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Found 12 results

  1. Drumond de Melo

    AP2 operations

    Captains, good evening. I saw here in the forums a previous post about Concorde's peculiarities regarding AP1/AP2 versus NAV1/NAV2 and went out for some flight test today. I tried to use the AP2 coupled with NAV2 radio for some VOR tracking exercises to see the aircraft's reactions and if I could use those paired in complex dep/arr procedures. I chose a VOR convenient to my location (in this case DPK 117.70) and started some 30NM out. Aircraft is inbound to station, about 20 degrees off radial (to the left - HSI bar on the far right) and tracking a 30 degrees capture course. As soon as the bar starts moving left (10 deg before selected radial as expected), the VOR light comes on and the capture commences. However the autopilot then commands a hard right turn (25 deg bank), and stabilizes in a heading about 30 degrees to the right of the desired course and never chases the needle back, veering constantly off-course. Just for procedure checking, I did tried the same process (same positions, capture angles, ...) with AP1-NAV1 combo and succeeded every time. With AP2-NAV2, no success, heading always locks some 30 deg off to the right and that's it. Oddly enough and doing some more exploring, while veering off-course if I tune the same VOR freq to NAV1 (117.7) and move the course set knob #1, the aircraft starts to respond commands (even with AP2 still engaged). Am I missing something hidden under the hood here? Is that a normal and expected response of the autopilot system in AP2-NAV2-VOR tracking mode on the Concorde? Thanks Edit: System specs sometimes helps... P3D v3.4.22.19868, ConcX 1.39
  2. Terblanche

    Update v1.0.1.184 problems

    I've uninstalled and reboot, installed and reboot. Everything went well except - first flight EKCH-EDDM on short finals the aircraft started to bank left, disconnected AP and manually was able to do a deep landing but on the runway. Second flight from EDDM-LIBP everything went well untill 14 000' inbound on STAR for LIBP, aircraft went into steep bank down to the left. Nothing responded, as if SIMCONNECT disconnected and neither EZDOK or joystick responded ... I've never had this before. And weather radar doesn't show anything while descending through thick clouds and occasional rain. Everything on weather radar panel is on and auto and gain at +4 ... Something, somewhere, isn't right and it drives my OCD insane. Nothing has changed on my rig except the uninstall/reboot/install/reboot sequence. Any help? Regards Terblanche
  3. Hello everyone, I'm currently trying to investigate/fix an issue I've noticed for a while when using the A320-X: When under autopilot control, yaw movement would not always be smooth. Instead, at some points, yaw movement would almost stop for a short while, then suddenly accelerate for a short while to make up lost ground, and then resume going smoothly. It's hard to describe, so I tried catching it on video, dropbox link at the bottom of this post. Some more information: - Latest version A320-X, latest version of Spotlights, on FSX-SE and Windows 10. - Does not seem FPS related. also happens at 30+ fps. - Only seems to happen close to the ground, in initial climb of final descend. I haven't noticed it during cruise so far, but I also can't state a definitive airspeed or altitude at which it doesn't happen anymore. What I plan to investigate myself still: - Effect of FSUIPC autosave? test with both on and off: to do. - Effect of rudder pedal deadzone? Test: to do. In the mean time: Has anyone seen something similar? Is this a known issue/effect/problem? I've tried searching the forum and google, but I didn't find anything with the keywords I used. thanks. Finally, the link to the video file: A320 Yaw Issue (mp4 file)
  4. dominique

    Features Missing

    Hello, I have just discovered that the secondary flight plan is not implemented !? How is it? How to activate it and make it functional? Thank you for your reply
  5. Aleksandar Janošević

    A 320X not responding to Autopilot(Resolved)

    Hello Guys, I have a problem with the FCU, but can't find a solution to it. When I take off I have an enormous pitch up attitude even after reducing to climb thrust nose doesnt come down. With Autopilot on the rate of climb is so high that it reaches alpha protection. I can only battle it to cruise altitude when constantly trimming down to gain speed. When Autopilot is engaged it doesnt hold cruise altitude and if I dont level it out my own and then engage AP even after it is off by -200ft from cruise altitude. When trying to use selected modes it doesnt react either like, heading turns green if I turn the nob but nothing happens even if I pull the nob towords me and same goes for the speed, I can see the selected indicatator in blue but it doesnt hold there unless I deactivate the Autothrotte and adjust the speed manually. It is not possible to decent because the autopilot doesnt react to altitude changes as commanded through the nob no matter if it is an open descend or restricted one. If I try to adjust vertical speed it is displayed but again the aircraft is not reponding. Manually its unflyable because constantly I have to battle the nose up attitude. My auto-trim is set to false in cfg file and I use Roland Wukovitz performance calculator for Take off trim. I would apeciate your help because the Aircraft is saying what it would do, when interacting with the FCU but it doesnt react to changes at all.
  6. Hello and good day to all. I try to explane my problem to you: I start the aircraft in cold & dark state, i follow the tutorial to set up the aircraft, but at the point to move the 3 switches ( O&M ELEVONS, IN ELEVONS and RUDDER) on the lower hoverhead panel, the switches constantly returning automatically on the MECH positon. So i'm unable to engage the utopilot. Also I have the PFC light on, on the MWS. I have the Concorde 1.35 for FSX, running under Windows 7 64. Thank you for your help ! I really appreciate
  7. Terblanche

