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  1. Phillip Morgan

    Takeoff Roll Question

    Quick question about the takeoff roll logic / process. I've completed the Perf page using performance data from AOC, and ensured I've completed all MCDU setup. Flex temp was entered (56 last time) and FLX was displayed on ECAM before takeoff. During the takeoff roll I set FLEX detent and see MAN FLEX +56 on PFD as expected, then after around 5 seconds I hear the ECAM chime which demands TOGA power. Any there any circumstances that would cause a demand for TOGA during takeoff after Flex has been set? Thanks! Phill
  2. Good evening to all, I'm trying to adjust FSL Basic and Dry Operating Mass/weight, and it's seems there is a confusion in the FSL code. (tried on A320 only At the moment) I've set the DOW to 43 342 KG. This weight should include : CREW 2/4 + WATER (max) + catering (max=800). It has automatically Changed the Basic weight (DOW - items) to 41 838 KG. However it doesn't use this new settings. It Adds all these operating items over the new DOW, Which gives me a weight increase of around +1500 KG. If I reduces DOW to extreme like 40 000KG, It doesn't change anything. The minimum Ful
  3. Michal Pierzchala

    Not keeping rwy's course when on LOC

    Hi, I have a problem in A320X. When I am established on LOC, plane immediatly turns onto another, different course and suddenly I turns back to the rwy's one. It can happen many times on one final approach, not just one time, but two or three. Can anyone help me or tell me what am I doing wrong? May it would be useful, that I'm unable to set rwy's course in MCDU like in picture below. Thanks in advance, Michal
  4. Decided to take out the EZY A320 OE-IZD out for a long ride today. Beautiful paint by Hugo Bicho

    a320 Tomato profile A320

    Hi everyone I have a small query .. where I could find the tomato profile for the latest update of FSLAB A320 / V2.40 Regard..
  6. luis blayton

    PBR Update/Feature? (A320-X)

    I don't see any sign of a PBR feature in my A320 installation. If there is a PBR feature in the A320-X, tell me how to enable it with screenshots. If PBR is for a later update, then tell me as well. Total side note: With PBR, I don't mean TomatoShade or any lighting tweaks, I mean native P3D v4.4+ PBR. I am running P3D v4.4 Take a look below
  7. Brian Grenadier

    Spotlights Installation Issue

    I have recently purchased the A320, and noticed the dome light does not illuminate the cockpit. I believe the correct solution, as I read on the forum, is to install the Spotlights program. I installed the program, but it completely de-activated my aircraft. I see a blank cockpit without any movable knobs or switches. No power, and no ability to start power. I uninstalled the plane and spotlights. Re-installed the plane and it worked perfectly. But after trying to install spotlights again, the same problem occurred. I deactivated Windows Defender on both installs. Not sure what the issue
  8. Hi guys, while flying the CFM A320 I noticed on several times, that braking performance is very low. In addition to this I get almost always hot brakes. (Only autobrake low, and avoiding unnecessary braking) The IAE behaves complete different (I think normal). It brakes much stronger, without always hot brakes. For information: I use only a key for braking. I tried it with standard MCDU setting 0.28 and are actual using 0.38 right now, but it doesn’t show much effect...IAE is breaking harder with this setting but CFM has still very poor braking performance. First I
  9. Axel Chronvall

    Blurry ground textures in cruise

    Hi, I have a problem when I fly the FSLabs A320 that I do not have with any other aircraft in the sim which is that when I get to some higher flight levels during the flight such as cruise or in climb my ground textures seem to get blurry and there is no autogen anymore. As I said, I do not have this problem with any other aircraft in the sim. Only FSLabs A320. Anybody know how to fix this? I have tried to reinstall the aircraft multiple times, I've tried turning the CPU optimization thingy on and off to see if that could help but it didn't. Also reinstalled the sim etc. Such a bummer si
  10. Version 1.0.0


    New cabin textures for Eurowings. Hope you'll like it Featuring cabins that you'll find IRL on Eurowings's planes ! by Hugo Bicho - New cabin seats / all the cabin has been improved Many thanks to @Pascal Ad For remarks or some reports : HB-TEXTURES on facebook

    A320 black screen

    Hello FSLAB team, I have the following problem, I start the plane a319/a320 when I change the camera as I show in the video and the images my screen stays black for 4 or 5 seconds, later the fps fall to 1 and 2, this happens with the new update, I have my computer with updated drivers and my graphical drivers, I9 9990K/ Z390ELITE/32GB RAM DDR4 CORSAIR/ RTX2080 SUPER / SSD M2 EVO SAMSUNG 970/ Some solution.. I9 Lockheed_Martin®_Prepar3D®_v4_with_WideServer__waiting_for_clients_2019-10-16_21-01-58.mp4
  12. Tim Vancauwenbergh

    Share your knowledge!

