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  1. Version v.1.0


    Created by Vassilis Gartzonikas, a member of Olympic Air Virtual, this is the FSLabs Concorde-X in Olympic Air (blue) colors!
  2. Hi, I´ve been flying with the concorde since two years and never had any major problems. But since two days, every time I start the FSX and try to fly the concorde the front wheel is below the ground. Then I tried to to reset the airplane into the air and fly it from there. But there is a strong pitch down tendency, which makes concorde unflyable. I have attached a picture of the initial start. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance, Hinty
  3. Jonathan Fong

    Fictional Concorde Routes (Airac 1501)

    DESCRIPTION Welcome, everyone! As you may have seen in the "pinned posts" list, there's a list of historical routes that Concorde used to fly on a scheduled/regular basis. Since the author of that thread has stated (and I feel) that that thread is solely for scheduled routes, not including fictional routes. So, here's a seperate thread using current AIRACs to create unique routes, both historic charter flights (not scheduled and rarely flown) and fictional flights. This thread will not be updated on a regular basis, due to my schedule; however, you are free to provide your services in updati
  4. Jonathan Fong

    Concorde Performance System

    I'm getting some issues with the Concorde Performance System. I fly for a VA, and use the program FlightSim Commander 9 to create my flight plans. I've been trying to create flight plans using FSC9 and converting them to FSX format for CPS to read, but CPS throws an error every time I try to load up a flight plan created by FSC9 in FSX's ".pln" format. Any suggestions? This is the error message I'm getting: Translated (with the help of Google Translate and grammar corrections by me): "Access violation at 007A927B at module "CPS.exe". The address of the error is 00000000." (Not very
  5. Just purchased Concorde X and have tried all the suggested methods to get it to work on Windows 8.1 Having spent several hours dicking around with this "non-refundable" product, I now feel ripped off. FS Labs must know perfectly well what a nightmare their product is on this OS and yet they let people download it in the knowledge that for many of us it will never work. Not good customer service. In future please finish the development of your products before you offer them for sale - rather than expecting your customers to sort the mess out.
  6. TimEicher


    Hello Guys Im new on this Forum and I apologize me for Errors. Yesterday is come the Concorde.I have intstall it. When i start the game with the Concorde , freeze the game and it come the error Error loading 'civac' Please ensure proper Installation of the civa INS v1,52. Sorry for mybad english and please help me.
  7. Hey, could you help me with a special problem out? as soon as i ant to swich certain pumpswiches for instance the master pumps for Tank 9 or any other swiches in this area, the swiches ar not reacting, they are moving bach into the preset location after clicking on them no matter how? It seems as the airplane would deny the swichmoovement Does someone know what to do to solve this special problem?  (I have to appologize for my unpropper level of English, im on learning it yet..)
  8. According to REAL Concorde flight plans I know that field 10 in ICAO flight plans was filled like this: CONC/H-SRWXY/C But... What would be the correct equipment code to use in current 2012 ICAO flight plans? Thanks in advance,
  9. * CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE LIST OF STAGES * (Click to enlarge) Concorde’s most famous and flown routes were over the Atlantic to and from London, Paris, New York and Barbados. Concorde flew, of course, to many other destinations, but because of noise restrictions caused by the sonic boom Concorde spent most of her life flying over water. After finishing my first Concorde World Tour I stopped to think… where could I fly next? And then a perfect idea came to my mind: islands. They are, by definition surrounded by water and the perfect scenario to fly supersonic most of the time, without a
  10. jpm

    Joystick Deconnexion

    Sorry for my poor english but I have a problem only with Concorde X the others aircrafts working well. My OS is WIN8 My joystick is microsoft Sidewinder The problem When I start fly i loss the joystick . Sometimes immédiately . It is depend on any action with the normal mouse . Exemple I taxi with perfect control by the joystick and if i want to select a panel or any other windows with the mouse , the joystick is disconnected and impossible to reconnect it ( plug and replug USB same) For in formation this is only with the ConcordeX . Other addon ( PMDG , ....) working well Tk
  11. Ramón Cutanda

    Concorde World Tour Pictures

    I took nearly 500 pictures in my Concorde World Tour. The pictures in this post are some my favourites; but you can see them all in this link: https://www.facebook...=1&l=010f7e1a0a Bests,
  12. The runway at SBFN Airport is just 6,086 ft / 1,855 m. But as you can see in the video Concorde-X can land quite safely there :-) [media=] [/media]
  13. Hello, I have quite a big problem- I installed Concorde X yesterday and wanted to test it immediately, but when I loaded the aircraft via the FSX menu and pressed ''Go flying'' it loaded but after it loaded the systems there was an ''invalid licence'' error and FSX closed. Then I started FSX again and started the Perf. Manager, but all buttons were grayed out and it said: FSX Status: Disconnected. I absolutely dont understand what happened. I have the box-version of Concorde X v1.2 (with SP2 built-in) bought from Aerosoft and installed as administrator on Win 7 Home Pr. 64-bit and FSX stand
  14. On November 26th, 11:10 am, Concorde G-BOAF took off from Heathrow following her usual route to New York. At the point of supersonic acceleration she turned and followed the classic Bay of Biscay tour before heading towards Filton. But before making the final approach, Concorde flew over Bristol. Then, finally touched down at the place where she and all of her sisters were born. Filton. Home. At 13:00, Captain Les Brodie landed the last Concorde ever built and the last to soar the skies thus closing the first and so far last chapter of supersonic commercial aircraft (no offence to the Tupol
  15. wesman246

    System Storage Requirements

    Hello! I'm new to the flightsimlabs community, and I'm currently looking at purchasing Concorde-X. However, I have a small issue -- limited storage space. I own a 15" MacBook Pro w/ Retina Display (2.3gHz Quad-core Intel i7, 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM, nVidia GT650M discrete graphics w/ 1GB of vRAM) with a partition for Windows 7 64-bit. I use the Windows partition primarily for gaming (as Macintosh lacks compatibility in that area), with FSX: Acceleration currently installed. However, it's only a 75GB partition, and with FSX along with other games installed I'm down to a mere 1.2GB of storage.
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