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    Hello everyone, I wanted to take the opportunity to first of all extend our hopes and wishes that everyone is feeling well and safe from the COVID-19 pandemic that has befallen the world. Please be careful to follow your government's instructions and advice so that this can become part of stories and folklore we all one day tell our grandchildren. Lockheed Martin's release of Prepar3D v5 is now behind us and I would also want to take a moment to discuss our roadmap regarding updates for the already released product line and a bit of detail on what the future holds regarding our upcoming releases. Prepar3D v4.5 - New HotFix 3 was released (did anybody notice?) First of all - while the spotlight has been on the P3Dv5 release - LM also sent out an update to P3Dv4, the new version being v4.5HF3. This will require that our existing products be updated to support it, so expect a quick compatibility-only update to roll out within the next few days, once our beta testers have taken some time to ensure everything still works as before. This update will strictly be for v4.5 HF3 compatibility reasons and will not add new functionality or features. NOTE: If you update to the latest P3D v4.5 HF3 before this compatibility update is released, we cannot and will not provide support for any problems that might surface, other than to say "please roll back until our compatibility update is out". Prepar3D v5 - What is new? What can work? We are deep in the process of testing our product line with the new platform. As a lot of you are also discovering now, there are a lot of underlying engine code changes in that base platform that are causing us to take time to ensure that we can safely release the products to you. Most of that effort revolves around the change from DX11 to DX12, but also there are some PBR modeling updates that we are looking to take advantage of as well, going into the P3Dv5 world. We are also investigating what the effect of DX12 will be on our testers with older / less powerful graphics cards, as reports are already coming in where users are running out of VRAM causing their sim to either crash unexpectedly or show the DXGI error that means their graphics card couldn't handle something and crashed the sim. We are aware that LM are also actively looking into this matter, so we'll make sure to keep you updated with our findings as well. Product updates and roadmap As I've explained in previous announcements, our development team focus has been on the new exciting Sharklets add-on, however we have also been adding new features and updating our existing product line in parallel with the Sharklets effort. We are looking forward to releasing these to you in the coming weeks - I would like to take the opportunity here to list the most significant of these additions and updates. Note that the order I am presenting the product line below is most likely going to be the order that our products will be rolling out, but this as always is tentative and subject to change at any time. FSLabs A320-X Those of you who have been with us since the FSX days know that we continuously update and improve on already released products for years after they first come out. The A320-X is a true testament to this philosophy, so we are going to be releasing several exciting features and new logic. Among the most notable of the updates and new features that the A320-X platform has received are: Added S8 software updates to the FMGS MDA/DH replaced with BARO/RADIO UPDATE AT deprecated IRS INIT page updated FIX INFO pages updated DMC updates for Profile/VDEV and approach identifiers Flight Guidance NPA logic revised Added CPDLC systems Added DCDU displays Several external model and virtual cockpit improvements All new PBR textures on the external IAE and CFM models That last part (PBR textures) requires that we release an updated paint-kit to go along with the updated model, to support the necessary PBR changes. We expect to also roll out new versions of our FSLabs-supported liveries for the models very shortly after the main product release that will feature those individual liveries in PBR textures. FSLabs A321-X We expect the A321-X product to be released relatively shortly after the A320-X update. It will also receive the updated S8 version of the FMGS logic and benefit from those code changes that the base A320-X platform receives. We're also looking into some PBR enhancements that can be added to the model, mainly for when it loads into the newer P3Dv5 platform. FSLabs A319-X While our testers are busy testing the A321-X update, we will also be updating the A319-X to receive the same amount of love and attention shown to its bigger brethren. This means we'll also be updating the external model to receive PBR textures and add the same FMGS, CPDLC and DCDU updates as in the other two aircraft variants. Expect this to drop sometime after the A321-X, followed closely with an updated paint-kit and PBR textured liveries, in a staggered roll-out release. FSLabs A320-X SL / A321-X SL "Sharklets" We have been paying special attention to our upcoming NEW expansion product, the "Sharklets", as it contains not one, but two aircraft variants, the A320-X SL and the A321-X SL, each having two individual engine variants - CFM and IAE, released together as a single product package, at an attractive price. I've been noticing several posts on social media asking why this is taking as long as it does as it's "just a few model changes on the end of the wings and some painting". Oh how I wish it were so... but it's not. Here's a by-far-not-all-inclusive list of the major differences / updates and new items that are in this product package: Electronic Flight Control System Load Alleviation Function (LAF) Aileron Anti-droop system Flight Model: Each of the four variants operates within a narrow margin of operational data, making this a true simulation of the specific aircraft, giving customers the unique opportunity to discover the intricate details and flying characteristics that until now, only pilots could comment on. FMGS S8 version update (as above) Fuel System: New fuel system supporting center tank jet pumps Updated FQIC and FLSCU logic Updated FWC to latest software standards Updated SDAC to latest software standards New ISIS model New DU LCD colorset for better contrast DDRMI now optional SATCOM Radome now optional iPad-style Electronic Flight Bag now optional Lighting: All lights are now LED Each LED light has accurate warm up / cool down times (exclusive FSL feature through FSLSpotlights technology) Anti-strobe blocker option to prevent cockpit glare Oh, and did I mention the sharklets added to the wings? Fun aside, the external model features many differences - some subtle, some not so much, like the upper wing to body belly fairing which is new... (see if you can spot them in the images below) Will there be a cost involved for the updates to roll into P3Dv5? No. The updates to all our existing products will be free of charge for existing customers, so you can continue to purchase P3Dv4 versions today and not worry that upgrading into P3Dv5 will cost extra. However, please keep in mind that this transition is not easy or simple for our development team, so there might be a period of time required while the details are worked out. Can I take my existing A320-X/A319-X/A321-X and copy the files over into P3Dv5? No. This will not work. If you manually attempt this and break your product by doing so, our support staff will not be able to assist you in recovering it, sorry, you're on your own! ---- One last thing, and as I do with most of my announcements: as a way of saying thank you very much for your continued support, I've added some screenshots the team collected for your viewing pleasure! Stay safe please!
