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Found 12 results

  1. Alexander Walter

    Strobe lights in cockpit

    Hi, Has anyone ele noticed the strobe light effect in the cockpit whiles flying at night? I have not tested it yet for day time, but I imagine it is only for night. Is this intentional or a bug etc ...? Thank you
  2. alanbyrne94

    Concorde Lighting

    My roof overhead panel dome lights work perfect after loading the aircraft however they seem to turn off 10 -15 mins later while i go through my flows. am i losing power to them ? i cant figure it out because they still dont work once my engines start. the only lights i have that work are the pilot and co pilot panel lights.. can anyone assist me
  3. Oscar Hey

    Light not working!

    Hi, My nav and strobe light don't work. My landing, taxi, turn off and logo lights work. Anybody know what is causing this? DirectX preview is off and has always been where the lights work fine, i haven't installed anything that could conflict, or at least i removed it. I installed a livery and some scenery with two effect files, but i have removed it now to no avail! Thanks in advance!
  4. Jordan Reilly

    A320 lighting issue

    Hi all, I appear to have an issue with lighting in vc on the a320. After searching the forum I've tried reinstalling spotlights with av off and excluding the folders. What happens is when mi in my normal chaseplane vc view I get no lights but if I look at the overhead panel, throttle etc. by panning the lights come back. This only happens momentarily and then it's all normal again. I've attached a video showing the problem. Many thanks, Jordan! Prepar3D_03_25.2018_-_21_27_14_01.mp4
  5. Hi all, just bought the A320 for v4 today, what a product! however, the dome and flood lights don't work when trying to switch them on from the on GPU state. I have fsspotlight installed and they still wont work. Any ideas anyone? thanks.
  6. As the title suggests ladies and gents, installed the new update this afternoon and everything works and appears except the nav lights, they do not illuminate. Any ideas? Thanks, James
  7. Adam_White

    lights No Flightdeck or Cabin Lighting

    Hi, I'm having an issue in that I cant seem to get the dome lights working in the A320, nor the cabin lights. I have read that some people suggest getting FSLabs Spotlights but is there any other way? I think it's disgusting having to pay to get the lights to work given the fact that the addon was already fairly high priced to begin with. Any help would be much appreciated.
  8. Remy Sarkis

    NAV Lights Not Working

    Hello Guys, The Nav lights are not working they just illuminate the logo and nothing else [ no NAV Lights Illuminated] . anyone facing this problem ?
  9. flightsimguides

    FsLabs Lighting Issue

    Hi chaps I can't get the nigh lighting to work at all - the panel backlights work ok, but the dome and flood lights have absolutely no effect at the moment. Is there something I'm doing wrong, or something up with DX10? The picture attached is with all of the lights, dome, backlight and flood, all selected on. It's pretty dark in there at the mo! DOn't know what more information to give, really. Cheers, John 2016-8-25_19-42-41-191.BMP 2016-8-25_19-42-56-960.BMP
  10. rexidia

    [RESOLVED] A320X Exterior Lights

    I'm sorry if this has been asked already but for some reason my runway turn-off lights aren't illuminating the ground. Is anyone else experiencing this? My landing lights also don't appear to illuminate the engines. I have spotlights installed.
  11. Terblanche

    Cockpit Lights and FPS

    Anybody else noticed the drop in FPS when you switch on the cockpit lights ...? Without lights at EDDM (T2G) the FPS are 28.2 and the moment you switch on the lights it drops to 20 FPS. The spotlights have an affect on FPS that I've noticed when added to PMDG aircraft but not this much. For an aircraft that already has a huge impact on FPS, this drop because of lights seems exceptional. Do not want to sound as every little detail is scrutinise and bemoaned on the forum because I'm a more than happy customer. Just trying to get a good balance between performance and quality by squeezing every little bite out of 32-bit. Let's go flying again. Terblanche if
  12. Khoa Nguyen

    [RESOLVED] Cockpit light

    Hi, I tried many ways to turn on the light in the A320 but it still seems too dark for me, i dont know if i have the problem with FS Spotlight or not ? do you have any idea ? The dome light seems does not bright as well Thanks
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