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  1. Version 1.1.1


    Tomato A3xx VC Rain Only only for better rain reflection on windshield. !!!ignore the error warnings when installing!!!
  2. Hello, my simulator (P3d v3.4) crashes/shut down to desktop in almost every single flight I try to do with the Fs Labs A320X. It happens every time in flight when I am in the air and there is no Information why it chrashed. The screen is frozen for a few seconds an then it shuts down to my desktop.... I can‘t find a solution for that in the internet. An another Problem with the Fs Labs A320X I have is, that the lights doesn‘t luminate the Cockpit and the flood lights aren‘t working. Does anyone know about the Problems and could help me?
  3. Tim Vancauwenbergh

    Share your knowledge!

    Hello everyone I am starting this topic to bundle all (LEGAL!) sources considering flying the A320 and some useful tips and tricks. It can be a manual you have written, a youtube channel, a website, ... Please check before you share. Often airlines do not allow to share their FCOM's, checklists, QRH's etc. So, go ahead. Share the experience and knowledge (and if you have some tools, go ahead as well)! My main sources: http://www.smartcockpit.com/plane/AIRBUS/A320.html Youtube channels: Baltic Aviation Academy Captain Joe Blackbox711
  4. Terblanche

    Q400 Cockpit Lighting

    Absolutely LOVE the Q400 ... she laughs in the face of P3D4 Dynamic Lights, msaa vs ssaa, and doesn't matter if you fly her upside down, or shift all the sliders to the right, she refuses to drop one single FPS in the process. It was only the cockpit lighting that was not to my liking and so I've created some more realistic cockpit lighting with the help of FSLSpotLights. Please read the README.txt - !! Also included is the tweak to make the tiller work with rudders.ENJOY!! FSLSpotLights.zip
  5. Felix Caft

    P3D Autogen loading slow

    Hi. I have a problem with P3D V4.4 The houses and trees are reloading. That means I'm approaching Cologne, for example, but below me and behind me there are no houses or trees yet. Only after the landing the trees and houses pop up. Does anyone know what could be the reason?
  6. When coming from north or north west, it s shorter way to land rwy20

    Some questions about flying

    I was very happy to join the FSL family the other day. First of all, I feel like I'm flying a real plane when I'm flying the FSL320 But since I'm new here, I don't know much about some of the Settings. I want to ask you, I'm T16000M (old) how can I set its parameters so that I have a better experience. Finally, can you share your landing experience of FSL320?
  8. Hardik Ramnani

    "Disable Fullscreen Optimizations"

    Hey! I am having flickering issues with other "aircrafts", have found possible fix which is to check the "Disable Fullscreen Optimizations " box in p3d v4 compab options, will the fslabs get affected by checking this option by any chance? And if anyone could give some more insights as to what does this option do tho that would be great Regards,
  9. Nick Pålsson

    P3D Information on the next build...

    Hi, After uninstalling the bus, updating the Prepar3d client, download the new vers of the bus and installing, it wont work in the sim anymore. I get this fault (see attached) What to do?
  10. Hi! I installed the A320 and A319 (current version) today and since that I always get that message when trying to load the A/C. I uninstalled the addon before and also deleted all remaining folders manually before I installed the new version. My P3D Version is Would appreciate any help, thanks.
  11. Alexander Eichinger

    P3D Information on the next build...

    Hello there, I've installed the latest version of the A320. (Running P3D V4.5) When I install however, I receive an error of "missing config file name". I can run P3D fine with any other plane/addon, but cannot use the FSL A320 as the sim would not load and only produce an error "Flight Sim Labs DLLs - Unsuported Prepar3D version" Any idea what's gone wrong?

    P3D Information on the next build...

    Hi guys,with the latest Prepar3d Hotfix, are there any compatibility issues? a warning appears to me: ERROR: FLIGHT SIM LABS UNSUPPORTED PREPAR3D VERSION Alessandro Anile
  13. John Khan

    P3D Information on the next build...

