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Found 15 results

  1. Version v2.0.1


    This Fleet-Pack includes all New Colour Lufthansa A319, with real cabin and airframe configuration files. These liveries were done with the Custom Paintkit by @Gregory Verba , @Enzo Dewit and @Florian Wolf To have these liveries fully working you MUST download this Common file: https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/files/file/3034-files-for-a319-custom-paintkit-by-gv-ed-fw/ It took me a lot time and effort to create these liveries, so if you like them, reviews are always very welcome Also, If you like my work, why not show your appreciation with a small PayPal donation? Any donations are highly appreciated but never required. Paypal Installation: Copy the files to: Users\<name>\Documents\Prepar3d v4/v5 Add-ons\FSLabs\SimObjects\Airplanes\FSLabs A319 CFM\ YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO UPLOAD ANY OF THE CONTENT PROVIDED IN THIS DOWNLOAD ANYWHERE WITHOUT MY WRITTEN PERMISSION!!
  2. Version 1.11


    This fleetpack contains accurate liveries of all 23 Airbus A320-200 aircraft currently flying for Austrian. All repaints feature the correct markings, registrations, names as well as SELCALs. Special thanks to: @John Tavendale for allowing to use his great custom fuselage paintkit! @Christian Mohr for allowing to use his reworked wing textures!
  3. Version 2.0.0


    ONLY FOR V. British Airways A321-231 Fleet Pack This pack includes: G-EUXC, G-EUXD, G-EUXE, G-EUXF, G-EUXG, G-EUXH, G-EUXI, G-EUXJ, G-EUXK, G-EUXL, G-EUXM, G-MEDF, G-MEDG, G-MEDJ, G-MEDL, G-MEDM, G-MEDN, G-MEDU by outwithnade Thanks to @Hugo Bicho & @John Tavendale for their custom 4K A321 paintkit. Thanks to @Hugo Bicho for his British Airways cabin textures. https://www.airformliveries.com/
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This file contains the Brussels Airlines A320 normal livery fleet. It includes: OO-SNG OO-SNH OO-SNI OO-SNJ OO-SNK OO-SNL OO-SNM OO-TCH OO-TCQ OO-TCV It does not include special liveries: OO-SNA (trident) OO-SNB (rackham) OO-SNC (magritte) OO-SND (aerosmurf) OO-SNE (bruegel) OO-SNF (amare) OO-SNN (eurowings) I strongly recommend using the Brussels Airlines Package (v0.2 or up) by Kurt De Spiegeleire and Tim Vancauwenbergh (as it will update the aircraft configuration files, and much more)! Simply drag and drop the Texture.XXX files to you "FSLabs A320 CFM" folder. (C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\FSLabs\SimObjects\Airplanes\FSLabs A320 CFM) Enjoy your flights!
  5. Version 3.1


    This is the complete fleet of Finnair´s A320 (except OH-LXL). OH-LXA, OH-LXB, OH-LXC, OH-LXD, OH-LXF, OH-LXH, OH-LXI, OH-LXK, OH-LXM Installation: Just drop all the texture folders to your Fslabs A320CFM folder. (No need of aircraft.cfg editing). But if it does not work for some reason theres also a text file just in cause. Enjoy!
  6. Joona Toivola

    Finnair Finnair A319 Fleet

    Version 1.2.0


    Finnair A319 Fleet: This is the complete fleet of Finnair ´s A319. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Includes: All liveries of Finnair ´s A319 fleet in their current painting (Also OH-LVL). New Fuselage textures (dirt and wear). Correct window positions. New wing, fuselage, logo and tail textures. Installation: There is a readme file for instructions. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updates coming soon! Thank you for downloading! Picture 1: Finnair A319 approaching runway 12 at EFKS (Kuusamo)
  7. Version 2.0.0


    Hi guys, I’ve been working on the A320’s SWISS FLEET pack for a month now. And finaly he's here ! Enjoy all !! The pack include: HB-IJB // HB-IJD // HB-IJE // HB-IJF // HB-IJH // HB-IJI // HB-IJJ // HB-IJK // HB-IJL // HB-IJP // HB-IJQ // HB-IJR // HB-IJS // HB-JLP // HB-JLQ // HB-JLR // Repaint by Hugo Bicho - New cabin seats / all the cabin has been improved - New CFM engine rim and pylon texture (v4 only) - New tail light texture (v3 only) - Improved shadows on the fuselage Thanks to @John Tavendale for according me to use his A320 fuselage texture The wing textures are based on the @Christian Mohr texture also thanks to @Vasilis to help me making the JLQ And many thanks to @Till Lukas for the beta testing. For remarks or some reports : adocube.studio@gmail.com
  8. Version 1.0.3


