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Found 24 results

  1. samuel spowage

    FSLABS A320 FPS sudden drop

    Hi, I used to be able to run the fslabs a320 at a steady non stuttery 30fps in the VC, However recently it keeps stuttering and cant seem to get above 15fps and stuttering. Its making it unflyable. Ive tried reinstalling it and tried reistalling P3D v5.1 however its made no effect. This is a shame as really enjoy flying the FSlabs and i can't with such low FPS. Thanks Sam
  2. Janis Rieger

    How well can I run the FSL A321-X?

    Hello dear flight simmers, First of all I am new to this forum and I guess this is the right section to post it. Yesterday, I purchased a new PC and I´d like to know how well I could run the A321 for P3Dv5 (It doesn´t work for FSX:SE, does it?). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Specs: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (17,828 Passmark CPU points) RX 5700XT 8GB VRAM (16,729 Passmark CPU points) 32GB RAM 3200MHz 1TB M.2 SSD (R:2000MB/s W:1700MB/s) -----------------------------------------------------------
  3. Frederik Verpoest

    A320 performance question

    Upon visiting the FSLabs stand at the FlightSimShow in Cosford, I was blown away by the A320-X. I currently fly only PMDG aircraft, and would like to expand my fleet to include a320. The amount of realism makes the a320 very appealing. However, before purchasing I had a question about the performance. I have been told that my computer is capable of running the addon however I wanted to check with other users. I currently run FSX:SE on complete default, except for some REX ground and sky textures, as well as some freeware sceneries, (SunSkyJet KPHL), and the UK2000 demo freewares I u

    A320 black screen

    Hello FSLAB team, I have the following problem, I start the plane a319/a320 when I change the camera as I show in the video and the images my screen stays black for 4 or 5 seconds, later the fps fall to 1 and 2, this happens with the new update, I have my computer with updated drivers and my graphical drivers, I9 9990K/ Z390ELITE/32GB RAM DDR4 CORSAIR/ RTX2080 SUPER / SSD M2 EVO SAMSUNG 970/ Some solution.. I9 Lockheed_Martin®_Prepar3D®_v4_with_WideServer__waiting_for_clients_2019-10-16_21-01-58.mp4

    Hope for next upgrade

    First of all, i am very appreciate that FSL offer so high quality for us. Everything is so realistic. But only one thing always feel unsatisfied-the fps. I know my old PC is not achieve the lowest requirement. But now my new PC is still like this. My new PC Hardware: I7 8700K+ 1080TI+ 32G RAM DDR4 3200+ 500G SSD+ 4T HHD My p3d seeting as below: p3d v4.3; Fsl 320 v2.0.1.266 I don't think my setting is too high. But my fps is not too high like my old pc. As usual, Pmdg cold and dark i can get 60-70 fps while FSL only 40-50. But after star aircra
  6. Jack Sparrowhawk

    P3Dv4 and 8gb RAM

    Hello, I am very interested to purchase this product! I am just wondering on how my PC would run with 8GB worth of ram... I saw on the website it said: '<Minimum 16gb of RAM' Is 8gb enough? What does RAM do exactly in P3D V4? Does this affect performance ? I would love to get this aircraft! I'm too scared to purchase in case of the bad FPS. By watching videos online with the difference performance with the 8gb and 16gb I don' notice a big change in FPS or stutters for example... All I can see is maybe a 4-8fps decrease. My setup is: Intel
  7. kelvfrancis


    Hi, I have tried both the FSL A320 with and without spotlights, the result that FSL spotlights causes major performance drop in fps. Is there any solution beacsue i really need fsl spotlight for night ops. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. 1) Switch scenery to 'normal' 2) Turn FSX autogen to 'off' 3) Turn of the XBox DVR through the Registery Editor in Windows 10 - majorly hits your FPS. 4) Turn OFF the F/Os side PFD, ND and FMGS. You know and I know, we are not going to be looking at those other screens when flying. 5) Do not run Google Chrome especially or any memory consuming application running in the background. If you love the aircraft, you wouldn't care about the scenery too much and one side is enough to fly this aircraft and have a great feel of the Airbus 320. Trust me, it is worth it. I starte
  9. Dave Hoffman

    VAS and Performance tips!

