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Found 25 results

  1. Tobias Gövert

    Random Screenshot Thread

    I thougt, why open a new thread everytime for just a single screenshot - so let's introduce a "Random Screenshot Thread" My firs entry - Deboarding at Bordeaux in the evening, after the last sector of the day, inbound from Santorini.
  2. Andrew Wilson

    Concorde - First Look

    I had promised some previews before the year end – so allow me to share a few details on some of the features you can expect to see: Here’s a shot of G-BOAA flying in the British Airways Negus livery. We’ve painted all the liveries the aircraft flew in – even the hybrids that operated between livery transitions. Not only that – but each airframe (fourteen production aircraft) has been configured with its retrospective weight and balance properties; resulting in unique handling characteristics. Any of the fourteen airframes can be repainted – and will automatically inherit British or French configurations depending on its MSN. The external model has been reworked using the latest PBR technologies offered in P3Dv5 – which are used extensively to render the correct lighting characteristics around the airframe. This shot of the famous Pepsi livery worn by ‘Sierra Delta’ gives me an opportunity to mention another feature we’ve implemented; this livery was restricted to twenty minutes at Mach 2 – as the darker paint on the fuselage caused the skin to retain more heat (the speed at which Concorde flew would heat the nose to just under 127C). We thought it would be a neat feature to implement this – so our simulation checks the colour of the fuselage/wings and heats the airframe appropriately. Of course, this will then lead to significant consequences – and with the help of ex-Concorde flight and ground crews, we’ve devised a probable chain of failures that will result from exposing the airframe to excess heat. It means that any custom repaint will need to give this careful consideration – just as was done in real life – as it was the primary reason why most of the liveries designed for Concorde in its lifetime were white. Here we have a shot of ‘Alpha Echo’, on what I presume is a 27R departure from London Heathrow given the early left turn with the reheats still lit. As with all of our titles – we include a whole range of special effects – and the reheat system designed for this title utilises our latest technologies. The reheats are completely dynamic, reacting to ambient lighting conditions to vary their appearance. In daylight you’ll see the reheat spray rings and pre-ignition sequence as each reheat lights up in stages. At night – the diamond cone effect extends to illuminate the aircraft and its surroundings, throwing sparks as the aircraft thunders down the runway. The Olympus 593’s MkII’s weren’t the cleanest of engines, so we’ve included various special effects for engine smoke that also varies with atmospheric conditions and engine power. This one is my #BeaconShot – landing in reduced visibility, where our volumetric lighting effects can be seen. As with our other titles, each light carries a whole range of special effects, including volumetric properties that can be seen during inclement weather operations, custom warm-up and cool-down times, in addition to custom lighting properties that integrate with the surrounding ambient conditions. The main landing lights situated at the forward wing root were seldom used in daylight operations due to the buffeting they created – something we have also simulated. Onto our brand-new virtual cockpit, designed from the ground up especially for P3Dv5 and MSFS. Each instrument has been built using high-definition texturing and includes dynamic lighting that reacts to both ambient lighting and any of the various lighting systems on the aircraft. In this shot you’ll note the rather inconsistent instrument lighting – each instrument is rendered with its own individual lighting characteristics. This shot was taken shortly into a supercruise on a Barbados return to London; you can see the aircraft is climbing initially at a healthy rate given the very cold troposphere around the equator and will ‘settle’ into a cruise climb which is simulated so precisely that, for any given weight and ambient temperature, the aircraft is never more than 50ft from the calculated profile. Most of our efforts with this new virtual cockpit have been on modelling the new flight engineer station. Every single switch, dial, rotary selector is simulated. The task of the flight engineer can be left to our new ‘virtual flight crew system’ and our virtual Flight Engineer (and First Officer) will carry out their duties exactly as per real world procedures. In fact, one of my favourite areas of this simulation is triggering this process on a cold and dark aircraft and then watching the systems come to life and witnessing the various warnings flashing and sounding as the Safety and Cockpit Preparation flows are executed; a process that goes on for a good twenty minutes or more which is enough time to plan your route using our new planning utilities. Here we have two external devices. The left showing a remote connection to any of the three INS CDU’s which can be used to operate and monitor the INS system throughout the flight. The device on the right is showing a page from the tactical part of the generated flight briefing. In this instance, the Concorde EROPS chart. This chart, rendered and generated automatically for any given route, depicts the diversion commit points. The blue flags signify the viable alternates for a 3-engine diversion and the red flags for a 2-engine diversion. Each point is calculated meticulously using weather and aircraft performance data, accompanied by a two page digital printout of tactical data that formed part of the British Airways crew flight briefing. Any time a flight plan is generated, a tactical plan is calculated and provides all the data required to make a comprehensive decision for a diversion field. You’ll also note the current NAT tracks are rendered on the chart, although Concorde operated above the North Atlantic Track system, the crews needed to be aware of where these were for any given flight over the North Atlantic, in the event of an emergency descent. I hope this has provided a small glimpse of what you can expect from our new Concorde title. I’ve hardly scratched the surface of what’s included – and we’ll be excited to reveal more details in the coming weeks as we progress towards a release. From all of us at Flight Sim Labs – thank you for your continued support and we wish you a Happy New Year. (Reposted from our Concorde General forum - head over there to discuss!)
  3. Daniel Mendoza

