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  1. hello to all i just installed FSL Spotlights and restarded my computer. wehn i have tried to run P3D V4as admin i get this message from windows.(look at picture) and wehn i click to close the program p3d freeze on splash screen does somebody know if there is any issue to fix this ? PS: fire-wall and windows defender are disabled spotlight version : Config: GTX1080, 32G RAM, I7-7700K (4.2Ghz), 1 HDD for P3D Thanks in advance for all answers
  2. Lars Hajema

    Something I did not expect

    Did a flight in the bus from KIAH to KJFK and back, both legs around 3 hours. Haven't flown the IAE in a while, I'm more a CFM guy really forgot how quickly the IAE get's away from u during taxi. Flight went amazing, until I got the the descent into KIAH on the way back, was planning the MCDU when I got a master caution with the message: FUEL L OUTER TK HI TEMP. Something I did not expect in any way. I check the fuel page, and indeed L OUTER TK had a temp of 56 degrees, which is high, but not enough to disconnect the IDG, I did however ended up turning off GEN 1, compensated by using the
  3. Jose Rodrigues

    My adventures with Airbus

    I did not know there was a screenshots section in the forum My first landing ever with FSLabs (tutorial flight)
  4. Zheng Jiang

    A P3D Film - Airbus A320

    Hollow guys, I spent most of my spare time in last month composing my new P3D film: Airbus A320. It cost me about 100 hours to collect all the footage and do the cut. Hope you like it! YouTube link: Some screenshots of the short film: Enjoy your flight!
  5. Cleomadson Santos


    The panel went dark without working anything.
  6. Eliott Sarrut

    [Resolved] Can't download liveries

    Hello. My name is Eliott. I cant download any liveries because I don't have access to when I click on download. Help please ! They say I'm not allowed : Sorry, there is a problem You are not allowed to download that file. Error code: 1D161/3
  7. Dean Johnston

    RD FSL A32X VC Mod

    Version 1.0.1


    RD FSL A32X VC Mod'™ README: This is a High quality Screen Reflection texture,Carpet replacement,Checklist placement,Logo replacement and ND/PFD Display colour correction profile for the FSL A32X. This Includes: -VC Screen Reflection Texture -PFD Colour profile -Carpet realistic without the FSL logo -Checklist on sides of the pestal in Checklist Holder -Airbus Logo on Manuals ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.ND/PFD Reflection Mod Installation: C:\Users\YourName\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\FSLabs\SimObjects\Airplane
  8. Dean Johnston

    RD FSL A32X VC Mod

    RD FSL A32X VC Mod View File RD FSL A32X VC Mod'™ README: This is a High quality Screen Reflection texture,Carpet replacement,Checklist placement,Logo replacement and ND/PFD Display colour correction profile for the FSL A32X. This Includes: -VC Screen Reflection Texture -PFD Colour profile -Carpet realistic without the FSL logo -Checklist on sides of the pestal in Checklist Holder -Airbus Logo on Manuals ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.ND/PFD Reflection Mod Installation: C:\User
  9. Stefan Geppert

    LFBO Toulouse - LSGG Geneva

    Some impressions of my afternoon flight from LFBO to LSGG
  10. I have been experiencing an issue with the Fslabs a320 in Prepar 3D V3 when i press OK to start the flight with the fslabs a320 selected i get a black screen for a few seconds before the sim crashes. I have reinstalled P3D but still no luck. I thing spotlights might be causing the issue. Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance. Here is the windows event viewer error: Prepar3D.exe 560b4abe ntdll.dll 10.0.16299.334 71be8751 c0000005 0002cfd6 31c0 01d3d9cab1840a26 D:\Prepar 3D V3\Prepar3D.exe C:\WI
  11. Stefan Geppert


    Another beautiful flight, this time from Bilbao to Toulouse. I just love this Addon in P3D V4.2, performance and visuals are fantastic!
  12. Stefan Geppert


