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Found 19 results

  1. Thiti Thanomsap

    GSX FSL320

    After i use GSX every thing become 0.How to fix this?
  2. nassim fattahi


    Hello guys Hope you're doing well ! I got fslabs working perefectly with gsx but i was wondering is there a way to request the follow me car with the radio button like for the pushback before landing sometimes there's a lot of traffic and i dont excatly have the time to check my charts ( One screen issues ahaha ). Thanks Best regards, NF
  3. I don't exctaly know if this cause by GSX. After the A320 finish compatibility of P3d v5 ( v5.0.1.100-v5.0.1.105). Then I request the refunel service from GSX menu, the funel vehicle come. Then connect the fuel tank. The Ecam will not show refuneling like old version. Then the refuel processing will keep frezzing, the Gsx will keep inform that please refunel aircraft in your mcdu. But noting happen after changing the funel number at mcdu. However, the refunel work nomal at the A321 ( v5.0.1.103). The Ecam will show the refuneling when the GSX funel vehicle finish the connection. Then I change the funel number, the prcessing will finish. GSx will disconnect then show the refunel finish. Note: The GSX has updated to latest version. Hope it can solve soon. Best regards to FSL team
  4. Marc Stanford

    Turn 2nd left door to normal?

    Is there a way to turn the 2nd door left of the fuselage (2L), the one behind the main exit to a normal door instead of an emergency door? I want to use 3 doors on the left for boarding just like the screenshots. I've also seen some other operators doing it since it speeds up boarding.
  5. Hey guys, since I updated my FSLABS gsx l2 doesn’t work properly with the FSLABS as it worked before the update. What have I to do if I want everything work as it should work ? When I set int on the radio panel no gsx window pops up, the refueling doesn’t start automatically when I enter the OFP DATA in the ATSU, boarding doesn’t start automatically either. Help please guys.
  6. Hey guys, not sure if this belongs in this forum but I hope that someone can help me out because I couldnt find a solution until now: As I want to have AKH type of loaders for the GSX boarding/deboarding I did set that up in the GSX aircraft options menu. However, if I now restart P3D and set up a new flight, as soon as I press "Load Flight" something changes my FSL A320 CFM gsx.cfg entry. For both of the cargo doors the loader type is changed from AKH back to belt. Dont know why that happens. I would like to note that this problem occured long before the very new FSLabs and GSX update. Is there anything I could do about it? Thanks a lot for your help!
  7. A-n-t-o-i-n-e_L-e-b-ou-r-g

    GSX No more logo on GSX pallet

    Hello, Since the last big update (v347), I noticed the companie logo (VA) is not shown anymore on the pallets loaded/unloaded. I precise that I use a custom VA scheme created with the GSX paintkit. I well have the atc_parking line in the fltsim.cfg file.
  8. Hi guys, First off... fantastic product. I bought the A320 last week and it's been a treat to fly. Great job to the devs and kudos to the everyone involved on this product. Originally, I was flying with no GSX and only using PFPX for my planning until I felt comfortable with the entire package. It worked great! Yesterday I decided to go ahead and purchase GSX and begin using Simbrief for my AOC packages. It took a while to get everything sorted with Simbrief (I learned you have to have an ALTN on Simbrief or the FPLN UPLINK doesn't work... but I already saw y'all are fixing that), so now I'm trying to figure out some issues with GSX integration. Maybe y'all have seen this issue and can point me in the right direction? I'm trying to do a flight from UEEE gate 5. When I load the sim, I load the piper, kill the engines, then switch to the A320. I'll connect the External Air via the MCDU options page, then activate GSX via the INT switch. According to the tutorial, this should trigger GSX to begin a rapid de-boarding (because the plane is already empty). It does, and I see the buses show up and hear the people leaving the airplane. The people leave the stairs and then disappear... so that may be my first issue. The luggage is unloaded, etc. I can request catering and fuel, and both show up and work as I expected. This is where it gets weirder though, somewhere in this process the flight attendants began walking in the air above the physical airplane. I didn't notice it until I went to spot cam to check on what everything was doing outside. Then the pilots are seen walking in the air in front of the plane, then slowly walking towards and clashing with the nose of the airplane. Then they remain walking in place in the cockpit area. I don't think something is configured right. For the next 20 minutes, these pilots were walking in place, clashing through the roof the cockpit. I moved forward and requested boarding but it never happened because, according to my GSX menu, de-boarding never completed. I'm assuming the pilots are walking somewhere to de-board but they never quite got there and the GSX engine got stuck. Has anyone else ever had this problem? Did I miss a configuration step somewhere? Maybe the parking place is too small? I think it's a GATE-SMALL size. I'm writing this from work so I don't have any pics or logs, but I can recreate it again tonight and attach if necessary. I was actually able to do it twice with a PC restart in between. I'm just hoping someone has an "Yeah you forgot to ABC" moment instead lol. This is with the DELTA airline pack installed and default scenery. Thanks for listening!
  9. Erik Preusentanz


