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  1. Daniel Mendoza

    Concorde X Upgrade?

    Hello all, I know this is the wrong forum topic, I should put it in Concorde X but it does not allow me to for some odd reason. Anyway, have purchased the Concorde X in December of 2018 and it has done great for me, however I am actually interested in switching to P3D and was wondering if there was anyway I could possibly get a P3D key and installer or pay a fee to do a conversion.
  2. Simon Howroyd

    Concorde INS Failure Handling

    For some reason I cannot post in the Concorde-X forum, so having to post here. I have had INS1 fail in flight, no idea why, all the buttons work but don't do anything and the rotary switches don't move. Nevertheless, the other 2 INSs are fine but I can't seem to find out how I switch the NAV to use INS 2 or 3. Any help? Thanks in advance
  3. Tobias Gövert

    Random Screenshot Thread

    I thougt, why open a new thread everytime for just a single screenshot - so let's introduce a "Random Screenshot Thread" My firs entry - Deboarding at Bordeaux in the evening, after the last sector of the day, inbound from Santorini.
  4. alanbyrne94

    Concorde Lighting

    My roof overhead panel dome lights work perfect after loading the aircraft however they seem to turn off 10 -15 mins later while i go through my flows. am i losing power to them ? i cant figure it out because they still dont work once my engines start. the only lights i have that work are the pilot and co pilot panel lights.. can anyone assist me
  5. Hello guys, Fifteen years ago, I recorded a documentary about Concorde that was aired on German television using my VHS recorder. I recently had an opportunity to convert it into a digital video file, and the video is now available on my Youtube channel. The video documents an Air France round trip to New York, the history of Concorde and the tragic crash in year 2000. I think you will like the documentary (it's in German, but I have provided English subtitles, just make sure to activate the CC button). Here is the link:
  6. Colin Foley

    Concorde X crashes at 3%

    Hello, Yesterday I received Concorde X (boxed edition) after purchasing it from Aerosoft. i installed it, but whenever I selected it in the FSX menu (FSX Steam Edition) the game would crash. I reinstalled it and this time I managed to select it, but now when I load the flight FSX crashes at 3% loading. I have CIVA INS installed, and I have checked multiple times and do not have any of the conflicting windows updates that I know of. Any help would be appreciated, because I would love to fly this beautiful plane. Thanks, Colin
  7. Josh Webb

    Concorde X Navball issues

    Hi, I have had Concorde X for some time now but keep getting the same problem. When I load up 50% of the time I get a blank navball in virtual cockpit and 2D view. Other 50% of the time it load fine and when I run the performance program it goes blank. I supply a photo of what I see. Any help?
  8. Cameron Slater

    G-AXDN UPDATED HD Pre-production

    G-AXDN UPDATED HD Pre-production View File I hope you enjoy this update to the original repaint released by Bigkeeper and compiled by Jonathan Fong. These are HD textures. See readme for description. Cameron Slater. Readme.txt Submitter Cameron Slater Submitted 08/19/17 Category Concorde-X  
  9. David Norfolk

    Can't activate Concorde on profile

    Hi, i can't active my concorde on my profile. i put in my serial & ID but keep getting an error. i have a legit boxed copy
  10. Just learned a ton about Concorde. Since we have a lot of concorde simmers here, I guess this video would be very interesting to you: Have fun! cu Roman
  11. Cameron Slater

    F-BTSD Pepsi Livery - HD Textures

    Version 1.0.0


    Please enjoy this repaint of F-BTSD in the Pepsi livery she briefly sported in 1996. The texture are saved as DXT5 so they'll appear as HD. Hope you like it and happy flying. Cameron.
  12. Cameron Slater

    F-BTSD Pepsi Livery - HD Textures

    F-BTSD Pepsi Livery - HD Textures View File Please enjoy this repaint of F-BTSD in the Pepsi livery she briefly sported in 1996. The texture are saved as DXT5 so they'll appear as HD. Hope you like it and happy flying. Cameron. Submitter Cameron Slater Submitted 08/06/17 Category Concorde-X Repaints  
  13. Cameron Slater

    Concorde flying from CDG

    Apologies if this is in the wrong thread, for some reason I wasn't able to directly comment in the Concorde forum.. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone had any info on Concorde Air France operations from CDG. I'm ashamed to admit that my AF Concordes have been lacking in my attention for a few years but I decided to get the Aerosoft CDG (reasonable price) so that I had a realistic base to fly from. Does anyone know what gates the AF Concordes could usually be found out and can anyone describe the correct departures used while operating there.. thanks,
  14. Ray Proudfoot

