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Found 8 results

  1. From my own experience & judging by other posts in this forum, an INS unit sticking on 65 or 95 during alignment is a known issue. The workaround is to cycle the power on the INS CDU, re-enter the position & restart the alignment, which will then successfully complete. And this does indeed work reliably. But is there any way to avoid the problem in the first place? From other forum posts it seems to be anecdotally related to using a customised 'Cold & Dark' panel state. I've tried creating various C&D panel states but always have to re-do one INS unit, not always the same one. Has anyone found a way to stop the lockup? Or has the root cause been identified so certain steps can be avoided? Best regards, Tony. (Love the plane BTW)
  2. I bought the Concorde this week & am loving it so far - no problems installing or with memory. (yet?) Working through the Preliminary Checklist section in the tutorial I have a couple of questions: 1) INS Test - With MCU1 in STBY, press & hold the TEST switch on INS1. As expected all the lights come on & the RNAV light on the dash panel illuminates. But the tutorial notes say the digital display on the associated HSI should display 0888. Well it doesn't, so am I missing something, or is this a feature? 2) I am using the VC flightdeck with EzDok 2. The manual describes the ASI & the Altimeter both having a sort if 'in-dial popup' allowing the reminder bugs to be set. Does this only operate in the 2D view or can I get it to display in the 3D VC. The tooltip for the bugs just say Bug1, Bug2, etc with no numerical value, so do I just eyeball it for accuracy? That's it so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  3. Fraser Gale

    INS Area Navigation

    Hello all, Has anyone else on here tried to use the INS for area navigation? There were Concorde procedures for this at both Heathrow and JFK, the most fun being the Canarsie approach at JFK. This involved waypoints being inserted for the turn and the touchdown point of the runway and allowing the AFCS to fly the approach in INS down to 500ft with the crew monitoring in "Rad" as usual. Both INS units had to be updating from two different VORs at the time to ensure accuracy and altitude was controlled by crew selection of ALT AQUIRE and VERTICAL SPEED mode. The thing is, when I try to fly these approaches, the INS switches legs too quickly and too far away from the exact waypoint position leading to the horizontal profile being too far out of alignment. There is no way this would have been certified in real life if the INS produced these results so I am wondering whether our INS could be inaccurate compared to the real thing, or is it a limitation of P3D. Any ideas? Frazz
  4. Magnus Meese

    INS 3 dead inflight

    Writing this while still enroute as BAW2 heading back east, at close to 030W I got a INS Master caution, and quickly discovered a warning light on no3. I switched to the STS page, briefly saw the digits 101 in the seconds display (digit 1 through 3), before it died. Cycling the master switch on the lower left EO panel makes it come alive again, but it goes black in the NAV and ATT position. The CIVA documentation doesn't give me any immideate hints on what's up. Anyone seen this behaviour before?
  5. Hello All, I just bought Concorde X today and on first launch it seemed to work perfectly. However, after restarting my computer there seems to be a few issues. The first one is the INS no longer aligns. I know how to do this so this isn't the problem, but whenI engage the parking break, switch all the INS buttons to off on the engineers pannel and then press (CTRL + I) to realign nothing happens, nothing comes up in the top of the screen to say its aligning The parking break also doesn't engage by pressing CTRL > key either and I have to click it manually in the virtual cockpit. Auto throttle is also not working it instantly switches off as soon as pressing the switch and the throttles are jammed at 100% and won't move back down with my joy stick, the throttles work fine on the ground though. I haven't a clue whats wrong and I hope someone can help with this, as i've just spent almost £100 on this software and so far its a bit of a disappointment thanks Ryan
  6. Cameron Slater

    Concorde Load Up Issues. Please Help?!

    Hi, I seem to have some issues with loading a Concorde for free flight. I select a Concorde and start the flight. I'm met with the usual loading up of all the systems, once this is done I can now move around the VC. This is where the problems start. 1) FSX doesn't view the parking brake as being on. The lever moves in the VC and even makes the familiar clicking as its engaged but there is no message saying "parking brake (.) is on". As such the INS wont align or function at all because it doesn't know the PB is on. 2) Secondly, in the exterior view it shows engines 1,2,3 spewing black smoke. at this point there isn't even GP established. I ruled out it being a hot start mainly because the engines havenmt been touched yet. Ive attempted to carry on the flight to see if they go, but on take off the afterburner effects are replaced with fires erupting out the back of the engines. Meanwhile in the cockpit, it says all afterburners have engaged and shows no fire warnings. Also I have no failures put on. 3) Sometimes GP cant be established. request GP and the indication in the cockpit is that this has been established, I select the switch to close but nothing happens. The switch moves but there is no power to the aircraft at all? I love Concorde X but these problems are meaning I cant actually a flight properly. Sometimes all these issues appear at once, sometimes I get one or the other. The problems seem to appear less on G-BOAF in the Chatham dockyard livery but it occurs frequently with all other aircraft. Usually its Air France that has these problems most and so I haven't been able to fly one yet. I also notice that when I load another Concorde at anytime after Ive already flown one that day, the problems are again there but with any aircraft. I even tried to set the transonic tutorial flight I saved and thought maybe it would work if I set the Air France one and flew it from that point. Again, thick black smoke this time. Also I have the updated service pack installed. Id appreciate any help!? Thanks TheCameronPerson
  7. Hello, I'm unable to turn on the INS on Microsoft Flight Simulator X. I'm using Concorde X on Service Pack 2 and on the Operation System Windows 8.1 Everytime I go onto Concorde X and after it has loaded the Heathrow Airport. The concorde engines has already started I don't need to start it up from Cold. I seen a simple way of activating INS by pressing CTRL + I but every time I press it my game tries to load something then a message popup saying fatal error. I try to do it manually by using the INS KNOB from Off to Standby but I'm unable to move it I have tried left clicking, right clicking everything possible but It won't move from the off postion... The INS are just black there are no orange numbers in it nothing. Please help I don't understand why it's working for everyone else but not me. I have reinstalled it about 6 times now and still it doesn't work! Thanks Luke
  8. Dylanvignola

    Issues With Ins 2 And 3

    Hi everyone, I just recently bought the Concorde X and I must say what a fantastic Aircraft. I'm sorry if this issue has been asked and addressed before but I cannot find anything on the forum. I don't know if anyone else is experiencing this problem but I am having alignment issues with INS 2 and 3. I have read the entire Flying Manual to prepare myself for Concorde and I do understand how the INS system works and how to control it. I can successfully align INS 1 but the other 2 don't align. I found that if I then put INS 1 into NAV, turn off the other 2 INS's and then re-align them, it works. Not sure if this is a bug or if I am doing something wrong? I get them to work eventually but it's just really time consuming and annoying to have to do that. Any help appreciated. Thanks
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