    When using the boarding function of GSX on the A320 the passenger numbers go to 0 and dont rise again and the boarding is finished a few seconds later, how can i solve this? i have setted GSX to make the boarding time realistic, but since the numbers wont rise again i think its a thing of the plane.
  10. Klearchos Terpos

    Gsx Boarding

    Greetings, as I own GSX, I was wondering what is the most realistic setting for timings, bearing in mind that I fly for legacy airlines.
  11. David Katona

    GSX Load Figures

    Hello, I have just recently bought GSX, and I might be doing something wrong when it comes to the A320. Reading the forum I found that I cannot disable FSLABS zeroing out the load figures and reloading the aircraft with different distribution. Are you planning to give us an option to disable that? I know I can overwrite that once GSX finishes with its thing, but that means practically entering figures twice. On the other hand, and this is where I might have missed something: I enter the desired ZFW, GSX boarding starts, and it fills the aircraft up to that ZFW - works on the first leg. Arrive to destination, unloading finishes, I enter new ZFW, but that figure is not memorised. For all the upcoming legs the aircraft will be loaded to match the ZFW from the very first leg. Is there a way to force FSLABS loading to the figure I entered, even if I overwrite it on a multileg journey? Thank you, David
  12. Version 1.0.0


    This configuration file is to be used for GSX Prepar3D v4 version only. With the recent update (GSX 2.2), FSDT added 3rd cargo loader. This file makes use of that feature. Check changelog for other things. Installation steps: 1- Download the file. 2- Go to %AppData%\Virtuali\Airplanes (If you do not have Airplanes folder, create one) 3- Create 2 folders with the names "FSLabs A320 CFM" and "FSLabs A320 IAE" (without the quotation marks) respectively. 4- Copy and paste the downloaded file to each folder. For example: %AppData%\Virtuali\Airplanes\FSLabs A320 IAE\gsx.cfg Changelog: - [Add] Bulk cargo loader (with custom check) - [Fix] fuel truck position - [Fix] wing positions - [Fix] custom refueling system
  13. I have tried to add 3rd cargo loader (with the uldcode "BELT") to simulate 3 loaders with the new update of GSX. There is no problem with the position of the bulk cargo door. However, as GSX uses custom checks for the doors, I need to write LVar value of Bulk Cargo Door. Problem is, I couldn't find the LVar value for bulk cargo door to try with. I have checked the documentation that came with the aircraft but there wasn't any information about this. I have tried writing this as LVar but it makes Couatl crash so something is wrong here. (L:FSLA320_bulk_cargo_door, number) 2900 >= If somebody can tell me LVar value or help me find it, I would try to add the cargo loader. UPDATE: I found out the LVar above was actually correct. Moreover, I was able to add bulk cargo and fixed couatl crashing by swapping names, [cargomain] with: [cargo1] Initially, [cargomain] was bulk cargo and [cargo1] was FWD cargo door. Making [cargomain] FWD Cargo Door, [cargo1] AFT Cargo Door and [cargo2] BULK Cargo Door fixed the crash problem. Now, everything is fixed and I am able to use bulk cargo as well. As you can see in the pictures below, gsx now uses all available cargo doors. Thus, as it can be seen on the last picture, custom check works as well. I have uploaded the GSX configuration file to forum and it can be downloaded from here. 2017-10-28_0-44-18-579.bmp 2017-10-28_1-5-34-573.bmp 2017-10-28_1-6-44-301.bmp 2017-10-28_1-6-56-681.bmp 2017-10-28_1-7-34-200.bmp 2017-10-28_1-16-30-715.bmp
  14. Alp Deniz Senyurt