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    Hello all, We’re pleased to announce the immediate release of our A321-X for Prepar3D v4.4+! The A321-X is the biggest aircraft of the A320-X family, at 6.93m longer than the A320-X. Seating configurations vary, from a typical 170 to 200 seats being the most common variant, and up to 220 seats in a more high-density layout and a Maximum Takeoff Weight of up to approximately 93.5 tons. The FSLabs A321-X has many new features added, ranging from full external visual changes, such as Physics-based Rendering (PBR) newly supported in Prepar3D v4.4+, to internal systems and logic applicable specifically to this aircraft. To give you a small idea of what's included, here are a few details on the new features: CPDLC The A321-X is the first aircraft title to feature a fully integrated CPDLC system, giving customers the unique opportunity to interact with ATC via datalink communications. Using the Hoppie ACARS network, which is currently integrated into the FSL A320-X and A319-X titles, customers of the A321-X will now be able to logon to an ATC station and transmit/receive instructions via CPDLC. The system simulates the ability to request a change in altitude, speed or routing – and receive and reply to numerous communications from a connected station. Many controllers on the online VATSIM network are already providing CPDLC service – and the teams have been testing this functionality with controllers on the network for over a year. The A321-X was the perfect candidate to debut this new technology – with the longer flight times across Europe; the aircraft can be automatically instructed to switch over between controllers; without any input from the flight crew. The system features a new ‘ATC MENU’ within the MCDU ATSU program, as well as two DCDU modules situated next to the MCDUs. The system is fully integrated with the FWC – allowing alerts to play through the flight deck speakers to draw attention to any new messages received. In addition to the CPDLC logic, the system also features ADS-C, which offers both periodic and event driven contracts to subscribers on the Hoppie ACARS network. This technology may be incorporated into software used by any Virtual Airline, allowing any flight to be monitored without the need for additional client software. A321-X Fuel System The A321-X features a different fuel system to that found on the A320 and A319. There are no outer-wing tanks – and the transfer of fuel from the center tank is done using jet-pumps into each wing tank - rather than electric pumps found on the A319/A320 that feed fuel to the engines. The jet pumps offer a more economical alternative – and have since been installed on the newer sharklet series. In addition to the different components found in the main transfer system; the A321-X also allows the user to add two additional center tanks, allowing a total fuel capacity of 23,770kg. This additional fuel is pumped forward into the center tank via a complex system of valves – relying on differential pressure and triggered by an even more complex system of electrical relays. The system allows the aircraft to fly extended routes, such as Helsinki to Gran Canaria, London to Cairo, or Frankfurt to Banjul increasing the flying time up to 7 hours – giving customers plenty of time to play around with the CPDLC features listed above! Flight Warning Computer The Flight warning computer system (FWC) has approximately 60 different sheets of logic applied specifically for the A321-X variant – as a result, ECAM actions appropriate to the A321-X will show where necessary and new ones that would not apply to the smaller variants are implemented. Overspeed warnings, flap/slat angle/position warnings, hydraulic, fuel and air conditioning system warnings, stall thresholds, door configuration warnings, minimum target speeds all have their own specific settings in the logics implemented in the A321-X variant. Crew stations / Doors The FSLabs A321-X simulates call buttons for the extra crew stations found in the aircraft (MID / EXIT / ALL) as well as the specific exit variations, fully depicted in the Lower ECAM Door page, depending on the aircraft configuration selected. Engine Models The A321-X simulates both engine variants found in the CEO: The IAE 2533-A5 produced by Rolls-Royce and the CFM56-5-B3 by CFM International, each capable of powering the A321-200 aircraft with 33,000 pounds of thrust. Modeling of each engine has been accurately simulated in the A321-X and the difference in thrust powering the aircraft is significant, compared to the smaller variants. Cabin Camera System The A321-X also features a new cabin camera system, integrated into the lower ECAM display. This can be toggled via a new VIDEO switch on the pedestal and allows the user to see a live video feed of the cabin. With a passenger capacity as high as 220, boarding times can be around 40mins – and this feature is a great way to check on the boarding status of the aircraft – especially when using FSDT’s GSX Level 2 where animated passengers can be seen boarding and disembarking the aircraft. Takeoff Performance With the rollout of the A321-X, Flight Sim Labs will also debut a new high-definition takeoff performance system. The new system collects obstacle data on the takeoff path from the simulator and uses this to generate accurate performance figures for the six available variants currently in the FSL A320 fleet. The system provides the option to calculate optimal performance figures for a given runway – whereby each possible configuration is analysed and the most favourable configuration is returned, making the process easier and less time consuming for the flight crew. In addition, warnings are also returned – such as ‘TOGA REQUIRED’, ‘TOPL LIMITED’, or ‘VMGC LIMITED’. The new system compliments the A321-X, where the aircraft often operates out of small airports at heavy weights in high temperatures; requiring careful consideration to performance. Please note that the A321-X is an add-on expansion Package for use with the A320-X Base Package in Prepar3D v4. The A320-X for Prepar3D v4 is not included in this product and must be purchased separately. You can find the A321-X available for purchase here. As always, thank you for your continued support!