    Concorde X Upgrade?

    Hello all, I know this is the wrong forum topic, I should put it in Concorde X but it does not allow me to for some odd reason. Anyway, have purchased the Concorde X in December of 2018 and it has done great for me, however I am actually interested in switching to P3D and was wondering if there was anyway I could possibly get a P3D key and installer or pay a fee to do a conversion.
  4. Simon Howroyd

    Concorde INS Failure Handling

    For some reason I cannot post in the Concorde-X forum, so having to post here. I have had INS1 fail in flight, no idea why, all the buttons work but don't do anything and the rotary switches don't move. Nevertheless, the other 2 INSs are fine but I can't seem to find out how I switch the NAV to use INS 2 or 3. Any help? Thanks in advance
  5. Guillaume L.

    Air France fleet

    Version 1.1


    Air France Concorde entire fleet. Includes : F-BVFA F-BVFB F-BVFC F-BVFD F-BVFF F-BTSD F-BTSC
  6. Josh Webb

    Concorde X Navball issues

    Hi, I have had Concorde X for some time now but keep getting the same problem. When I load up 50% of the time I get a blank navball in virtual cockpit and 2D view. Other 50% of the time it load fine and when I run the performance program it goes blank. I supply a photo of what I see. Any help?
  7. David Norfolk

    Can't activate Concorde on profile

    Hi, i can't active my concorde on my profile. i put in my serial & ID but keep getting an error. i have a legit boxed copy
  8. Cameron Slater

    G-AXDN UPDATED HD Pre-production

    G-AXDN UPDATED HD Pre-production View File I hope you enjoy this update to the original repaint released by Bigkeeper and compiled by Jonathan Fong. These are HD textures. See readme for description. Cameron Slater. Readme.txt Submitter Cameron Slater Submitted 08/19/17 Category Concorde-X
  9. Cameron Slater

    Concorde flying from CDG

    Apologies if this is in the wrong thread, for some reason I wasn't able to directly comment in the Concorde forum.. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone had any info on Concorde Air France operations from CDG. I'm ashamed to admit that my AF Concordes have been lacking in my attention for a few years but I decided to get the Aerosoft CDG (reasonable price) so that I had a realistic base to fly from. Does anyone know what gates the AF Concordes could usually be found out and can anyone describe the correct departures used while operating there.. thanks, Cameron.
  10. Cameron Slater

    F-BTSD Pepsi Livery - HD Textures

    Version 1.0.0


    Please enjoy this repaint of F-BTSD in the Pepsi livery she briefly sported in 1996. The texture are saved as DXT5 so they'll appear as HD. Hope you like it and happy flying. Cameron.
  11. Cameron Slater

    F-BTSD Pepsi Livery - HD Textures

    F-BTSD Pepsi Livery - HD Textures View File Please enjoy this repaint of F-BTSD in the Pepsi livery she briefly sported in 1996. The texture are saved as DXT5 so they'll appear as HD. Hope you like it and happy flying. Cameron. Submitter Cameron Slater Submitted 08/06/17 Category Concorde-X Repaints
  12. Hi guys, I recently purchased P3D and with it the Concorde from FSLabs. When I run the Concorde-X installer on the simulator selection platform box, my P3D is greyed out and unable to be selected. Also I am running PreparD V3.4.22.19868 which I think is the latest version at this moment in time. I have looked up the issue and I have tried multiple things including trying to rename P3D .exe file to try and get it to find it but that didn't work. Any help would be highly appreciated.
  13. Matthew Gervais