    Approach and ILS

    Don't know what's going on but the last couple of days the strangest thing happens - Intercept ILS LOC and stable approach Intercept ILS GS and for a while stable descent Then suddenly the aircraft starts to turn right, losing the LOC, it then turns left again and the whole ILS approach becomes an abortus Disconnect AP and manually fly the aircraft In all instances the ILS freq is tuned correctly. LOC & GS are intercepted. Nothing else changes and no other input was given. Does anyone have an idea what causes this anomaly to happen? Regards Terblanche
  8. Fantastic job, guys! I'm blown away by the product. I'm curious if anyone has noticed how slow the autopilot and auto thrust responds to commands? For example, when initiating OP climb, it takes almost 10 seconds for the thing to start climbing at a noticeable rate. I'm sure this is modeled correctly, I guess I just wasn't aware that the A320 is a bit slower to respond than other aircraft in its class. Also, it may just be the version of software modeled, but when flying a STAR with multiple altitude restraints, am I correct to say that the system calculates the initial TOD, and that the pilot has to calculate all subsequent TOD points? Otherwise, it seems to just descend at a default rate of approx 1,000 fpm until the path is recaptured.
  9. d22low

    Help with Descents

    L&G's slowly but surly getting starting to get my head around this amazing bus... So many items to remember /execute. I have a question with regards to defending for destination, apologies if this has been covered in the forums already or the Doc's that come with the Bus. I have read all the doc and did a search. When executing a decent I am not achieving the constraints in listed on the plates, I.e. Last night on a flight to SKP, I though I Programed the FMCS to be at 185 knots and 4K at SKP, before starting the final approach to RW02. However I had to but the aircraft into a hold over SKP as arriving daily at approx 10,000 in place of 4K as Programed. I think I am not butting the bus into the correct descent mode as was a very shallow approach approx -1500 V/S. What should I be doing to get the bus in the correct mode to meet the constraints? Planning to head off to London/Heathrow in the next few days so don't want to be shouted at by the controllers for not following the STAR. Many Thanks D.
  10. Rick Rump

    Scroll wheel AP Disocnnect

    Not sure if this is meant to work this way, and if it is it really is annoying. If I accidentally scroll over an AP button (like while scrolling an assigned heading) the autopilot disconnects.
  11. Fredric Greenblott

    Max Cruise Problem

    So today I was flying BAW273 to Barbados on VATSIM today, and everything was going fine until MAX CRUISE started on the autopilot. However, once I got to FL490 and was about to hit M2.00, the MAX CRUISE light and MACH HOLD buttons on the autopilot came on as normal. But as soon as MAX CRUISE came on, the plane just stayed at M1.98 and began phugoid oscillations, going up and down about 200 feet or so at a +/-500fpm descent/climb rate and would not stop and would not increase speed past M1.98. What could be happening? Yes, the fuel load was set correctly for Barbados. Yes, the CG was correct. Yes, the ENG FLIGHT RATING was on CRUISE, and the ENG CONTROL SCHEDULE was on NORMAL.
  12. Robert J Toten

    Autopilot Conflict With Cumulusx

    Hi all, first post, just bought the concorde. I want to make a record on this forum so that it can help others solve autopilot problems with the concorde. I've spent the last several days trying to figure out why my autopilot would not engage. I followd the tutorial as my first concorde flight and after takeoff I engaged the autopilot when instructed. The AP lever remained engaged and the MCP lights responded appropriately, but the aircraft would not turn to intercept the INS course. I have since experimented to find the cause of this problem. I searched the relevant threads on the forum. I reinstalled Concorde X. After starting with the default AirCreation at Friday harbour flight, I loaded the concorde on the active runway at EGLL and allowed for the quick aligning and loading of the INS. I attempted more AP usage and encountered the same problems. The autopilot appeared to be engaged (ins aligned, blue hydraulics selected for flight controls, all flight control systems/stabilization/trim engaged, MCP lights illuninated) but was not giving any commands to the flight controls as displayed on the flight control indicator. I noticed that no matter my yoke or trim position, AP engagement immediately centered all of my flight controls according to the control indicator. Any yoke or trim commands were overriden and I could move my physical stick full travel in any direction without forcing the AP to disengage. Upon disengaging the AP with the Z key, all flight control and trim commands were restored. The test I performed which yielded results was disconnecting the program CumulusX from flight simulator. Upon performing this action, the AP functioned flawlessly and was giving proper commands to the flgiht controls and moving the aircraft. For those that don't know, Cumulus X is an addon program which better simulates thermals and dynamically calculates ridge lift in FSX. It's a wonderful addon for flying gliders, and improves the turbulence environment for powered aircraft. My installation starts CumulusX every time I start FSX. It appears that CumulusX and Concorde-X both communicate to the simulator through an identical pathway, which causes a conflict which causes an error with the autopilot. Disabling CumulusX connection to flight simulator immediately and completely resolved my Concorde-X issues, and may work for others with the identical probelm. I wanted to share my findings with the community to help others with the same conflict. Thanks for the great aircraft, now to complete the tutorial :-)
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