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Found 16 results

  1. When ever green or red message text is on screen fps tanks horribly. I have stopped using p3d's built in fps counter. If i depress pedal button to steer while taxiing I have fps tank when message text is on screen. If I turn off message text I get warning from P3D that this will break addons that use it. I am on latest version of fslabs a320 and latest version of p3d 5.1. Any one have any suggestions to fix this? Issue only affects FSLABS products. I have also had CTD when loading this aircraft with latest updates to p3d and fslabs. It takes up to half hour of trying to load aircraft. It eithe
  2. Over 4 days ago I filed a support request 320 will not load #128852. I received one generic response, to which I promptly replied that it did not solve my issue. Since then, NOTHING, and, I can not even sign into your HelpDesk anymore - I get "access denied". There is also an ongoing thread "Crash on Loading" that has had virtually ZERO involvement from Flight SIm Labs. Even if I wanted to (I don't) I can't get a refund since I did not purchase latest version direct - just through the FSX/P3D upgrade path. So FS LABS - how about focusing on your customers as much as the pira
  3. Paul Synnott

    CTD after loading A320

    Hello, (I couldn't put this in the correct forum because the option was greyed out.) I purchased the A320 today, installed as per instructions, but FSX:SE crashes to desktop with a fatal error a few seconds after loading the aircraft. I've uninstalled and re=installed, and manually deleted the required folders after uninstalling and rebooting. Checked for the suspect registry entry but there is nothing there. The required folders are excluded from antivirus and on-access scanning is switched off. UIAutomationCore.dll is already present in the FSX:SE folder. S
  4. Paul Rankin


    Hello, My FSX:SE installation (ConcordeX Ver 1.2) is crashing to the desktop with no error messages in Event Viewer. I have tried uninstalling ConcordeX and reinstalling with no antivirus to no avail. Also I have the latest 1703 update. The sim will crash after switching aircraft, from the default Trike and the the progress bar is displayed on loading. Paul
  5. Drumond de Melo

    Notice on Win10 kb4038788

    All, good afternoon In a nutshell: automatic installation of KB4038788 in my Win10 system complete broke Concorde X on my P3D v3.4.22.19868. Long story: After some hours of unsuccessful launches of ConcX, I went thru a whole weekend of clean installs and drive formatting. This morning I came across a post on LM forum: http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=126667 Apparently the cited update is breaking some P3D installations. I was one of the affected. Concorde X and Spotlights were not working at all after this update. Crash symptoms are very similar to what yo
  6. Afternoon everyone I updated to the latest version of the A320 this week and have done a couple of flights since... EGLL to EIDW on Wednesday and the return trip today. After the update I got the error 812 validation issue. I disabled the antivirus and loaded FSX again but half way through the flight I got a CTD. The sim was also performing pretty badly so I had thought it must be because of the validation issue. Before today's flight I uninstalled Resources and Binaries, updated the DNS address settings (basically following the steps in the FAQ), reboote
  7. Gianluca Belardinelli

    CTD Because of uiautomationcore.dll

    Q: FSX crashes or hangs soon after loading the A320-X. A: Make sure you have applied the UIAutomationCore.dll fix (installed in the root FSX Directory) This is what I read from the FAQ but where can I find this FIX? After some minuted I've a CTD and looking the events it's due to C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\uiautomationcore.dll Regards Here the details of the error: - <Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event"> - <System> <Provider Name="Application Error" /> <EventID Qualif
  8. coffee

    Crash on exit FSX

    After installation of version 1.35, FSX crash when quiting the simulator no matter which aircraft in use. IF the three FSL dll's in dll.xml are disabled the problem doesn't happen. The last try of uninstalling/reinstalling turned all gauges black. Using Windows 10 64bits. I have no addons but ConcordeX. Not even Spotlight. coffee
  9. Lucian Vasile