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    Hello everyone, I am happy to announce that our latest update (v2.0.2.450) for the A320-X, A319-X and A321-X for P3D v4 (64-bit) is now live and available through our download page. This is a compatibility update to bring the product family up-to-date with Prepar3D v4.5.14.34698 (HOTFIX 3). No other updates have been added since v2.0.2.440. NOTE: This update does NOT make the products compatible with Prepar3D v5 yet. You have been warned! As always, thank you very much for your continued support and, for those among us celebrating Orthodox Easter, HAPPY EASTER everyone!
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    Hello everyone, I am happy to announce that our latest update (v2.0.2.440) for the A320-X, A319-X and A321-X for P3D v4 (64-bit) is now live and available through our download page. This update brings some fixes and improvements to items reported since our v434 release. Notably in this version, you will find a fix for the STD ATSU leap year issue, as well as fixes in friction logic that caused high brake temperatures in "hard winter" scenarios. Note that you will need to download updated versions of the FSLabs provided liveries, as there were a few small differences in the updated models which require the affected liveries to be updated as well. We have already updated those for your downloading pleasure. A few people are wondering what is to follow - we have already shared that we have been working on a Sharklets extension to our add-on family, this should be available for purchase within the coming months. Development work to follow that project is under way, but it's heavily influenced by the release timetables of Microsoft Flight Simulator (or "FS2020" as people have started calling it now) and, contrary to a few other developers out there, we'd rather announce more detailed plans for it as soon as we have coordinated schedules with Microsoft (way too many NDAs and I am surprised how some people tend to ignore them). Below, I've listed a detailed change log for items added / improved in this latest v440 update. As always, thank you for your continued support! PS. The A321-X Paintkit is ready and we expect to have it uploaded within the next 24-48 hours as well! ---- AOC (All) Small fix for PERF logic BSCU (All) Fix for NWS not working while in LG gravity extension CPDLC (A321-X) Small logic fixes Leap year parsing fixes DCDU (A321-X) Changed Brt/Dim to a rocker switch External Model (A321-X) Various fixes FSL Configurator (All) Crash prevention for incorrect settings FADEC (All) Fixed logic for IDLE flag logic with EAI. Friction (All) Brake friction logic fixed for Winter Snow Coefficients added for Sliding/Rolling in Hard Snow SEC (All) Spoiler auto-retract logic improvement Sounds (A321-X) IAE external fan sound fix
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    Hello everyone, I am happy to announce that our latest update (v2.0.2.434) for the A320-X and A319-X for P3D v4 (64-bit) is now live and available through our download page. This update brings some fixes to items reported since our v424 release, as well as improvements for both products. Notably in this version, you'll see that we've introduced our own Takeoff Performance Calculator for use with our AOC Service, which adds intersection and obstacle data for many airports around the world. We will soon be posting more information on the extra functionality provided as well as how to add more data for airports that might be missing that info. (Also, this update is required for the upcoming A321-X, so please update your A319-X / A320-X in order to allow for this ). Below, I've listed a detailed change log for items added / improved in this latest v434 update. Wishing you happy holidays and as always, thank you for your continued support! ------ AOC Fixes for TOPL with OPT CONF Flap 2 Config logic improvements for OPT CONF Added logic to return TOGA if unable FLEX Performance calculation logic fixes Fix to order PDO data by TORA ACSC Logic optimization fixes ATSU Obstacles EO SID simulation logic added Logic updates for ATC Alert PERF REQ page fix ELAC Fix for THS during high roll rates FAC VLS and AFloor issues fix (FLAP/SLAT BNR sync) Further logic fixes Fix for rudder control logic FADEC Engine data lookup optimizations FMGS FM: IDLE/PERF factor support added TCM TOD logic fix Friction Roll / braking coefficients fixed for ice/snow FSL Configurator DOW detection logic improved IDLE/PERF factor support added Fuel System logic update fix Lights Tail logo light fixed Payloads Fix for num of crew Fix for payload initialization Sounds PTU sound logic fixes
