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Found 11 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    !!! NOTE: READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY !!! *** FOR FSL A319 v5.0.100+ ONLY *** IMPORTANT DOWNLOAD THIS : This livery requires the following download to be installed to appear as intended Airbus A319-111 CFM Air France F-GRXL created using a custom 4K PBR paint kit developed by @Hugo Bicho @Daniel Du Preez and @John Tavendale. Features a complete overhaul of the default FSL A319 paint kit including: Custom 4K textures with accurate seam panelling, fuselage section joins and rivets Custom 4K metallic maps (PBR) with bak
  2. Version 1.0.1


    New 4 liveries pack from Air France ! Hope you'll like it Featuring the new CFM engine texture/Paintkit V2.0 and the new airframe option ! AFR common file must be dragged like the textures files P3Dv4 only - v2.0.2.300+ Airbus A319-111 MSN 1201 joined Air France in 2000 as F-GRHL, configured CY143 (Europe, North Africa, Israel) MSN 1524 joined Air France in 2001 as F-GRHX, configured CY142 (Regional) MSN 1640 joined Air France in 2001 as F-GRXA, configured CY143 (Europe, North Africa, Israel) MSN 2716 joined Air
  3. Hello guys, Fifteen years ago, I recorded a documentary about Concorde that was aired on German television using my VHS recorder. I recently had an opportunity to convert it into a digital video file, and the video is now available on my Youtube channel. The video documents an Air France round trip to New York, the history of Concorde and the tragic crash in year 2000. I think you will like the documentary (it's in German, but I have provided English subtitles, just make sure to activate the CC button). Here is the link:
  4. Alexandre K

    Air France A320 Normal checklist

    Air France A320 Normal checklist View File This checklist replicates real world Air France A320 family operations. This is not the real checklist but the items are correct. The triangle symbol after Cabin Ready means "if aircraft is equipped". Some Air France aircrafts got the new cabin memo logic and some other don't. Submitter Alexandre Kubatko Submitted 01/03/18 Category Utilities  
  5. Guillaume L.

    Air France fleet

    Version 1.1


    Air France Concorde entire fleet. Includes : F-BVFA F-BVFB F-BVFC F-BVFD F-BVFF F-BTSD F-BTSC
  6. Air France High Quality Safety Briefing "France is in the air"" View File Higher quality safety Briefing for Air France. Submitter Mad_X Submitted 02/20/17 Category Unsupported Modifications  
  7. Taxi2Gate have just announced a new release of Paris Charles de Gaulle. http://secure.simmarket.com/taxi2gate-paris-charles-de-gaulle-lfpg-fsx-p3d.phtml The Aerosoft LFPG is one of the worst performers on my FSX setup so it's nice to see this from an established and reliable designer. Just a bummer that the £/€ exchange rate is so dreadful.
  8. UPDATE 4: V3 NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD READ BELOW F-BVFB and COCKPIT IMPROVEMENTS are now two SEPERATE packages, they can be found at the two URLs BELOW! COCKPIT F-BVFB OLD INFORMATION BELOW: UPDATE 1: SCROLL DOWN FOR SCREENSHOTS UPDATE 2: V1 NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD UPDATE 3: V2 NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD I've started making a F-BVFB paint skin for Concorde including VirtualCockpit revamp! I noticed the skins that come with the Concord
  9. Hey guys I flew KJFK to LFPG with F-BVFB and recorded it and posted it on youtube in 1440p resolution. You can watch the video's here: Concorde KJFK-LFPG [Preparations, Take Off and Initial Climb] (Part 1) Concorde KJFK-LFPG [Transonic and Supersonic climb] (Part 2) Concorde KJFK-LFPG [Supersonic Cruise] (Part 3) Concorde KJFK-LFPG [Supersonic Cruise and Calibrating INS using DME/VOR] (Part 4) Concorde KJFK-LFPG [Calibrating INS, Descend, and CAT I
  10. Guillaume L.

    Air France Fleet

    Hi all, Call me crazy but it bugged be to only have F-BVFB to fly with when it comes to AF Concorde. Sooo, I decided to repaint the whole fleet. Please note that I'm in no way a professional Photoshop user, so it's clearly not paywayre quality but still does the job nicely IMO... What I've done : -Include the entire fleet with correct registrations and SELCAL codes. -Changed the "Groupe Air France" logo with a photorealistic one. -Changed the underwing registration to make it look more realistic. -Added the red stripes on the wingtips. -Added correct registration letters on
  11. martinConcordeX

    Air France Descend Procedure

    Hello, I think I read somewhere that AF used 380 kts instead of 350 kts during initial deceleration and descent. Anybody can explain why this was used? Regards, Martin
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