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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I was changing PCs but I can't locate my A320 serial key. I've checked back in my emails but the only confirmation I've received, is the 'Fast Spring' order confirmation with my order number in it. I haven't got an installation/serial key anywhere in my emails. Could anyone help? Thanks! Btw I didn't buy the A320 add-on on this account, it was on my mum's account. Thanks,
  2. How to install a new version of Concorde-X The below process was a repetitive thing we did on every new beta version of what you now enjoy and it always made sure there were no remainders from previous versions. 1. Download new version of Concorde-X and latest version of FSL Spotlights . 2. Keep your serial number handy in a text file or similar for the installation. 3. Go to FSlabs folder in simulator (FSX/P3D) and FSLabs Concorde aircraft folder and copy as back up any personal file you may have created (fuel load states, panel states that follow saved flight filenames, custom CIVA ADEU cards, Panel.cfg, Aircraft.cfg). Also check if you have something personal related to Spotlights that needs back up (I do not so I do not know the process). 4. Uninstall from Windows Control Panel: 1. FSLabs Concorde-X and 2. FSL Spotlights. 5. You do not need to delete CIVA folder located inside FSX/P3D root folder. [Note: CIVA has no uninstall process, you just delete its folder] 6. Reboot your PC 7. Go and delete manually any remaining stuff from FSLabs' folder in FSX/P3D and the Concorde-X aircraft folder if it still exists inside SimObjects\aircraft folder. You do not need to Delete saved flights in \Documents (as long as you have kept back up of same filename panel states of FSLabs' Data folder) 8. This is not a must but just a health check just in case. Check: C:\<your user>\AppData\Roaming\<simulator company>\<your simulator>\ file DLL.XML C:\ProgramData\<simulator company>\<your simulator>\ file DLL.XML that there are no remaining FSL....DLL entries in the .XML file. if there are delete their portion of the .XML and resave it. If you have two DLL.XML files in the two above locations make sure there are no entries for same DLL in both (general rule, not FSL related). 9. Temporarily disable any antivirus or blocking software. 10. Install new version of Concorde-X (right click -> run as administrator). Pay attention to Installer instructions on its screen regarding folders and what is destined for the simulator folder and what not. You do not need to change paths, FSX/P3D is detected properly and the rest is software that goes where it should go. 11. Install FSLSpotlights (right click -> as administrator) 12. You can install CIVA INS over the top with provided separate installer link in FSLabs windows menu but nothing has changed with CIVA so there is no point doing it unless you deleted the folder. CIVA Installer takes care of this. Reinstalling it does not harm any saved files from past. The Concorde-X installer takes care of CIVA by detecting its presence or not and gives the proper message for installing it or not. Note: Make sure CIVA is installed in the suggested folder, do not change it. 13. Make a first FS launch, load Concorde and select your options from FSLabs menu (VFE duties etc.) and close FS. In each first launch of Concorde-X you may get the FSLabs Runways.bin database generation process; it does not take long. 14. Reboot 15. Since you have rebooted, the antivirus or blocking software is now active. Go ahead and exclude the following from the antivirus checking process: <Sim>\Simobjects\Airplanes\FSLabs_Bae-Concorde\FSL_ConcX.dll c:\users\<yourname>\appdata\Local\FlightSimLabs folder 16. [Just a housekeeping thing] Delete the C++ Redist installation remainder junk files (careful not any folders from C: !, the junk files only) that reside in the root of your C:\ drive. These are useless remaining files from installation that cannot be avoided in being created during the Concorde-X installation. 17. Copy back any personal files/settings you had by making sure you do not override any new things from FSLabs (e.g. Aircraft.cfg Panel.cfg)* *In my case I do the following personal changes: In panel.cfg I add the type=special to the 2D pop up windows I use in main VC view that I do not want them to close when I shift views (AC/DC electrics, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Brakes panel, CDU1, CDU2). I add the custom ASN weather radar, Bryn's ASN Radar is my choice. I add the custom Fuel Burn and flight model files. 18. Before your first full A to B flight make a loading of the aircraft (pax, fuel) and use the Performance Calculator by also SENDing its take off data to the panel and then close the simulator. (This was a habit from past for new installations that needed a refresh of load/fuel/calculator last saved data but now its not an issue any more.) In P3D some previous saved flights may not load automatically the equivalent panel state. Load them, load the same filename panel state (from FSLabs top menu) and re-save them with same flight name as before. This should fix it. I have three such saved "Cold and Dark" flights that I have created on my own by cold & dark'ing the aircraft myself the way I want it by powering up aircraft, setting it as I want it, then powering off all systems and then saving it. One in a remote airport with minimal scenery, one at Heathrow and one at JFK. Issue with startup and .DLL loading: If you are getting the "Flight Simulator has detected a problem with a third-party software program (add-on): Name FSLSounds.dll (or FSLOptions.dll or FSLSpotlights.dll): Do you want to run this software (not recommended)? Then, even if you click Yes, Flight Simulator crashes, it's because something caused an error in a previous load of Flight Simulator and Windows decided to intervene and permanently mark that DLL as unsafe. You need to run "regedit", find the registry setting for HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers and in there, edit the entry for fsx.exe to REMOVE any mentions of Data = $IgnoreFreeLibrary<FSLSounds.dll> (or the other FSL dlls accordingly). Then, restart FSX - you'll get the error message once again, but click Yes, and the application will work correctly this time. Also, make sure your FSX is running as Administrator. For launching Concorde-X in Prepar3D: It is highly recommended that a DEFAULT start up flight for P3D is saved and selected as one with just the Piper J3 Cub with engine running. Then, once the Scenario screen loads, before launching P3D, the Concorde is to be selected from there and then to launch P3D. This way Concorde systems do not get affected by other aircraft selected in the default start up flight. Some users have found that if this is not done, Concorde-X engines will not fire up during the start up procedure (even if Fuel Pumps are on and START switch is activated with pneumatic pressure available).
  3. Not specifically A320 related but as I mainly fly the A320, my system is set up for that purpose. Question 1: Are there any advantages to having your OS and P3D installations on 2 separate physical drives, as opposed to having them in separate partitions on the same physical drive?
  4. Haakon Conradi

