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Found 7 results

  1. Hello! The Fslabs a320 does an amazing job in crosswind landing conditions. Everything is perfect till de-crabbing by squeezing the rudder downwind, the problem is after touch down. I make subtle rudder inputs to maintain centre line which doesn't correct the course a lot. Slightly heavy inputs make the aircraft veer violently. Due to which maintaining centre line during take off roll or after touchdown is almost impossible! I'm using the TCA sidestick for rudder axis and not using dedicated rudder pedals. Also, I don't have FSUIPC. Any insight would be appreciated:)
  2. Michal Pierzchala

    Not keeping rwy's course when on LOC

    Hi, I have a problem in A320X. When I am established on LOC, plane immediatly turns onto another, different course and suddenly I turns back to the rwy's one. It can happen many times on one final approach, not just one time, but two or three. Can anyone help me or tell me what am I doing wrong? May it would be useful, that I'm unable to set rwy's course in MCDU like in picture below. Thanks in advance, Michal
  3. Brian Grenadier

    Spotlights Installation Issue

    I have recently purchased the A320, and noticed the dome light does not illuminate the cockpit. I believe the correct solution, as I read on the forum, is to install the Spotlights program. I installed the program, but it completely de-activated my aircraft. I see a blank cockpit without any movable knobs or switches. No power, and no ability to start power. I uninstalled the plane and spotlights. Re-installed the plane and it worked perfectly. But after trying to install spotlights again, the same problem occurred. I deactivated Windows Defender on both installs. Not sure what the issue could be. Any ideas would be appreciated!
  4. Frederik Verpoest

    A320 performance question

    Upon visiting the FSLabs stand at the FlightSimShow in Cosford, I was blown away by the A320-X. I currently fly only PMDG aircraft, and would like to expand my fleet to include a320. The amount of realism makes the a320 very appealing. However, before purchasing I had a question about the performance. I have been told that my computer is capable of running the addon however I wanted to check with other users. I currently run FSX:SE on complete default, except for some REX ground and sky textures, as well as some freeware sceneries, (SunSkyJet KPHL), and the UK2000 demo freewares I use. Specs: I5-9600k @3.7gHZ RTX 2060 16gb RAM DDR4 I currently get around 25-32 fps in the PMDG 744 at UK2000 Heathrow and around 27-40 at UK2000 Gatwick, what would be a reasonable estimate for the FSLabs? I am aware this is system dependent. Also, if you have any FPS tips they would be VERY much appreciated Thanks for your inputs!
  5. Hello, my simulator (P3d v3.4) crashes/shut down to desktop in almost every single flight I try to do with the Fs Labs A320X. It happens every time in flight when I am in the air and there is no Information why it chrashed. The screen is frozen for a few seconds an then it shuts down to my desktop.... I can‘t find a solution for that in the internet. An another Problem with the Fs Labs A320X I have is, that the lights doesn‘t luminate the Cockpit and the flood lights aren‘t working. Does anyone know about the Problems and could help me?
  6. Abhishek Banerjee

    FSL A320X Not getting rain's effect

    Hello Guys, I am not getting rain's effect in A320 please help me how to resolve this issues.
  7. Jarred Evans

    FSLabs A320 tomatoshade

    Hi guys, I am looking for some advice and help about something. I recently bought FSLabs a320 for p3d and love the aircraft. I am aware that p3d v4.5 was released not so long ago and Friday I choose to update it, the update went fine however I’m experiencing issues with tomatoshade and reshade. I downloaded the FSLabs tomatoshade profile and when applying it I got some error something in the lines of cannot apply cabin texture? And when I went to install reshade it basically messed up my whole flight sim, I had an error saying cannot find PBR.fx or something? The sim did finally load then it froze and crashed. So now I need to do a complete reinstall of my sim again. Is there an updated version of reshade for v4.5? As the latest version I can see is v4.3 in the reshade pack I downloaded.
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