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    ****PLEASE READ - CONTAINS INFORMATION ABOUT PRODUCT END-OF-LIFE AND INSTALLER UPDATES FOR EXISTING PRODUCTS**** Hello Everyone, I wanted to take a moment to update everyone regarding news on upcoming products, information on older products being retired, our plans going forward and offer some comments on the latest announcement from Microsoft. Transition from eSellerate to FastSpring As all of our customers know, we've relied on eSellerate for all our product sales and transactions. We've enjoyed a very solid relationship with them for over ten years now and have been very happy with their professionalism and support. Unfortunately, Digital River, the parent company of eSellerate, have globally decided that eSellerate discontinue any new sales operations starting June 30th, 2019, while retaining product activation/deactivation capabilities for existing customers until September 30th, 2019, at which time the eSellerate infrastructure will no longer be available. As soon as we were informed of this news, we started looking for the most appropriate eCommerce provider to match our customers' requirements. After a thorough market search, we selected FastSpring (www.fastspring.com) as they rate very highly in customer satisfaction and have a stellar reputation in handling payment processing in a fast and efficient manner. I'd like to provide some details on how we're going to transition from eSellerate to FastSpring and how this affects you as a customer below. To do so, first I'd like to discuss what will happen to our existing products: Prepar3D v4 (P3Dv4 - 64bit) All our products for P3D v4 will continue being sold and supported through our web site. This includes the A320-X (P3Dv4), the A319-X (P3Dv4) and the upcoming A321-X (P3Dv4). Existing installers for purchases before June 30th will continue working until September 30th, 2019. Starting June 30th, existing customers will be able to transition to new installers by following a free license transfer process through our web site to receive new activation keys that the new installers will require. We aim to make the transition process as easy as possible - details on the transition mechanism will also be available as a separate announcement and email. We expect that our upcoming A320-X update will be part of this transition. Prepar3D v3 (P3Dv3 - 32bit) We will stop selling any P3Dv3 products (Concorde-X / A320-X) effective June 30th. At the same time, we'll stop providing free upgrades from P3Dv3 to P3Dv4 for our A320-X product line. Support will continue for at least one year (June 30th 2020) and product activation will continue working with existing installers until September 30th, 2019. After that date, we will provide updated installers through our Redownloads page which will allow activation without contacting eSellerate's activation mechanism. Flight Simulator X (SP2/XPack/Steam - 32bit) As with the P3Dv3 products, there will be no further development work done on the FSX products, but sales of the A320-X for FSX only will continue until September 30th. This will conclude sales of all FSLabs 32-bit products as they have reached end-of-life and development for them will no longer take place. As with the P3Dv3 products, we will provide updated installers through our Redownloads page which will allow activation without contacting eSellerate's activation mechanism. As a result, effective June 30th, all new sales on our web site will no longer be processed by eSellerate and will be handled through FastSpring's popup storefront system. How does this affect you as a customer? New customers (purchasing after 30 June): Only 64-bit products will be available for purchase. All sales will be handled by FastSpring. Sales through eSellerate will no longer be possible. Concorde-X (32-bit) will no longer be offered for sale for any platform. The A320-X for FSX will no longer be offered for sale after September 30th, 2019. Existing customers who have already purchased one of our products: 64-bit product updates released after June 30th, 2019 will use installers that will require FastSpring order IDs (starting with "FLI") and new activation keys. Details on this will be provided in a separate announcement and email. We are aiming to make the transition as easy as possible to better serve and support you going forward. Upcoming products Work continues on the A321-X - we will provide a separate announcement with more details on exciting new features and new functionality as time goes by, but we think the A321-X is shaping up to be our finest product yet - we know it’s a favourite amongst pilots and we’re sure our customers will develop an equal appreciation for this airframe with its rather unique characteristics. The model already looks superb and the liveries that Vassilis has been producing are shining with their new Physics Based Rendering textures. I expect several preview pictures to follow in the coming months, along with some lovely surprises in the cockpit. The Concorde-X for 64-bit is now officially on pause. While we received some strong support from customers regarding future sales on P3Dv4, we have to ensure that we align our business model with the significant development news that we received from Microsoft, and since the aircraft is so specialized, we prefer to evaluate further once there are more details on the new platform. The A3XX-X is also in its early stages of development, we'll have more news on that when available. "Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020" (working title) We were very happy to read the announcement of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator platform (which most now affectionately call "MSFS 2020"). It signals the return of one of the most prolific products that our good friends in Redmond have developed and we are all very excited to take a preview look into what looks to be technologies bringing the simulated world to a new level of immersion. We've seen the same previews as you have and they are certainly breathtaking! We cannot, however, provide any details or answer any questions about "MSFS 2020" at the present time, other than to say that our excitement about this next version is the same as yours! That's all for now, expect more details on the transition to FastSpring these coming days! Thank you always for your continued support!
