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Found 4 results

  1. Martin Richards

    Compatibility With Fsx Steam Edition

    I recently downloaded FSX Steam edition and retired my old Boxed FSX Gold edition, and the first issue I have run into is that the Concorde X installer will not allow me to select a separate install directory, as a result I am unable to solve it. Anyone got it to work yet? And is there a way to manually select the FSX directory? Martin, (PS. I may not be available for very long during the weekend so expect fairly long reply times, and I'm in the GMT zone which may cause issues.)
  2. Hello all, I purchased the A320 this morning, and went to install it. All went fine until the installer alerted and said that it could not install necessary eSellarate libraries, and that the setup needed to be aborted, has this happened to anyone else? Thoughts on a fix? Thanks!
  3. Jonathan Fong

    Concorde Performance System

    I'm getting some issues with the Concorde Performance System. I fly for a VA, and use the program FlightSim Commander 9 to create my flight plans. I've been trying to create flight plans using FSC9 and converting them to FSX format for CPS to read, but CPS throws an error every time I try to load up a flight plan created by FSC9 in FSX's ".pln" format. Any suggestions? This is the error message I'm getting: Translated (with the help of Google Translate and grammar corrections by me): "Access violation at 007A927B at module "CPS.exe". The address of the error is 00000000." (Not very
  4. Dylanvignola

    Issues With Ins 2 And 3

    Hi everyone, I just recently bought the Concorde X and I must say what a fantastic Aircraft. I'm sorry if this issue has been asked and addressed before but I cannot find anything on the forum. I don't know if anyone else is experiencing this problem but I am having alignment issues with INS 2 and 3. I have read the entire Flying Manual to prepare myself for Concorde and I do understand how the INS system works and how to control it. I can successfully align INS 1 but the other 2 don't align. I found that if I then put INS 1 into NAV, turn off the other 2 INS's and then re-align them,
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