    P3D v3.4 and Concorde. CTD

    Hi! I would like to thank to FSLabs team for modelate this awesome and iconic aircraft! But I am encountering an issue with this product. So let me reproduce what I am doing: Start the simulator, selecting Piper Cub and an airport with default scenery and load. Everything good until here, everything is loading as it should be. Now after everything is loaded and stable, I am going at vehicles and select Concorde. It shows me its loading the modules and everything, 2D panel appears, but it freezes. And I get these errors in the event viewer:
  10. Kristoffer Lokke-Sorensen

    P3D V3.1 Civa.gau Crash To Desktop

    Greetings from Norway! I took the plunge last week, and bought the Concorde X. I've printed both the manual, and the tutorial, and aim to really learn it. I love all the quirks and the 60s ways of solving things we nowdays would put into a black box, and hide it behind a non illuminated swith labeled "AUTO". I've spent a lot of hours at the gate, fiddling with the INS, completing all the steps in the tutorial, and yesterday I was ready to give it a go down the runway at Heathrow, as pr. the tutorial. However, the flight was cut frightenly short, and I never even made the first turn.. P3D f
  11. Zachlw

    CTD in FSX: SE

    Hello all, I purchased the Concorde X approximately 2 hours ago. I can't for the life of me get it running. I've installed as per the instructions (Windows Defender was disabled) and excluded files and .dlls. I've started with the default aircraft running. I'll describe the CTD in detail: I can load the trike at any location and then select the Concorde X (1.32). "Loading Aircraft Resources (FSL_CONCX.DLL)". After that loads I see the VC panel for a moment (blank-black gauges), and then FSX hangs. The sim then crashes to the desktop without an error message. Bum
  12. I am using OpusFSI as a weather engine and camera system together with FLS A320 X. That is no problem, if you disable DHM (otherwise landings are problematic). Recently, I added your Spotlight program to get dome lights. It works fine. But the simulation (FSX_SE) now crashes when OpusFSI is started. When I uninstall Spotlight, everything works again. I wonder if you know about this conflict. I already contacted OpusFSI and they cannot imagine what could cause this. They asked me to contact you. To be more precise: I load the FSL Airbus in the free flight menu, start the flight,
  13. pierre legault

    [Resolved]CTD after couple of minutes

    Hello, Lefteris ask me to create new topic for my problem. I reinstalled FSL with all steps and I have same problem again after couple of minutes I have pop up who said " Microsoft Flight Simulator has stopped working". Also after uninstall I removed all folder associate to FSL. Note that I reinstalled always as an Administrator. Here my Events viewer logs: Faulting application name: fsx.exe, version: 10.0.61637.0, time stamp: 0x46fadb14 Faulting module name: FSL_A32XX.DLL, version: 10.0.61355.173, time stamp: 0x57c0c795 Exception code: 0xc0000409 Fault offset: 0x01
  14. Nikolay Efimov

    [Resolved] Persisting OOM crashes

    First of all let me say that I absolutely love this product! I really want to enjoy it, but I keep getting OOM crashes almost every other flight, which is really ruining the experience for me. I've read the FAQ, and I configured my FSX(SE) setup accordingly. Actually I have a fresh FSX install with only the A320 and a few sceneries installed. I have the DX10 fixer and used the profile from the FAQ. I'm using ASN but didn't install any cloud sets. I have no performance issues per se, with FPS in a very usable 20-30 range. Since getting the A320, about 40% of my flights end with OOM C
  15. Wael AL-Qutub

    OOM in most addon airport sceneries

    Hi all, i have been getting OOM's while approaching airports such as Taxi2gate LTBA & Flytampa copenhagen, i have followed the recommendations by @Tim Mitchell but it seems that i still have the annoying oom , i have windows 10 and FSX SE with the direct x 10 fixes , any help is much appreciated Thank you
  16. Wael AL-Qutub

    [Resolved]CTD with Latest Update

    Hello all, after updating to version i noticed a weird CTD while on ground and switching the packs from low to high, is this normal ? I'm using FSX Steam Edition with DX10 Fixer, Thank you
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