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    Hi guys- just a small note to say that we're fixing some issues we found while testing the release - nothing too major but it might take a little bit more time to do. That, in combination with the upcoming P3Dv5 HF2 which we feel will fix a couple other very important shortcomings, is delaying our release. Just wanted you guys to know, so you don't expect the release to drop within the next couple of days at least.
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    Please expect an announcement tomorrow (Wednesday 15th) - we want to showcase some of our latest work.
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    We're very busy behind the scenes Here are a couple of shots from a test flight this afternoon.
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    We’re testing the release candidates for the A320 - so we’re close. It’s a fantastic update with a tremendous amount of effort from the whole team.
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    Thank you ALL for contributing into this thread - the simple fact of the matter is (as we've said in other posts) - the update is in its very final stages of testing and should be released very shortly - as it was NOT a simple "compatibility update" however and includes significant updates (one of the most major ones as we explained in Cosford, being the revamped ELAC which you all should find very improved), it takes a bit longer than expected. That said, we've put mechanisms in place whereby if this happens again in the future (a new HF), we should be able to issue simple compatibility updates much faster (without any other code having to be implemented with it too). Thanks again for your feedback - we ARE listening! (Let me lock this thread for now, I'll reopen it when the HF update is released).
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    The EFCS has received a significant update encompassing months of work and testing - none of the autopilot or flap ballooning issues will be a concern going forward. You guys will really enjoy the next update. We're finalising the release candidate today and anticipate a release within the next couple of days.
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    Hi all- just so that I don't give anyone a heart attack- we've been working on the background stuff required for the release, but I would not expect it to happen today as I'd like our dev and support team to have a relaxing weekend. We are almost there, however, so I expect it to be early next week - our testers are giving it a very thorough testing so please enjoy the streams tonight and over the weekend!
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    Please take a look at our upcoming A321-X, now on final approach! We've released our teams from their non-disclosure agreement. Check out live streams from two of the professional pilots that work with us, Blackbox711 and Flyboy29021992.
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    We've had a good week. Another release candidate went out at 3am Greece time (you see how hard we're pushing?). Sit tight - we're getting there
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    I did that on purpose, you know - just to see how fast it would be picked up! On that topic: We were planning on posting a news update today, but it's already 10pm here and family obligations are already calling. As such, I would like to apologize but this will take place tomorrow instead, rather than put something out that misses fun and exciting things! Talk soon guys!
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    I fly both the 320 and 321 in the real world. All of my company's 321's are sharklet equipped. I find the airplanes fly pretty much the same although there are a few things to be mindful of. One obviously is the possibility of a tailstrike on takeoff and landing. We always brief this during the takeoff and arrival briefings. My company has big red placards in front of our eyes to remind us as well. Sometimes this can be mind over matter on short runways or when you've used up most of it during a flex takeoff. 1R in SFO comes to mind, when heavy heading to NY. A nice 3 degree rotation per second and the airplane flies right off. I mention this because before we got the 321, my company took data on rotation rates. It found that a number of rotation rates in the 320, would have resulted in tailstrikes in the 321. Some guys were rotating a little too aggressively. Another thing that is different is the auto flap retraction system and the fact that green dot can be extremely high at heavy weights after takeoff. Another thing worth mentioning is to stay away from REC MAX. I like a good 1000 feet buffer between cruise and REC MAX in the 321, especially when the ride is bad. Even then sometimes, that is too tight. Doing a transcon such as JFK-LAX and experiencing mountain waves when your high speed and low speed margins are tight can get interesting. For the most part the autothrust does a great job, but it can be slow at times. In that case its best to get a lower altitude to spread the margin. In the 321 fuel usually isn't an issue for us on a transcon. However, sometimes getting a 320 with no sharklets, and a perf factor of 3.4, etc. you have no choice but to stay high for fuel reasons. This is