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  1. Version 5.1.0


    This A319 livery is in the colors of China Southern Airlines, registration B-6209. This is version 5.x
  2. Version 5.1.0


    This A319 livery is in the colors of Cebu Pacific Air, registration RP-C3194. This is version 5.x
  3. Version 5.1.0


    This A319 livery is in the colors of DELTA Air Lines, registration N355NB. This is version 5.x
  4. Version 5.1.0


    This A319 livery is in the colors of Air France, registration F-GRXM. This is version 5.x
  5. Version 5.1.0


    This A319 livery is in the colors of Druk Air, registration A5-RGG. This is version 5.x
  6. Version 5.1.0


    This A319 livery is in the colors of Avianca, registration N557AV. This is version 5.x
  7. Version 5.1.0


    This A319 livery is in the colors of AUSTRIAN, registration OE-LDG. This is version 5.x
  8. Version 5.1.0


    This A319 livery is in the colors of Finnair, registration OH-LVL. This is version 5.x
  9. Version 5.1.0


    This A319 livery is in the colors of Easyjet, registration G-EZFT. This is version 5.x
  10. Version 5.1.0


    This A319 livery is in the colors of Alitalia, registration EI-IMW. This is version 5.x
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Jet2.com Titan Airways & SmartLynx A321 Pack COMPATIBLE WITH FSLABS A321-X V5.0.1.100+ ONLY Included airframes are: G-POWN (CFM - Y218) G-POWU (CFM - Y220) G-POWV (CFM - Y220) YL-LCV (IAE - Y220) To install drag and drop "Texture.EXS G-POWX" into \FSLabs\SimObjects\Airplanes\FSLabs A321 CFM To install drag and drop "Texture.EXS YL-LCV" into \FSLabs\SimObjects\Airplanes\FSLabs A321 IAE
  12. Hi guys, while flying the CFM A320 I noticed on several times, that braking performance is very low. In addition to this I get almost always hot brakes. (Only autobrake low, and avoiding unnecessary braking) The IAE behaves complete different (I think normal). It brakes much stronger, without always hot brakes. For information: I use only a key for braking. I tried it with standard MCDU setting 0.28 and are actual using 0.38 right now, but it doesn’t show much effect...IAE is breaking harder with this setting but CFM has still very poor braking performance. First I
  13. K_e_n_a_n__A_g_h_a_y_e_v

    A319/A320 Takeoff and Landing Performance Calculator

    Version 2.0


    For A320 CFM56-5B4 variant. Based on the FCOM and QRH tables of a particular airplane and might not coincide with the data of MSN modeled by FSLabs. MS Excel REQUIRED. For any questions/suggestions feel free to contact me by PM.
  14. Nik Mur


    I used the search but did not find everything in one place, I think it would be useful https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/7242-pfpx-profiles/ PFPX https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/9033-topcat-274-profile/&do=findComment&comment=70280 TOPCAT(maybe there is a newer version I do not know) I compared these profiles and noticed a difference data... -in the profile pfpx differs: 1) the number of passengers must be 168 2) The DOW must be 42841kg 3) fuel and cargo must be fuel 18727 kg\cargo 8827 kg and another question EngineType =
  15. Wayne George


    Hello Guys, I recently just bought this program that seems to be helping. Here you have a new tool that is $5.00 on Simmarket that is compatible with the FSLabs A320. I think it might help everyone out so i thought i'd share it here just in case nobody knew about it. http://secure.simmarket.com/tops-takeoff-performance-system-fsx-p3d.phtml
  16. Hugo Bicho

    New CFM texture pack / Pylon

    New CFM texture pack / Pylon View File Hi guys, I’ve made this texture pack to change some of things that was missing on the actual texture. I also changed the color of the pylon to be more “white” look and add some shadows under the wing sec. And the acoustic liner to be more “purified” and realistic. Change the color of the spinner and fan blades In brief: - Acoustic liner - Spinner - Fan blades - Pylon section (two variants) - Others small details T
  17. Luis Oswaldo Bethencourt

    CFM Soundset --- that little annoying whine...

    Hey Guys, just a little question: are you planning doing a little upgrade on the CFM sounds? Ever since I bought the bus I must say I´ve enjoyed the amazing inmersive audio experience that this pup offers. Heads down , nothing gets close to the bus, (one of the things you got me with was the brake fan sounds!!). However there is ONE .. (god damn it.. just one!) little thing that is annoying me. The soundset for the CFM engine variant has a whining which is drivng me nuts. You can easily hear it when you´re at 60% N1. Just move the throttles a bit up and down around that region a f
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