    Hello all, I'm a new customer to FlightSimLabs, and I'm not disappointed. I have use both the boxed versions of FSX, and FSX-SE, and am now running Prepar3D and trying not to look back. Over the years, and in conference with a friend of mine who is also an avid simmer, I have discovered some performance enhancing techniques for your sim. Some of these can be easily found on the internet, but here, I am going to focus on P3D, and without getting too specific as to my system settings. The reason being that P3D is more stable than FSX, and is delicate, but more fault-tolerant. I
  10. Hi everyone, Following on from my earlier thread, now archived: fps-versus-flight-phase-graphed , I attach a plot of FPS versus flight phase for the sector VEBN-VNKT as flown on my system with the latest version As before, the graph displays average FPS, and normalized IAS and Flight Level versus Elapsed Time / Flight-Phase on a flight from VEBN to VNKT. There does not appear to be any significant change in performance from the previous version (v.192) There is no dependency of FPS on flight-phase: once the aircraft b
  11. Hi Guys. I like to buy the new A320 X from FSLabs. How ist the Performance? Is it better or worse then the AS A320?
  12. Luis Oswaldo Bethencourt

    For those with low FPS

    Hello people This is for those with low end computers and striving to get a few extra FPS to get your FSL experience a bit better. You know who you are. I have disabled the PFD and the ND at the 1st officer seat, and I believe I have gained a few extra FPS (5 fps avg) I dare to say that i´ve finally gotten close enough to the confort zone while flying this puppy!! I thought it would be worth to mention here, so maybe someone can try and verify if it is possible to replicate my results. Needless to say, FSL will not approve this
  13. Hi all, after my last post and a lot of suggestions I gave the bus a last chance and tried to find a workaround to get him running with acceptable FPS. Here my personal solution: Uninstall FSLabs spotlight (FPS Killer) Uninstall and get rid of ezdok (FSX and performance killer) use now simplecam (cheaper and stable but no outside view) but TBH wich pilot is outside the plane during a flight. Use AutoHideMouseCursor (Curser hides after 2 sec inactivity) Makes a difference vom 10 -15 FPS is cursor hide or not (Known FSX bug)
  14. Miguel Delgado


    Good night, My name is Miguel Delgado and I´ve purchased the A320-X. I had installed in a FSX:SE version updated, with just FSUIPC added, also my SO is Windows 7 Ultimate x64 also recently installed with FSX, TS3, Xplane 11 and firefox. My PC is a i5-4570, 16GB RAM 1600MHz, AMD R9 270-X, CM 750W 80 Plus. When I installed this product I was running at 5fps with no addons more than FSUIPC, with no added scenery, with the default settings. Then I found this topic: And I did everything it says in that topic and nothing really changed, 1 or maybe 2 frames more. Then I l
  15. Chakko Kovoor

    FPS versus Flight Phase graphed

    Hi everyone, I have a 6-year-old WidevieW-based system comprising a (desktop) SERVER: i7-950 (3.06-3.33 GHz), 12GB RAM, 2 x 1GB GTX 260 cards, 2 x Matrox Dual Head-to-Go running 6 touchscreen monitors (1920x1080) over which I have opened, undocked, and distributed ALL the A320-X 2-D panels simultaneously in windowed mode. This SERVER does not display any scenery, so texture resolution etc. is deliberately kept very low, in fact TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD = 64. The task of generating and displaying scenery at normal resolutions is relegated to the 7+1 = 8 networked scenery clients, one of wh
  16. AlesCZ

    What is wrong with my computer?

    Hi folks, I have some trouble with performance A320X. I have bought a lot of aircraft (AS A320 / A321, A320 BBS, BBS widebody, CS L-1011, 777 ... etc.). All aircraft are running smoothly with high FPS in every situation. Only A320X is terrible. Is there any tweak for A320X? AS Airbus tweak example greatly helped disable weather radar in a text file. Currently I have a clean install of FSX, medium low settings, installed only A320X and you can not achieve a stable 30FPS. During the take off and flight my FPS drops to below 20 and simulator stutters. One more thing, wh
  17. Jose_Monteiro

    Performance: 2d vs 3d cockpit...

