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  1. Tom van de Wetering

    [Answered] Joystick required for a320?

    Hi, I’m thinking about purchasing the a320 for FSX (don’t judge me for still owning FSX lol). The only thing keeping me from purchasing is that I don’t know if I can use just my keyboard just like the PMDG planes. Aerosoft also offers the a320 family but you need a joystick the control that plane. So, my question, do I need a joystick for the FSLabs a320? Please refrain from trying to convince me to buy a joystick.. I'm sure you have your reasons but so have I.. Sincerely, Tom van de Wetering
  2. John Pettit

    Flaps Issue after New Version

    A pity the previous thread was closed so quickly. I have the same problem with using a Logitech (Saitek) lever to control flaps in the A320-X via FSUIPC6. Although I can use the set-up routine, described in the previous thread, via the MCDSU, the result comes out reversed: with my control lever fully forward I get full flaps, with my lever fully back I get zero flaps. I do get all the correct flap positions in between, but in the reverse sense. I have tried adjusting the ranges via the MCDSU but with limited success - I keep getting the message "Out of Range". I have also tried ticki
  3. Omer Dilberoglu

    Licenses Problem

    This error pops up when entering the license key; Please an Authorized person help me, I sent an e-mail, but no one has returned yet. Not: I only use it on one computer but i usually reset the computer.
  4. Good day everyone. Because of the very limited space on my C:\ drive, I conducted a little experiment today. I wanted to move either the entire Prepar3D v5 Add-ons folder or just the FSLabs Sub-Folder to another drive and create a hard symbolic link to the new directory using the CMD command "mklink /J [LinkName] [TargetDirectory]". The link creation works perfectly, as far as I can tell by using Windows Explorer or the "cd" console command. Unfortunately, Prepar3D v5 doesn't recognize the folder/link which means the A320-X is not displayed in the aircraft selection in this setup. W
  5. Hello, Just one (stupid) question: The latest update released yesterday is ok for P3DV4 all versions or limited to HF3?
  6. Jakub Golais

    Credit card purchase denied

    hey guy I got a qustion when I want to buy A319 from FSLabs and I fill up all necessary fields I have to it wrote me that we are regret and I can not accept my payment I have found and I have l set limit over 80€ I dont know any help ?
  7. Ling Feng

    A320-X update

    Hi, everybody! I have a question, I want to update a320-x, I heard that there will be a connection for Fastspring web page to download quickly, after I click this connection, the Fastspring website prompts me to enter my email, it will send me the connection for updating a320-x, but I have never received it... What to do...
  8. Hello all, If you have been following our forums, you might have noticed me replying to several posts asking for updates and information that "I will be coming out with more news soon". I've refrained from doing so until now, not because we've had nothing to show, but because there was a lot of work involved and I wanted my update to have some significant details on where we are at and what is to be expected - a roadmap, if you will. Lots of things are happening simultaneously in the sim world as we speak: New versions of sim platforms, for example: Dovetail released a FSX Steam update a few
  9. Maurice Mockert

    How to create a custom Repaint / Livery

    Hello together, can someone of you tell my how to create a custom livery for the Airbus A320-X from FlightSimLabs? I have already downloaded the Paintkit with the Photoshop files inside. But how can I create an installer, like you can download it in the fslabs forum / livery section? Thanks for you help in advance! Greetings and always 3 green
  10. Version 1.0.1


    A fictional (soon to be real) repaint of Lufthansa's Airbus A319 in their new paint scheme. This livery is painted to resemble most of the details of the real world D-AIZC. If you have noticed any bugs or issues with my repaint please PM me here on the forum or shoot me an email at maxdyba@icloud.com, I'll get back to you ASAP and release an update of any necessary changes
  11. Over 4 days ago I filed a support request 320 will not load #128852. I received one generic response, to which I promptly replied that it did not solve my issue. Since then, NOTHING, and, I can not even sign into your HelpDesk anymore - I get "access denied". There is also an ongoing thread "Crash on Loading" that has had virtually ZERO involvement from Flight SIm Labs. Even if I wanted to (I don't) I can't get a refund since I did not purchase latest version direct - just through the FSX/P3D upgrade path. So FS LABS - how about focusing on your customers as much as the pira
  12. Miguel Delgado