    Some impressions of my flight from Porto to Bilbao:
  13. Oliver Hartmann


    Dear FSLABS Team May i ask if you re planing any CPDLC functionalities? Or at least if we have the option the see the DCDU installed, like the Aerosoft A3XX does. It would be more detailed and customized for different Airline operations. Thanks alot for this great product and hope for good news. Best Regards Oliver
  14. Jordan Reilly

    A320 lighting issue

    Hi all, I appear to have an issue with lighting in vc on the a320. After searching the forum I've tried reinstalling spotlights with av off and excluding the folders. What happens is when mi in my normal chaseplane vc view I get no lights but if I look at the overhead panel, throttle etc. by panning the lights come back. This only happens momentarily and then it's all normal again. I've attached a video showing the problem. Many thanks, Jordan! Prepar3D_03_25.2018_-_21_27_14_01.mp4
  15. Stefan Geppert

    LIRF to LIEE heavy thunderstorm

    Hi guys, i had a flight from LIRF to LIEE with awesome live weather in very bad weather conditions, enjoy: Ready for Takeoff Thunderstorm on the left Passed by No luck at destination too Approaching LIEE, bad weather in sight Landed
  16. I bought REX Sky Force and i am using it with ASP4 weather engine at the moment. First i was a little disappointed (like many others) but after some settings experimentation i really like it how it looks like. I also have much better performance than with ASCA (what i used before). During this flight there was very bad visibility during approach to Frankfurt and REX Sky Force looks awesome from my point of view now. I still have some issues that some cumulonimbus clouds look transparent and sometimes disappear as closer i get to this clouds. Hopefully this will be fixed in one of the next hotf
  17. Tobias Gövert

    LATAM Brazil - Short hop

    Made a short rotation between Sao Paulo Congonhas and Porto Alegre today. Just loving the FSLabs and finally I can fly it with this beatiful city scenery of Sao Paulo, without getting an OOM CGH-POA 1.900 meters of runway - an aircraft at max zero fuel weight - that means Config 3 takeoff Traffic landing 17R Just stunning... Great Paint, love it @Daniel Du Preez Final 11 at SBPA POA-CGH Back to Congonhas Hello again Sao Paulo ^^ Final 17R Using A
  18. Hello I made you a video about one of the latest version of features. The cloud surfing at night is just a thing, but seeing the lights on the clouds more than anything. I just quickly went up above the clouds to make this for you. The Video Hope you like it! Marcell

    Refund questions

    Hello I support fslab since the launch of A320 for FSX and then P3D the refund would be full 140$ from the installation my computer opens only the simulator and explore chrome , never imagine that something like this could happen sorry
  20. Andrea Valle

    Saitek Pro Flight Radio Panel

    First of all, apologies if this is the wrong section to post. Please feel free to move the post, if necessary. I was looking to purchase this radio stack from Saitek (http://www.saitek.com/uk/prod-bak/radio.html). However it's not clear to me if it has compatibility issues with the FSL A320. There is an old post on this forum, here However it got no answer, so it's not helpful. Could anyone shed some light? Thank you.
  21. Hello all, I recently purchased the incredible A320-X series. I'm stunned at the level of detail - it was definitely worth the wait! Great job, FSLabs. Unfortunately, I am struggling to get Spotlights to work. I'm running steam edition and the FSLabs A320-X, and loading the aircraft at night. I can open the Spotlights manager and play around with the settings, but nothing changes in the cockpit. The dome lights illuminate but do not change the panel light level. The flood lights do not illuminate the panel. I can see the Spotlights icon in the Add-ons drop down menu, but I can
  22. i spy with my little eye literally bursting with anticipation for this new update
  23. Jaakko Mäntykangas

    Blizzard app to EFRO

  24. Stefan Geppert

    Beautiful Approach into LDSP

    Coming from LOWW
  25. Stefan Geppert

    A320 EDDL/EDDH

    Finally the airplane and the simulator i have waited for many years! It looks just awesome and is so much fun to fly now. Enjoy some awesome looking screenshots: EDDL/EDDH
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