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  1. AlesCZ

    Two computers

    Hi folks, I have a second computer. Older, two cores. Can I be used for computation? Maybe it's silly, but it might be I got the smooth running.
  2. AlesCZ

    320X and Instant Replay

    Hi captains, have you ever tried the instant replay for landing? It looks terrible. Absolutely no chassis suspension, landing looks like a wooden chair and movement of the aircraft is very unrealistic. I think it is a problem of sampling and FSX no good can record motion A320X?
  3. Scott Stefanatz

    [Resolved] Nose wheel hard over

    Ok so i have been trying taxi for this flight for a while, after setting up fsuipc to run my Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas slider as the steering tiller the game would freeze. I looked through the forums and found the topic relating that fsuipc can cause this freeze so i turned that off and set up to use the comma (,) as the steering disconnect button. i press the comma (,) and the steering works, yay, but when i release it the steering goes hard over right and wont straighten out until i press comma (,) again. then when i release comma (,) it turns hard over again. (as i write this the a3
  4. Tim Vancauwenbergh

    [Resolved] Stuck on FSX splash screen

    Hi all Yesterday I have bought the A320X for FSX. I installed it according to the instructions mentioned here: Afterwards I installed the FSlabs spotlights. Then I tried to start FSX. After a few minuted I get the Flight Simulator has detected a problem with a third-party software program (add-on): FSLSpotlights.dll . I click yes but then FSX gets stuck loading on the splash screen. Today I have been waiting for 2 hours but still FSX does not start. I have tried DX10 and DX9 but no luck on starting up FSX. Also not after re-installing all this according to the guide.
  5. chrisrob57

    [Resolved] - many problems

    seems so many problems with a320x ,, its a great plane the number 1 in fsx but maybe released to early . many peaple reinstalling fsx and a320x because of clashes . maybe you could charge to fix peaple,s computers so they could fly a320x with no crashes i know i would pay for this what you think ?
  6. Hello. After starting my engines from Cold and dark, when i begin to taxi, the Max Autobrake keeps disengaging followed by Cab Safety Valve open warnings along with Hydraulic Blue Low level or Hydraulic Green Low level warnings triggering randomly during taxi. In one case, I got Hydraulic PTU fault during engine start. I turned on the yellow electric pump on and turned it off again. The Hydraulic PTU fault disappeared. However, the Low level warning faults kept triggering throughout taxi. It goes off by itself too. Please help me with this. I am very co
  7. d22low

    Help with Descents

    L&G's slowly but surly getting starting to get my head around this amazing bus... So many items to remember /execute. I have a question with regards to defending for destination, apologies if this has been covered in the forums already or the Doc's that come with the Bus. I have read all the doc and did a search. When executing a decent I am not achieving the constraints in listed on the plates, I.e. Last night on a flight to SKP, I though I Programed the FMCS to be at 185 knots and 4K at SKP, before starting the final approach to RW02. However I had to but the a
  8. denizprodutions

    Can't move camera

    Whenever I am in the VC and hold spacebar to move my camera my screen does not move.
  9. ConstantinXIV


    Owning this airplane is bittersweet. It's the best aircraft addon for FSX so far, but the low settings I need to have in order to get acceptable fps... that's just horrible! I had my FSX settings almost at max for PMDG NGX with ok fps, but now.. it's like I'm back in the days when I had a dual core processor(I have i7 4790 4.0 now) . Flying with these terrain settings is not immersive at all. Don't get me wrong the airplane is beyond amazing! I hope that better CPU's come available soon.
  10. Here's my first post. Thanks to fslabs for their great job! 2016-8-26_9-8-24-487.BMP
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