    Hello everyone I am starting this topic to bundle all (LEGAL!) sources considering flying the A320 and some useful tips and tricks. It can be a manual you have written, a youtube channel, a website, ... Please check before you share. Often airlines do not allow to share their FCOM's, checklists, QRH's etc. So, go ahead. Share the experience and knowledge (and if you have some tools, go ahead as well)! My main sources: http://www.smartcockpit.com/plane/AIRBUS/A320.html Youtube channels: Baltic Aviation Academy Captain Joe Blackbox711
  13. Michal Pierzchala

    Few buttons don't work in A320X

    Hello, I gotta question. One month ago I bought A320X and I have problem with few buttons. In MCDU LSK 2L, LSK 3L and LSK 4L are unable to click. They don't push as fine-working buttons. When I wanna set the VOR frequency (first screenshot) I'm unable to click it as in MCDU, but on FO's panel the same button works. And I gotta 2nd problem. When I am on LOC and I'm established on ILS to runway, immediately it changes the direction and after few seconds it turns back to the rwy's heading. Did anyone had sth like that and can help me? Regards, Michal
  14. Marcell Csendes

    Renaming the Aircraft

    Hey. So, basically I just realized upon loading the aircraft the aircraft.cfg will be regenerated, so it's not really possible to edit it. But what if I want to rename a specific aircraft to something else? I like to keep my aircraft list clean the following way: As you can see it is categorized by the Manufacturer, so it does not contain the developer's name, still I know who made it since it's in the Publisher row. So far worked for each aircraft expect the FSLabs one. Is there any way to resolve this or any workaround?
  15. Felix Caft

    EFB for FSLabs A320X

    Good day, is it planned that the FSLabs A320X will get an EFB (Electronic Flight Bag)? If so, when can we expect it?
  16. klaus legrand

    FSLABS aircraft version

    Hello, How do i know which version i have installed ? Is there a list of versions released and which one is the latest? That's valid for both A319&A320. I'm just concerned that sometime there is an update and if i don't follow the discussions i may miss the updt. Thanks guys.
  17. Marcell Csendes

    A tons of questions

    Hey! I've been there for a while, but I still have a tons to learn, I am not sure who to ask, because I am part of many communities (including some Hungarian), but most of the time I prefer to ask on the correct forums for these questions, as they generally can answer easier and faster. During my take off process, I've been struggling with a lot of things in the A320-X. For example using the Auto-throttle I still have many problems especially in bad weather conditions. I guess depending on the load of the aircraft and fuel amount the flaps need to be set accordingly, but how it's comes
  18. Hey guys, not sure if this belongs in this forum but I hope that someone can help me out because I couldnt find a solution until now: As I want to have AKH type of loaders for the GSX boarding/deboarding I did set that up in the GSX aircraft options menu. However, if I now restart P3D and set up a new flight, as soon as I press "Load Flight" something changes my FSL A320 CFM gsx.cfg entry. For both of the cargo doors the loader type is changed from AKH back to belt. Dont know why that happens. I would like to note that this problem occured long before the very new FSLabs and GSX u
  19. Hello! Today I wanted to do some traffic patterns at LJLJ airport with some VOR and ILS approaches. I started from "on GPU" stage and then manualy started the engines without APU as for testing reasons. Then I filled the FPLN in MCDU and I started taxiing and everything was fine. I departed and performed 2 VOR approaches and then when I was on 3rd VOR approach I landed safelly but suddenly when I took TO/GA thrust detend an "NAV FM/GPS POS DISAGREE" error was displayed on upper ECAMUpper ECAMerror ND andaircraft on middle of runway Then I couldnt start the AP or ATH
  20. This is the second time this happened. After takeoff from Salt Lake City, at about 11000ft, I commanded a deviation via HDG SEL e EXPED to avoid bad weather. After 5 seconds of turbulence, the AP was disconnected and the aircraft entered in A FLOOR. Without any sidestick authority, it started a deep dive verticaly into terrain, as you can see in the images bellow. A similar issue had happened some days ago, approaching in Tocumen (Panama) at about 8000ft. It is impossible to control the aircraft when this happens. I never had this before the latest Airbus updat
  21. Gal Perne


    Hello! Today I wanted to do some traffic patterns at LJLJ airport with some VOR and ILS approaches. I started from "on GPU" stage and then manualy started the engines without APU as for testing reasons. Then I filled the FPLN in MCDU and I started taxiing and everything was fine. I departed and performed 2 VOR approaches and then when I was on 3rd VOR approach I landed safelly but suddenly when I took TO/GA thrust detend an "NAV FM/GPS POS DISAGREE" error was displayed on upper ECAM.Upper ECAM error ND and aircraft on middle of runway Then I couldnt start the AP or ATHR and als
  22. Now that both products are out and about (I know I'm a bit late to the party), I was wondering what are the technical differences between the two aircraft beside obvious things like fuselage length? How different are the flight systems from an engineering perspective as well as pilots? I've been trying to do some digging but I keep getting the same answers off google regarding fuselage length and stuff. Any resources you'd recommend me checking out? I've been wanting to learn an in depth amount of how the aircrafts functions on a micro and macro level for a while now, as it'll
  23. Steven Silva

    Logo and clous Lights

    hello everyone I have a very big problem and it is the next one 1: logo light - on the ground the light bulbs that illuminate the logo seem not lit but in the tail it is illuminated then ignited engines and taxi lights these bulbs are lit in which seems very unrealistic 2: when I go through clouds the strobes, NAV, landing and taxi lights do not light up the clouds and I do not know how to make it work any more, someone can help me with all this
  24. K_e_n_a_n__A_g_h_a_y_e_v

    A319/A320 Takeoff and Landing Performance Calculator

    Version 2.0


    For A320 CFM56-5B4 variant. Based on the FCOM and QRH tables of a particular airplane and might not coincide with the data of MSN modeled by FSLabs. MS Excel REQUIRED. For any questions/suggestions feel free to contact me by PM.
  25. Erik Preusentanz


    When using the boarding function of GSX on the A320 the passenger numbers go to 0 and dont rise again and the boarding is finished a few seconds later, how can i solve this? i have setted GSX to make the boarding time realistic, but since the numbers wont rise again i think its a thing of the plane.
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