/false, I disabled EZCA and so on. I just want to know from other 2D-panel flyer what settings they use to match the "correct" viewpoint. So please tell me: wide view true or false, zoom factor and other settings How do you "save" them
  22. Brad Zimmer

    Cockpit Texture Settings

    Quick question... If I remember correctly, there was an option to pic High, Medium, or Low (something along those lines) cockpit textures. I am not sure what I installed and I might want to change them for better performance or to have it look better. Is there a way of doing that without uninstalling and installing? I wasn't able to find it yesterday and I want to see how each of the textures run on my system.
  23. Brad Zimmer

    User Livery Download Error

    I tried posting this in the Livery folder but it wouldn't let me post. I am getting a message saying I can't download user liveries and I get an error saying "1D161/3". What is this for? Do I not have access? Thanks
  24. Currently I use Navigraph for my charts on my iPad when I am flying. Is there something that would allow me to enter my flight plan and show it on an interactive map with weather? Or is Navigraph able to do this? I'd prefer to use my iPad but if there is something I can use on a PC that works too. I've seen it on YouTube but can't figure out what application it is. I can pull up charts, and maps on Navigraph, but not full flight route with my flightplan. Thanks!
  25. Brad Zimmer

    Ezdok 2 profiles

    outside of the profiles in the forum, does anyone have any good profiles that they can share with me for P3d? Viewing the displays on my profile is a bit small and hard to read so I was hoping there might be some profiles out there that people like. Thanks
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