especially true going across the country during the winter when you are battling extreme headwinds. Spoilers are another difference on the 321. In the school house, they always preach that you can use full spoilers in 321 with the autopilot on. While this is true, sometimes it's impossible. Using full spoilers, especially on an RNAV arrival at the higher altitudes, sometimes causes VLS to increase so much that you're still stuck with using half. I usually lead my descents by 10 -15 miles from my TOD as a rule of thumb in the 321 when I get crossing restrictions. When landing on the 31's at JFK, coming from the west, you are always left high. They bring you over the airport and then dump you down. Sometimes it can be a challenge to get down before they turn you on the base leg. Even down low with full spoilers, descent rates can still be slow. Flying into SFO and LAX can also be challenging. Its rare ATC lets you fly these arrivals as published. It seems as long as they let you fly the arrival and comply with the published speeds, you can manage. However, once they start messing with your speeds, it can be challenging to meet some of the crossings and speeds. The airplane is harder to slow down and come down than the 320, even with spoilers to help. Lastly is the landing. I find the 321 is easier to land than the 320. With that being said, I always leave the power in a little longer on the 321 on landing (of course depending on conditions). I usually start coming back to idle at around 20 feet. The 321 isn't the airplane to try and hold it off while you float halfway down the runway with an increasing pitch angle. Only once on landing have I heard the 321 announce "Pitch Pitch". My FO was landing and we were no where near the limit, but it was a gusty day. We were also landing at an airport known for shifting winds in the touchdown zone. If memory serves right, its around 11 degrees in the 321 before you get a tailstrike. Once the mains touch I usually leave the stick where it is. I say that because in the 320 upon touchdown, I usually move the stick back slightly to keep the nose from slamming down. This is especially true if using medium autobrakes. Once they "grab" , if you release the stick, the nose will slam to the ground. However, in the 321, when the spoilers deploy on landing, there is a pronounced nose pitch up. So I find leaving the stick where it was upon touchdown and then "flying" the nose to the ground usually does the trick. All in all, its a good airplane to fly. Hope this gives you a little insight as to a few differences. Here is an article on tailstrikes. Its a good read! https://safetyfirst.airbus.com/app/themes/mh_newsdesk/documents/archives/a320-prevention-of-tailstrikes.pdf Jay Collie
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    So as the A321 Progress thread was such a...hit i thought i'd start a sharklets one given LKs comment, Anything goes to do with them on this topic. Let's see if we can beat the old topic (Permission given by mr. Blackburn)
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    tbf, remove if you wish but i feel like it needs to be said. Some of you are highly disrespectful & can't seem to appreciate what you have. People digging out andrew yesterday calling him a lair was abit uncalled for & now some of you kicking off at the beta team. Honestly guys, be respectful to one another. the team are doing their best and as fast as they can.
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    Lefteris, could I respectfully request that in the future, this type of information / awareness is in the Announcement section up front, or in an email to customers? If your company wishes or needs to operate outside of normal convention (the A319/A320 is the only aircraft add on for P3D that is version controlled to minor updates) then customers need to know by formal needs other than the current “beat into submission” methodology. All of us, including myself, who have NOT upgraded to HF2 are now fowl of LM support requirements, as LM only provide support if you are on the CURRENT version. Now I don’t have an issue but if I did, I would need to upgrade first to meet their requirements, which means losing the Airbus. Also, to complicate matters, there is no reversion back to HF1 in LM downloads. You can only go back to 4.4. I totally get it that the greater unwashed has made a Flight Sim Development environment that is almost borderline on tell them nothing, but please, can we rise above the belt, be the bigger person and take the view that the adults among us be informed properly and in a timely manner. I should not have to root around a forum to find basic information on the status of a product that costs hundreds of dollars (where I live) when the host sim has upgraded. Finally, can I appeal once again to separating bug fixes from product improvement / enhancements and implement the Updater that was put on the roadmap more than two years ago. You should have access to my details if you wish to send me a private bollocking. A LinkedIn search would also reveal that I am not a kid but an Aviation Professional. I have put this case before but nobody from FSLabs ever engages in the conversation but can spray a person in the same thread for not using their real name. Thank you for reading. Kind regards, Mark
  21. 26 points
    OK. That's fair. We'll do that .