    Physics in Direct Law

    Hi everyone, currently I am getting my ATPL, CPL licenses and I have been talking to a friend of mine who has the type rating of the A320. When I started asking about the type of wing that the A320 uses he told me that this wing is expecially good at transonic speed but very bad at low speeds, and that to keep the aircraft steady and soft in approach flight computers had to manage all the flight controls to achive a soft result. Therefore when we fly and some flight computers get broken or switched off in a beggining we will have alternate law if the damage is not to big, but when this da
  13. Nicolas Matus

    RNP into Calama

    Landing in Calama (High Altitude Airport). RNAV RNP approach into Runway 28.
  14. Does anyone know of any tutorials on how to use the A320-X Paint kit? This is my first time repainting for P3d and need somewhat of instruction because I'm confused with how everything is laid out. Thanks
  15. Fritz_Essono

    FSL A320-X EZDOK v2 profile v1.0

    Version 1.0.2


    My first quick profile for EZDOKv2 (and Track IR) users.
  16. Nicolas Matus

    Early departure from SFO

    Dawn departure from SFO. Using FSL A320-X on Prepar3D.
  17. I have P3D v2 Installed. do I need to upgrade to v3 to install FSLabs -A320X?
  18. Matthias Henseler

    FSL A320-X EZDOK v2 profile (FSX)

    Version 1.0.1


    I have imported the EzDok V2 File which Member "Epikk" has uploaded earlier into my FSX (Credits for initial work goes to him!). The Captain and FO view were not positioned perfectly so i edited them. I also added Keyboard Commands to all Cams.
  19. Matthias Henseler

    FSL A320-X EZDOK v2 profile (FSX) v1.0

    FSL A320-X EZDOK v2 profile (FSX) v1.0 View File I have imported the EzDok V2 File which Member "Epikk" has uploaded earlier into my FSX (Credits for initial work goes to him!). The Captain and FO view were not positioned perfectly so i edited them. I also added Keyboard Commands to all Cams. Submitter Masterpilot320 Submitted 01/08/17 Category Utilities  
  20. Fritz_Essono

    FSL A320-X EZDOK v2 profile v1.0

    FSL A320-X EZDOK v2 profile v1.0 View File My first quick profile for EZDOKv2 user. Submitter Epikk Submitted 01/05/17 Category Utilities  
  21. cpt.ghost24

    Home Joystcick Vs Airbus Sidestick

    Ok so i flew the level D A320 sim of my countries airline (Sri Lankan Airlines) and the one thing i noticed straight out(Other than it being the best thing after my first solo flight and my PPL checkride ) is the fact that the sidestick has some nice weight to it with quite a bit of resistance, being pretty firm compared to our home joysticks, sensitivity wise i think i have it set up the same but then again it is an ever changing factor considering speed and config. anyway long story short would you guys(FSLabs) be giving a super high in depth config for our home joysticks or would you(Pretty
  22. Miguel Delgado


    Good night, My name is Miguel Delgado and I´ve purchased the A320-X. I had installed in a FSX:SE version updated, with just FSUIPC added, also my SO is Windows 7 Ultimate x64 also recently installed with FSX, TS3, Xplane 11 and firefox. My PC is a i5-4570, 16GB RAM 1600MHz, AMD R9 270-X, CM 750W 80 Plus. When I installed this product I was running at 5fps with no addons more than FSUIPC, with no added scenery, with the default settings. Then I found this topic: And I did everything it says in that topic and nothing really changed, 1 or maybe 2 frames more. Then I l
  23. Harry

    Performance Issues

    someone from fslabs help mee please, my a320x is really hitting the frames alot normally i get 20-40 but with this addon i get 5-10 help me please its too laggy to live with waste of 99usd ):
  24. Philippe Gleize

    Flight testing over Toulouse

  25. Lefteris Kalamaras

    The A320-X - Newest Video...

    Hi all, our good friends at Airline2Sim have delivered the first in our new promo video series called "From a Pilot's Perspective". In this video, you'll hear Darryl Letch, a First Officer on the A320 for a major European airline talk us through some of the characteristics of the A320, what he loves most about the aircraft - and why he's looking forward to the Flight Sim Labs A320-X. We hope you enjoy this - there are more to come!
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