    Few Concorde Repaints

    Been playing around with the repaint kit, here are a few of my results! one issue i have is at night it looks as if Air France textures are dimly visible. if anyone has any pointers on this it would be appreciated!
  14. Jonathan Fong

    Pre-Production Concorde G-AXDN

    Version v2.1


    This is Concorde G-AXDN, the Concorde which achieved the legendary Mach 2.22 in flight testing, making it a record holder in the area of pure speed. This file includes: The repaint texture folder, and an aircraft.cfg guidance file. This repaint was originally made by Hightower; however, the textures were low quality and didn't work properly on most computers. Therefore, I decided to enhance his textures for increased resolution as well as compatibility. Enjoy!
  15. Anthony Pape

    Fall off the Wall

    Fall off the Wall View File Fall off the Wall procedure for initial descent into KIAD when military flight space W-105A is active Submitter supa325 Submitted 02/11/17 Category Concorde-X
  16. Kelvin Keeble

    British Airways FSX Concorde X

    British Airways FSX Concorde X View File FSX British Airways concorde x repaint, this is HD and creates more realism than the default textures, when in-flight the concorde had to be painted in special due to heat build up on the fuselage at mach 2.2, the concorde had a maximum speed over twice the speed of sound at Mach 2.04 (1,354 mph or 2,180 km/h at cruise altitude), with seating for 92 to 128 passengers. these are textures only. by kelvin keeble Submitter kkeeble741` Submitted 01/02/17 Category Concorde-X Repaints
  17. Anamitra

    Morning into the Black

    We left the shores of England, and commenced our climb into the black. The darkness of Cardigan Bay was lost beneath us. The aircraft seemed like a bird of prey; feral even, as it thundered upward. Undoubtedly, residents of Wexford would be surprised if they looked upward and watched this elemental pass them by with scant regard.
  18. Anamitra

    On a Winter Noon

    988 miles from the Azores. Between 51-52000 Feet; on Max Climb/Cruise, Mach 2.01; 84 passengers; ISA (-15); OAT (-71). 2016-12-28_18-15-29-547.BMP
  19. Ramón Cutanda

    Boom Supersonic: Concorde's successor

    Don't miss the FAQ at: http://boomsupersonic.com/
  20. Fraser Gale

    Concorde Exam 01

    Concorde Exam 01 View File This excel file will test your basic knowledge of some of the technical systems in Concorde. This is Exam set 1 and all questions are based on the information in the Data Sheets given to BA crews at the start of their conversion course. According to the Flight Crew Training Manual, the pass mark for the multiple choice tests was 75%. Your tests will be marked for you by the file and individual results displayed at the bottom of each test page, showing which questions you need to look at again. Good luck! Submitter Frazz Submitted 09/24/16 Category Concorde-X
  21. Version v.1.0


    Created by Vassilis Gartzonikas, a member of Olympic Air Virtual, this is the FSLabs Concorde-X in Olympic Air (white) colors!
  22. Version v.1.0


    Created by Vassilis Gartzonikas, a member of Olympic Air Virtual, this is the FSLabs Concorde-X in Olympic Air (blue) colors!
  23. Hi, I´ve been flying with the concorde since two years and never had any major problems. But since two days, every time I start the FSX and try to fly the concorde the front wheel is below the ground. Then I tried to to reset the airplane into the air and fly it from there. But there is a strong pitch down tendency, which makes concorde unflyable. I have attached a picture of the initial start. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance, Hinty
  24. Ramón Cutanda

    Concorde World Tour Pictures

    I took nearly 500 pictures in my Concorde World Tour. The pictures in this post are some my favourites; but you can see them all in this link: https://www.facebook...=1&l=010f7e1a0a Bests,
  25. The runway at SBFN Airport is just 6,086 ft / 1,855 m. But as you can see in the video Concorde-X can land quite safely there :-) [media=] [/media]
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