  22. 25 points
    1) P3D v4.5HF3 compatibility update for A319/A320/A321 - no new features added. 2) A320-X v4.5/v5 update (PBR, CPDLC, S8 etc) 3) A321-X v4.5/v5 update (PBR updates) 3) A319-X v4.5/v5 update (See above for A320-X) 4) A320-X/A321-X SL expansion title release for v4.5/v5 with EFB/Satcom and other new features mentioned
  23. 25 points
    looking forward to threads where people instantly upgraded to the new version and complaining about FSL not working
  24. 25 points
    TABLE OF CONTENTS I. INTRODUCTION II. ROTORBRAKE CODES III. FSUIPC MACRO 1. INTRODUCTION: Greetings, Since many people were asking in different topics and even in PMs, I'm doing this quick - but yet in-depth - tutorial on how to bind SWITCHES and PUSH-BUTTONS (but literally anything is possible) on the FSLabs A3xx. For those who are asking themselves what I mean by the above sentence : ever fancied binding your PACKS to your keyboard or a hardware button in order to avoid looking at them while doing a 30° bank turn 10 s after departure and ending up triggering this wonderful add-on protections ? This tutorial is for you Hope it helps! CAUTION: This tutorial requires FSUIPC and P3Dv4.4 or greater ! It is possible that, from a Prepar3D or FSLabs version to another (P3Dv4.4 to P3Dv4.5 OR FSLabs v400 to FSLabs v412) you have to redo some of your binds. To make those "binds", you have two options. The first is what I call the "Rotorbrake code" way, with this you'll be able to bind most (if not all) switches of the aircraft such as all lights, seatbelt signs, no smoking signs, all TCAS knobs etc. However, you can as well make a macro. If you follow the exact steps listed in this tutorial everything is going to be fine, so let's get started ! 2. ROTORBRAKE CODES: 2.1 Find the code First of all, you'll need to get those "codes" and you'll understand the Rotorbrake part later. Launch your simulator and load the FSLabs. In the FSUIPC > Logging menu, check "Events (non-axis controls)" and "Send to console window". You may want to reduce temporarily your P3D screen size in windowed mode so it is easier. Now, click OK, and gather the needed codes by clicking on the things you would want to bind. (Usually on knobs such as the Transponder mode, there will be one value to decrease - left click - and one value to increase - right click.) When you are done gathering, you may uncheck the above boxes in Logging to resume normal operations. 2.2 Go in >FSUIPC in your sim's menu. Then in the submenu "Key Presses" if you want to assign the command to a keyboard bind (or "Button + Switches" for a hardware bind - works the same way). 2.3 Click on "Set" Press the key you want to bind. 2.4 In "Control sent when keys pressed" select "Rotor Brake". 2.5 In "Parameter" enter the code. 2.6 Click "Confirm" Eg: pressing my Num8 key will decrease by one the transponder mode (on the version of the tutorial's date). From TA/RA to RA or from RA to STBY. 2.7 Repeat the operation for all other codes ! 3. FSUIPC MACROS: As I told you, if you want to bind push-buttons this is the option. To do so, either refer to FSUIPC's manual which gives much more information or follow this guide : 3.1 Go in your >FSUIPC sim menu. Then, either go in "Key presses" or "Buttons + Switches" (does not matter) and click on "Create Mouse Macro". 3.2 Name your macro Read carefully the instructions and name your macro. In this example, "ABC" : 3.3 Click OK twice Once to exit the "Mouse action Macro making" window once the name has been inserted and another time on the FSUIPC main menu to go back to the sim. You'll be in macro mode. 3.4 Click on the item part of the macro Click in the VC ! If you want PACK 1 to be triggered by this macro, simply click at the middle of the PACK 1 p-b. Once a click is done, you should see this message (I suggest you repeat the initial's macro name but it can be different) : If your macro is finished, simply go back to the FSUIPC menu. If not, you can do multiple clicks and repeat this operation and finally go back to FSUIPC main menu. 3.5 Back to the FSUIPC main menu Click on "Key presses" or "Buttons + Switches" submenu and click on "End Macro Making". 3.6 Bind your macro To bind your macro, do as normal except in "Control sent when keys pressed" find your macro's name. In this example, "ABC" : Don't forget to hit Confirm -- Note: The most common macro being looked for is the handy engine master switch. The macro is tricky to make as it needs editing and I understand some of you might not want to waste time on that. That's why from now on, after each FSLabs version, I'll update a working macro of ENG 1 and ENG 2 MASTER SW if needed. The macro will, with one bind (keybind or hardware button/switch), lift - move - unlift the master switch. Long story short : you can start or shutdown one engine with one bind. Simply copy [VERSION][AIRCRAFT]ENG1.MCRO and [VERSION][AIRCRAFT]ENG2.MCRO in [...]\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Modules and then bind your macros by following the 3.6 step, looking for the name of the macro file. -- Note 2: /!\ Sometimes, even if you stayed on the same FSLabs or Prepar3D version, I noticed that some macros might not work anymore for some reason. The fix is to restart your sim. The "A320" macros as well work for the A319. The v434 A320/A319 macros work as well for v440. v434A320ENG2.MCRO v434A320ENG1.MCRO v434A321ENG1.MCRO v434A321ENG2.MCRO
  25. 25 points
    I... KEEEL... YOUUUUUU!!!!
  26. 24 points
    HiFi have been fantastic, not just for this release but in supporting all of our releases. I think it took Lefteris ten minutes to add support for ASP3D thanks to their help.
  27. 24 points
    Just to answer some quick questions: Everything will be compatible with both v4.5/v5. We'll update the existing titles to v4.5 HF3 in the coming days. The updates for the A320/A321/A319 will follow for v5 - there is some significant work to be done here. The new Sharklet expansion product will then follow.