    Just downloaded and installed the P3D update. Updated Client, Content and Scenery only, as usual. All went OK and other aircraft load, your A320 will not. It goes through the windows as if it is loading, then everything stops and the sim locks up. Why does this always happen with yours? Even after every update, all the othjers work fine.
  14. Allan Roberts

    P3D Information on the next build...

    I have just completed a fresh install of P3D v4.5 and have downloaded a FS Labs A320X version and while P3D runs at start-up with the Piper Cub loded and working, when I go to load the A320 I get the following message. "FS Labs DLL's unsupported in P3D version." Doe anyone know how to resolve this please? Regards, Allan Roberts
  15. santanu nandy

    P3D Information on the next build...

    I just installed p3d4.5 with hotfix that was released a few hours back. Now the latest version of a320x is giving outdated dll error messages and crashing p3d. Any suggestions?
  16. Hi guys, First off... fantastic product. I bought the A320 last week and it's been a treat to fly. Great job to the devs and kudos to the everyone involved on this product. Originally, I was flying with no GSX and only using PFPX for my planning until I felt comfortable with the entire package. It worked great! Yesterday I decided to go ahead and purchase GSX and begin using Simbrief for my AOC packages. It took a while to get everything sorted with Simbrief (I learned you have to have an ALTN on Simbrief or the FPLN UPLINK doesn't work... but I already saw y'all are fixing that), so now
  17. Hardik Ramnani

    White light on mainpanel buttons, fix?

    Greetings, Is there a way to fix the white lights on the main panel buttons due to HDR? Like maybe could increase color darkness or something like that? Regards,
  18. Thank you. I used to use Lorby's freeware flashlight but Spotlights is hundred times better than that. As a matter of fact I think it's one of the most essential addon all P3D flight simmers should have. On the FSL A320 it looks gorgeous. Thank you devs for letting us use it for free.
  19. Endrit Palushi

    Departing LEBL

  20. This isn't specific to any airplane at all (FSL or otherwise) so this might not be the appropriate place to post it, but I'd like to pick your brains anyway as there are a lot of knowledgeable people here. The scenario is as follows. Take off from Edmonton (CYEG) and picked Calgary (CYYC) as the destination. While cruising along I pull up Navigraph Charts to plan for the landing. Picked a straight-in approach, get everything setup in the MCDU in terms of STAR and ILS stuff and get ready for it. Couldn't capture the localizer and glideslope wouldn't come alive but seeing I spent all that t
  21. Happy new year! Im on P3D4 and can't seem to find the 2D panel for the FO. In FSX, whenever am on cockpit>first officer view, the view goes to the FO with 2D panels. However with P3D4, it goes to Virtual Cockpit view of the right seat. I want the 2D panel. Thanks -Eli
  22. Arunit Mukherjee

    Failure Feature Request

    Hi Andrew, I am using the software extensively for my recurrent sims. It is my request if you could please add unreliable airspeed indication, Sfcc faults, and Thrust lever Faults to the list of failures. It will help a lot. Regards, Arunit
  23. Bedran Batkitar

    P3D FSLAB LVAR info for Flaps

    Hello, I am writing to you because of a Flap problem on Fslabs aircrafts used with the Recorder of our virtual airlines. The issue is the following, we get penalties each time we performe a takeoff, the Recorder is recognizing a wrong TO flap configuration and it is the same with all flaps configuration from 1 to 4. As you haven’t used standard flap offset our Recorder gives always a flaps 0 position. Instead the standard offset you have used LVAR and we have to know which local variable you used in order to fix this issue on our Recorder. Could we please get some informations about that
  24. Version 1.2


    ReadMe included! Custom VC textures for IndiGo Airlines A320 (includes all sorts of stickers placed at correct positions) some stickers might be missing since I could not find some HD pictures if you have any Cockpit pics of the IndiGo A320 do mail me! Due to copyright issues, it is not possible to add the Airbus logo to the manuals, I am researching if I can add the logo to the map light knobs.. ENJOY more comping up for various carriers! TOGAvc Older pics below will update soon and remove this message..
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