    P3Dv3 to v4 serial key issue

    I purchased the A320 for P3Dv3 a long time ago and now used my discount coupon to get the P3Dv4 version. I installed it but the aircraft wasn't showing itself in the sim, so I uninstalled thinking a re-install would maybe solve the issue. But the installer requires the serial code for the P3Dv4 version. I only got the serial code when I first upgraded expecting it would also be sent by mail or something. I have the P3Dv3 serial code.
  5. Hi guys, I recently purchased P3D and with it the Concorde from FSLabs. When I run the Concorde-X installer on the simulator selection platform box, my P3D is greyed out and unable to be selected. Also I am running PreparD V3.4.22.19868 which I think is the latest version at this moment in time. I have looked up the issue and I have tried multiple things including trying to rename P3D .exe file to try and get it to find it but that didn't work. Any help would be highly appreciated.
  6. Hi guys , i wanted to flight concorde this morning after i upgraded my p3d to version 3.4 , i started the sim loaded the default aircraft at CDG then loaded up concorde from there , after a few seconds my sim CTD and a enigma warning message popped up , after i few attempts i started thinking that maybe the upgrade of the sim had to do something with it. so i uninstalled concorde X and wanted to reinstall it but unfortunately the installer do not recognises v3.4 as valid (see picture) options are greyed out , so can you guys help me with this ? New installers ?
  7. Hello, I purchased the FSLabs A320 and after installation I am getting an error when I try to run FSX about the FSLOptions (see attached image). If I press YES, FSX exits, if I press NO cannot load A320 and FSX crashes. I am running Windows 10 & FSX Acceleration Please assist. Thank you, Vassilis‭‮
  8. Efrain Rodriguez

    FSX SE and FSLabs

    Hello everyone, I luckily was able to purchase the fslabs 320 last Thursday, all good but I been having some issues, let me first specify my specs; I have an Intel i5 core, 2.67 processor, 8 GB ram, ATI video card, 1TB space, fsx steam on windows 10 I understand my pc is very outdated but for the last 2 years I been able to run fsx and now fsx se with most of the aircraft add-ons normally, I mostly use default airports but I invest always on aircraft add-ons like pmdg, majestic, a2a,etc BUT im not here to compare FSLabs to any other add-on, I only would like to know if there's anything I can do to improve the frame rates now on this bird, I get a mayor drop inside the VC but only when the plane is on the air even on clear skies, I mean 10-15max and is not very flyable like this, even though my system wont help I think Im probably doing something wrong or maybe not properly setup when I did the installation since other addons run decent on a mayor difference of frame rates. I followed all the steps on the installation and I been able to fly the aircraft with some warning lights lol but is nothing to do with the issue, please if anyone can recommend me some tips or setups I can do to improve I be gladly appreciated, I will upgrade my pc at the end of this year. I always fly using FSX SE, windows 10 and AS2016. Thanks for any help.
  9. oZZ

    Repaint Pre Prod Troubles

    Hello, I've got some troubles with the repaint Pre-Production from the forum. Oooh yes a Black one. I proceed like that to install the repaint : 1. In the FSX Main Folder/simobjects/airplanes/FSLabs BAe Concorde directory, I made a folder named 'texture.pre-production'. 2. I copied the contents of 'Concord X Pre-Production' file to the texture.pre-production. 3. I copied the contents which were to be copied into the aircraft.cfg file, only replacing the * in [fltsim.*] with the num 10. After that i've see the file 'texture.pre-production' contain only 12 files against 18 for other repaint so i've copied all file of 'texture.BAUNIONFLAG' in 'texture.pre-production'. And i've overwrited some file with file contain on 'Concord X Pre-Production' and it's doesn't work too. Regards
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