    CIVA INS 64-bit news

    This topic is simply to keep you in the loop regarding work on a 64-bit version of the CIVA INS which will be required should FS Labs proceed with a 64-bit version of Concorde. Back in May I asked the author of the CIVA INS - Marco Ravanello - if he would be able to create a 64-bit version. You can read the discussion here. http://www.simufly.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1496075111 You'll notice he needs to test his code with a freeware 64-bit P3D aircraft. If any of you know of one please post here. If none appear in a reasonable timescale then maybe some of us could make a donatio
  15. Hi guys, I recently purchased P3D and with it the Concorde from FSLabs. When I run the Concorde-X installer on the simulator selection platform box, my P3D is greyed out and unable to be selected. Also I am running PreparD V3.4.22.19868 which I think is the latest version at this moment in time. I have looked up the issue and I have tried multiple things including trying to rename P3D .exe file to try and get it to find it but that didn't work. Any help would be highly appreciated.
  16. Anthony Pape

    Fall off the Wall

    Fall off the Wall View File Fall off the Wall procedure for initial descent into KIAD when military flight space W-105A is active Submitter supa325 Submitted 02/11/17 Category Concorde-X  
  17. Elias Dolinsek

    Concorde X doesn't work anymore

    After I installed the FSL A320 I can't fly the Concorde X. Everytime when I want to load the Aircraft the FSX crash! What can I do?
  18. Recently I've been running into a minor issue. It's more annoying than anything, and it's just a minor inconvenience at takeoff. Recently, whenever I take off, the takeoff monitor lights do not turn green at 100 knots. Consequently, the virtual flight engineer calls out "100 knots, engine failure." All 4 takeoff monitor lights then turn green around roughly 150 knots. I also noticed they ignited several seconds later than normal. I'm not sure what's causing this. Yes, the reheats are properly armed and when I switch to an external view, they are on. The takeoff monitor button is
  19. Julius Haager

    Can't change Keyboard Commands

    Hi there, today I updated the Concorde for P3D according to the introductions. All is fine except for reassigning the Keyboard Commands. I can set up a new key command via the menu, but it won't save it. Does anyone know a solution? Regards, Julius
  20. Kelvin Keeble

    British Airways FSX Concorde X

    British Airways FSX Concorde X View File FSX British Airways concorde x repaint, this is HD and creates more realism than the default textures, when in-flight the concorde had to be painted in special due to heat build up on the fuselage at mach 2.2, the concorde had a maximum speed over twice the speed of sound at Mach 2.04 (1,354 mph or 2,180 km/h at cruise altitude), with seating for 92 to 128 passengers. these are textures only. by kelvin keeble Submitter kkeeble741` S
  21. Hi guys, I bought the concorde a few days ago, I was departing from London Heathrow with pretty bad weather and passing through 3000ft the plane started rocking its wings from one side to the other pretty aggressively and only stopped rocking its wings at ~FL300. I think that was due to the fact of severe turbulence on those altitudes. Although I am not sure the aircraft behaved this aggressively in real life, is there any way to soften this effect like in some AS16 settings? I am using AS16 with ASCA. BTW this aircraft is amaz
  22. Fraser Gale


    Does anyone know if there is a file size limit when uploading to the downloads area on here? I have some training materials that some people might find interesting but it keeps failing during upload and the only thing I can think of is that there is a file size limit. Frazz
  23. Anamitra

    Morning into the Black

    We left the shores of England, and commenced our climb into the black. The darkness of Cardigan Bay was lost beneath us. The aircraft seemed like a bird of prey; feral even, as it thundered upward. Undoubtedly, residents of Wexford would be surprised if they looked upward and watched this elemental pass them by with scant regard.
  24. Anamitra

    concorde On a Winter Noon

    988 miles from the Azores. Between 51-52000 Feet; on Max Climb/Cruise, Mach 2.01; 84 passengers; ISA (-15); OAT (-71). 2016-12-28_18-15-29-547.BMP
  25. I was thinking what happen if a pressure lost during the supersonic cruise,do passanger have longer oxygen supply than normal planes? I don't think 15 minute in the normal planes is enouph for Concorde to slow to subsonic and descent to safe altitude. Is there a good Concorde QRH somewhere?
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