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  1. Aaron Ortega

    Any update soon?

    Hello: I'm just wondering what's going on with the fixes for this airplane? It's been at least 2 months since an issues with importing PFPX flights in LBS. has come up and the problem still hasn't been corrected. As a matter fact, I haven't read any news about updates for this airplane. So what's going on? Is this product no longer supported? I'm not looking for a date(s), I just want to make sure that our issues are being heard and addressed. Thanks.
  2. Taylor Niblett

    Concorde X support ticket

    Hi, just wondering if FSLABS still provides support for Concorde customers, I have created a ticket 4 days ago and have gotten no response at all. Taylor
  3. Antonio King

    What am I doing wrong?

    Hey all, So I'm back to having some issues with Spotlights for the A320. For some reason, they'll load fine in default aircraft (where I can see the symbol at the bottom left), however, when I load the A320, they aren't on and don't work. I'll shut down the sim, restart it with the A320 loading from the default menu, and the night lighting isn't there. Is it a requirement to load a default a/c first, then the A320?
  4. Recently I was looking for a way to expand my setup with MIP displays. My 1080 GPU is rather busy taking care of my 3 screens for the outside visual. So I've made the jump and bought 2 USB monitors and so far I'm very happy with the result. The only thing is....how to save the undocked displays. I'm using P3D4. If anyone has any experience with this, any help would be highly appreciated. ATB Vincent
  5. Brad Zimmer

    Weather Related Issue

    Yesterday I did a flight from MSP-MDW. IRL, Chicago had scattered rain/mist but nothing too crazy. As I began to descend into Chicago, I noticed on my radar that there were storms being depicted with pink and white radar along with green. I think this could have been a AS issue since there were no storms in the area but I decided to go through them as I didn't have time to divert. As I flew into the clouds, my speed began to heavily fluctuate and A/P disengaged and then my nose dropped and I went into an uncontrollable dive into the ground from about 6000 ft. Obviously I shouldn't ha
  6. Fabio Marra

    Laap ATC chatter

    Hi all, maybe someone uses "Laap" freeware program to listen ATC real chatter during flight and can help me with the following strange behavior... I notice that the software works very well with all the airplanes (defaults and pay as for example PMDG) but it is not working with the Fslab A320. Anyone experienced this ?
  7. Ray Proudfoot

    Barbados freeware scenery and P3D

    After a four hour flight to Barbados I was disappointed to see texture bleed through with the freeware Barbados scenery I have. Taxiways and the runway were affected. A search on AvSim Library revealed an update to correct this problem. Provided by our very own @Kyprianos Biris. Thanks for that Kyp.
  8. As the title suggest, I have a GTX760 atm. It has done it's work for four years now, it can handle P3D V4 with the bus at 30 FPS, but with dynamic lighting or bad weather it just can't take it anymore. Looking at the 1070 as next card. I'm not looking for a huge improvement over the 760, but I am wondering which one I should take since the price differs per card (MSI, ASUS etc) Anyone any experience with the 1070 and which ones I should avoid when buying one? Cheers, Lars
  9. Roar Kverneng


    I have configured registered version of latest FSUIPC together with latest of FSLabs A320 in latest P3Dv4 but cannot extend or retract both the landing gears and the flaps. Any solution for this?
  10. Roar Kverneng

    P3Dv4 crash - FSLSpotlights

    I have just updated Nvidia graphic driver to 388 and after this P3D will not longer start after installed FSLSpotlights v I therefore have to go back to FSLSpotlights ver - but have low fps nigthflying.
  11. I am realizing that when I hold down the middle mouse button in EZDOK in order to pan around in the cockpit, and I inadvertently scroll- sometimes the mouse is invisibly over the window- and it will open. After takeoff of course this will be followed by the whole pressurization problem/master warning etc... Not a bug! Well, maybe an EZDOK thing.. but definitely had me scratching my head why windows kept opening on the FO side (and tray table coming out etc)
  12. Joe Waldron

    FSUIPC Throttle Configuration

    Hi all, First of all thanks for the fantastic update to the A320. I'm enjoying it thoroughly. I have a question regarding setting up the throttles with FSUIPC. Is it possible to have the throttles set up so they are calibrated through FSUIPC and filtered with the a320?. I have tried to no avail. I ask because my cheap nasty Saitek throttle quadrant is quiet old and has noisy pots. So I like to try and filter them through fsuipc for all my aircraft. Otherwise when trying to use the throttles they are jumping all over the place. Any advice would be great. Joe
  13. Orcas


    The product is amazing no doubt. But to be honest as a real world airliner pilot, the Aircraft non-flyable without Fs2Crew. I asked in the past about the SDK as Fs2crew guys need it but the answer was Fs2crew not the biggest concern then, I hope you concider releasing the SDK some time soon if its not already out! many thanks

    A320 P3d 4.0

    Hello I have a question can I install A320X in version 4.0 or need the latest update
  15. Version 1.1


    Camera set for A320-214 CFM engine version. How to install: Go Ezdok menu and ''Import camera file'' and thats it!
  16. Greg Caesar


    Does anyone know if there are any photos previewing the A321-X that's being worked on? Thanks!
  17. Hello, Today suddenly I cannot download any liveries. I checked to see that my product was verified in my account settings and found it had disappeared. When I try and reverify it it says "Order lookup failed (1002)" It also seems that I cannot submit a support ticket; it won't recognize my password. Thanks, Daniel
  18. I get this message when starting P3D "FSL Spotlights was not intialised correctly " Please help!
  19. Hello guys, I have the A320X, AS16 + ASCA with Prepar3d V3.4, and NVIDIA GTX 980 video card with 4G of Vram, so far it is discreetly fluid; If I install ORBX FTX GLOBAL BASE, could I have heavy problems and microscates? thank you
  20. i bought FSX 320X sometimes ago ,but recently i want to upgrade to P3D,and when i click the buy option, it says the link is 404. please help to check out ,thanky ou.
  21. Fabio Marra

    Fslab with PTA

    Hi All, last month I took the decision to leave FSX for P3D (v3). I must say that I don't regret my decision, since p3D looks very beautiful and it performs very well on my new PC if compared to FSX. However I am starting to deal with the HDR p3D settings. I performed some flights with (starting from fslab recommended settings) and without HDR, but in both the cases I don't feel satisfied at 100% with the results I achieved. Surfing on the browser (and in the various forums) I discovered the p3D tweak assistant (PTA) software for p3D. I would like to try it, cause the results seems to be
  22. Kieran Hennighan

    Cold and dark

    Hey, Where can I find the cold and dark state for the A320?
  23. Looking forward to the A320 in V4, Should be fun got my V4 all configured and ready, Plus what ever the new more fuel Airbus will be 321 or 330 or 350 if we lucky or if they want to totally suprise us an A380 would be awsome XD <3
  24. K. Serhan Onur

    Taxi with IAE Engines

    I have a question about IAE Engines type. When taxi A320X with IAE engines; the plane goes rather fast with respect to A320X/CFM engines type! (The throttle levers fully back - idle position) At this time I am reading approximately 1.025 EPR threshold values for both engines on ECAM screen. (The throttle levers fully back - idle position still) Anyway during flight descent phase again the throttle levers idle position - fully back- and at this time I am reading 0.835 EPR threshold values on ECAM screen. Is this normal? Serhan
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