    Well, to start I am not ( yet ) and FSLabs user. I actually haven't even installed FSX:SE again and am awaiting the release of the P3D version to read user comments and decide what to do ... My system is rather mid-low level ( i5 2500 @ 3,3 GHz from 2011 ) and although I have 16 GB DDR3 RAM and a GTX 960 4GB GDDR5 graphics card, I think I will have to be cautious with my install... My FSX is FSX:SE 1) I have the dx10 fixer, so, I believe I should always install it even if I do not plan to use ANY of the fancy graphics ( shadows et al... ), because I read that it is lighter on VA
  18. Zeljko Budovic

    just found low FPS cause

    Anyway, don't expect some miracle solution. But there is a compromise that can be made, and it helps FPS. After i tried everything, i found that displays refresh rates are the real FPS killer. In MCDU you can find the option to change target FPS for Displays. I set mine 2D Displays target to minimum possible(5 i belive)since i don't use them, and VC Displays to 15(i can't remember but default is higher anyway). Tried with VC Displays target FPS set to 5 - not nice for my eyes, but FSX fps are rock stable at 30(and i have them locked at 30). It's nice that you can change them at any time, so yo
  19. Michal Trzaska

    Fluctuating FPS

    Hi, I have a weird issue with FPS, basically it is around 25-30 in VC, on my AMD 8250 / Geforce 980, but every 20-25 seconds it drops down for about 5-8 seconds, and after that it returns back to 25 - 30. In 2D cockpit it is similar, I have 50-60 FPS and every 20 - 25 seconds it drops down to 18-20. Any ideas to this? best regards
  20. Terblanche

    Cockpit Lights and FPS

    Anybody else noticed the drop in FPS when you switch on the cockpit lights ...? Without lights at EDDM (T2G) the FPS are 28.2 and the moment you switch on the lights it drops to 20 FPS. The spotlights have an affect on FPS that I've noticed when added to PMDG aircraft but not this much. For an aircraft that already has a huge impact on FPS, this drop because of lights seems exceptional. Do not want to sound as every little detail is scrutinise and bemoaned on the forum because I'm a more than happy customer. Just trying to get a good balance between performance and qu
  21. Ralf Reuß

    FSX A320 crashes (VAS), etc.

    I'm really disappointed !! It can not be that I have to reduce everything to start a plane without crashing? Even with aircraft of PMDG there are no such problems. I as a user have a feeling I was working as a beta tester, whether new CFG file Ramsoftware or other settings, and I speak here of hours with my Flight Club in the group all has nothing helped real. So I delete all favorite airports again? The same applies to traffic. Without traffic, it is not fun !! On the Internet you will find closed threads and no one has a perfect solution. If you write to the support, the answer is a link to
  22. diditopgun

    [Resolved] - Mouse cursor and FPS loss

    Hi ! As mentioned, when mouse cursor auto-hide a FPS gain occur. In flight with mouse cursor hidden I have a stable 30FPS. But every time I move the cursor I can lost up to 10FPS... What's the technical reason of this fps lost ? Do you think it can be improved in the future ?
  23. Ramón Cutanda

    How To Get The Most Out Your Pc

    First, apply Bojote's tweaks: http://www.venetubo.com/fsx.html They really work GREAT and will do wonders for most of you. The only thing I'd rather not do is to use an external limiter. I prefer the internal FSX's limiter to 30 fps. Then I always apply this nVidia Inspector for my nVidia graphics card: If you don't mind to get you hands "dirty", then the AVSIM Software and Hardware Guide for FSX is a MUST Appart from that, I always TURN OFF land and sea traffic, which hits very had on FPS. Also, I have to lower autogen to normal or lower in complex sceneries in order to avoid OOM
  24. ialej95

    Fps Impact

    Hey FSL team, Do your product have an important impact on FSX framerate? In the virtual cockpit for example? Very looking foward this product, THE FSL A320!!! Thank's a lot Alex
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