    This package contains 8 Condor Airlines paints. Compatible with FSlabs A320X (only tested with P3Dv4) Features: - new and old Condor colours - each paint is custom made as of 27.02.18 - detailed Condor cabin - photoreal textures - Cabin PA package (soon) The following paints are included: D-AICC old blue Condor livery D-AICD new grey Condor livery D-AICE new grey Condor livery D-AICF new grey Condor livery D-AICG old blue Condor livery (Janosch decals) D-AICH old blue Condor livery (Janosch decals) D-AICK new grey Condor livery D-AICL new grey Condor livery (wet-lease to Air Transat) Thanks to @John Tavendale for using some parts of his textures and thanks to @Hugo Bicho for using his Engine textures. Also thanks to @Christian Mohr for using his wing textures. A Readme with instructions is included. More liverys at: FS-Kurier Also visit my Facebook Page CFG-Repaints
  9. Guillaume L.

    Air France fleet

    Version 1.1


    Air France Concorde entire fleet. Includes : F-BVFA F-BVFB F-BVFC F-BVFD F-BVFF F-BTSD F-BTSC
  10. Version 1.0.0


    This is the complete Sunwings Express VA fleet in the new 2017 colours. One of the models (CS-TKE) is painted in the original VA colours (2011). Repaints by Nuno M Pinto, concept design and idea Vasco Troni and Nuno Pinto.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    This file contains the Brussels Airlines Fleet in their default livery, it does not include OO-SNA, OO-SNB, OO-SNC and OO-SNF it includes: - OO-SND - OO-SNE - OO-SNG - OO-SNH - OO-TCQ
  12. Version 1.0.0


    In this pack you can find every A320 airberlin currently has and uses, EXCLUDING THE SPECIAL LIVERES WHICH WILL FOLLOW SEPERATE! I've put much effort into that and I really hope that you like it and that this package will make your flying experience a bit more realistic. If you find something that could be changed according to the real world A320 or if you have some tips or even if you would suggest some modification then just contact me! Thanks for downloading!
  13. Version 1.1


    In this pack you can find every A320 germanwings currently has and uses! I've put much effort into that and I really hope that you like it and that this package will make your flying experience a bit more realistic. If you find something that could be changed according to the real world A320 or if you have some tips or even if you would suggest some modification then just contact me! Thanks for downloading!
  14. Guillaume L.

    British Airways Fleet

    Hi all, Following my AF fleet repaints, the BA fleet is finally here (after a long delay). What I've done : -Include the entire fleet (G-BOAA ; G-BOAB ; G-BOAC ; G-BOAD ; G-BOAE ; G-BOAF ; G-BOAG) with the correct SELCAL codes. -Added the correct registration for each aircraft both on the fuselage and the under wing. -Same goes for the 2 letters of the registration on the front landing gear door. -The fleet is available both in the Landor and Union flag liveries. Please note that I'm not a professional photoshop user nor repainter, therefore the registration font is not the real one used but a close matching one. A few pictures : Alpha Charlie in the Landor livery, note the "AC" on the front landing gear door. Alpha Charlie under wing registration. Alpha Foxtrot in the Union flag livery, note the "AF" on the front landing gear door. Alpha Fox under wing registration. Download link : http://attagene.free.fr/Concorde_BA.zip Enjoy ! Guillaume
  15. Guillaume L.

    Air France Fleet

    Hi all, Call me crazy but it bugged be to only have F-BVFB to fly with when it comes to AF Concorde. Sooo, I decided to repaint the whole fleet. Please note that I'm in no way a professional Photoshop user, so it's clearly not paywayre quality but still does the job nicely IMO... What I've done : -Include the entire fleet with correct registrations and SELCAL codes. -Changed the "Groupe Air France" logo with a photorealistic one. -Changed the underwing registration to make it look more realistic. -Added the red stripes on the wingtips. -Added correct registration letters on the forward landing gear door. Known issues : -I was not able to find the exact font used by AF when it comes to registrations (both on the fuselage and under the wing), so I used one which looks similar. It's not 100% realistic but it does the job nicely. -No SELCAL code for F-BVFD as I was not able to find it. Includes : F-BVFA F-BVFB F-BVFC F-BVFD (old 80s livery as it never wore the new 90s one) F-BVFF F-BTSC (the one which crashed in Gonesse, I really hesitated before including it) F-BTSD Some images : Picture showing the registration at the back and the added red stripes on the wing tips. The underwing registration has also been added. (Yeah I know, it could be a tad nearer to the engine and bigger but oh well...lol) The "Groupe Air France" logo and the correct last 2 registration letters on the gear door. F-BVFD wearing the original livery. The nose logo is different, and only one letter was written on the landing gear door. Note that I have not changed the main "Air France" title on the fuselage (it looked different on the initial livery, but I couldn't find any good source to work with in order to include it). The tail section of F-BVFD was also different. No european stars on the tail (this was obviously only introduced in the 1990s) but the last two letters of the reg in white instead. The file is available in the download section of the forum. Enjoy !
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