    GSX File Updated for 2.2 | P3Dv4 ONLY

    GSX File Updated for 2.2 | P3Dv4 ONLY View File This configuration file is to be used for GSX Prepar3D v4 version only. With the recent update (GSX 2.2), FSDT added 3rd cargo loader. This file makes use of that feature. Check changelog for other things. Changelog: - [Add] Bulk cargo loader (with custom check) - [Fix] fuel truck position - [Fix] wing positions - [Fix] custom refueling system Submitter Alp Deniz Senyurt Submitted 10/28/17 Category A320-X - Unsupported Mods
  15. A-n-t-o-i-n-e_L-e-b-ou-r-g

    Passenger load and FPLN uplink issue

    Hello FSLab community, I'm meeting two issues since I changed my rig (to welcome new 64-bit). I didn't change my way to use the A320 since the change and as far as I remember, It was working well before. In both case, I'm using simbrief to generate the flight plan. 1st issue: whatever the ZFW loaded in the INIT page (through simbrief-AOC), GSX will always load up to 57tons ZFW (which seems to be default weight when loading the bus), 2nd issue: after finishing a flight, when I want to load a new FPLN, the AOC uplink fail and I get the message on ECAM that company link is faulty. When I save the PDF in the folder, I also get a message that access is denied. I have then to close and restart FSX, that the flight plan is accepted. Looking forward the 64-bit version
  16. Ray Proudfoot

    GSX Menu in Concorde

    Those of you who use GSX with Concorde may have to keep resizing the window so all menu items are visible. I got tired of doing this and was looking for a better solution. I came across this post which has solved the problem. Thought it might be helpful for others with the same problem. http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php/topic,16247.0.html
  17. Gerald Krutsch

    GSX always loads A32X with ULD's

    Hello guys, another GSX topic I think that wasn't covered yet! In short: regardless of how much cargo I select, GSX always loads the Airbus using ULD's (Unit Load Device). It gets the PAX right, I think it gets the selectet cargo weight right (but changes the load and modifies CG, which I already know), but again, regardles the fact that you select only 1t or 6t of cargo weight, GSX always loads the A320 with (I think) 4 ULD for each CGO door (so 8 ULD in total). Just a remark: "other Busses" always load luggage in the front and ULD in the back but the number of luggage carriers and ULD's alters with the preselected cargo weight. Is there a possibility to "talk" (I mean in the sim) to GSX and give it the correct cargo weight and PAX so that it doesen't load the plane only acc to GW?
  18. Hendrik Herryjanto

    Refueling with GSX

    Just bought A320 for P3D. I am trying to refuel the a/c using GSX. However GSX does not seems to recognize the a/c. Once the fuel truck in position GSX gives me option how much fuel I want to have onboard. GSX is treating it like default plane. I have set the fuel block on the FMGS under INIT page. Can anyone help me please Regards
  19. I'm asking the community if they also experience frequent freezes of FSX when initializing GSX after loading in the A320X. I was able to replicate the situation six times in a row today, but sometimes I am able to get both to play nice together. The freezes occur when GSX first loads 3D objects into the simulator, and this only occurs with the A320X aircraft. This has been happening for months now, and I haven't seen many reports on this. So am I an outlier, or has this been happening to others?
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