  28. 24 points
    Ray, Read my posts more carefully. I have been nothing if not tolerant to your venting and continuous complaints. It's a fact of life that FSLabs is a business and as such it needs to be very careful with decisions that affect its future plans. We have nothing but love for the concorde and the decision to pause development has a considerable toll on us as well, given how much we have already invested on the product. I did lock threads and I will take even more severe measures however when the integrity of our developers comes into question and when those rants you and others make go entirely out of line. We are very patient with some comments but I will never tolerate being called a liar or made out to have ulterior motives. If you don't like this attitude you are welcome to stop posting altogether. This is the last post I'll make on the matter. And I'm locking this thread as well.
  29. 24 points
    Could we invite you all to take a step back and read again what Lefteris has said about the Concorde development: We thought this paragraph offered enough clarity, but perhaps it requires further clarification: A lot of work has been done on Concorde x64 – but there is still lots to be done. Business requirements put the A3XX series first; it doesn’t matter how pretty, fast or iconic Concorde was – to be blunt, the banks don’t care about that I’m afraid. We have to put our focus on the A3XX series and the Concorde project runs in parallel with progress being made intermittently whenever resources can be allocated. We appreciate this can lead to frustrating delays – but as I said, FSL is a business, and bills need to be paid. Such is life. Now – given that we have two new platforms on the horizon (P3D v5 and MSFS 2020) and given the current state of the Concorde project; it makes little sense to continue working on the title (directly) at this time when we’re facing some quite large unknowns ahead. For instance, if MSFS 2020 ticks all the boxes and becomes the platform that the community flood to – where will that leave you guys? Stuck on P3D v4.5 with a Concorde title that is bound once again to an older platform? Will you then be expecting FSL to produce another update to P3D v5 / MSFS 2020? I can tell you now, that is impossible for us to commit to given the unknowns ahead. We are currently at a point in the development cycle where it makes sense to pause and evaluate what's coming. And that is all Lefteris said in the above statement. So - we invite you to take a step back and consider the company's decision more carefully. We are evaluating new platforms for new titles, and that includes Concorde. If it’s going to be done one last time, lets make sure it’s for a platform that will have a lifespan of more than 12 months. And yes, we continue to produce A320 titles for P3D v4.5 and beyond. Someone suggested ‘we also put the A32X projects on pause’. That is a sure way to see the Concorde project cancelled indefinitely, and quickly. Let us carry out our evaluations and we will issue more news when/if we can.
  30. 23 points
    Gents- (I feel this is Groundhog day and I'm living the same scenario over and over ) As I've said before, the bug most noticeably fixed by the upcoming new release has a quick workaround that everyone is aware of by now (CLR and LSK3R). Together with the fact that we appreciate your previously mentioned aversion to multiple releases happening within a very quick period of time, we took a few days longer to fix other small issues reported, most notably with the external model, so you won't be confused with those multiple releases. (At the same time, yes, we are aware of the pain point of not having an update manager - we *are* working on that, even though I sound like a broken record). @Marc Stanford the battery recycle issue is a deeper one that we've been looking into - no time estimate given on that, I am sorry. For the modeling stuff, I know @Margarita Fiotaki has many small issues fixed, so we'll be pushing out a list of what the update release contains once it's finalized. Just a bit more patience, guys - this is the usual "circle of life" .
  31. 21 points
    Hello all, I am happy to announce the immediate availability of FSL Spotlights v5 for Prepar3D v5.0. You can find it here. This release is compatible with Prepar3D v5 only - for previous Prepar3D versions, please refer to the Downloads Area and use FSL Spotlights v2.0 and earlier. Please note that this product is once again offered as a free download with no license purchase required. Also note that, due to Prepar3D v5 now using DirectX12, there is no UI control window inside P3D to control the spotlights brightness at this time - we are releasing this mostly in anticipation of the upcoming A320-X update for Prepar3D v5. However, we will work towards adding a user interface for Spotlights v5 in an upcoming update, so please stay tuned. Thank you all for your continued support!
  32. 21 points
    Hi guys, just a little heads up to whom it may concern, I updated my "Random Payload Generator" from a quirky Excel based system to an actual website. I was always unhappy with the Excel version of my little tool, so I used the current lockdown to actually learn some HTML, CSS and JavaScript, which I didn't have any experience in before. But it's aparently working and I am constantly learning, so lend me some rope if you see something stupid I did... Here's the changelog for v3.0: - Transition from Excel to web based version - Added A321 - More/Individual seat configs (max seats) selectable - Added flight types "Charter" and "Mixed". Renamed "Leisure" to "Holiday" - Added optional Mail cargo - Optimizations of some calculation logics - Minor changes to layout and stucture - Added some explainations ("About") - Temporarily removed passenger manifest (WiP) - Temporarily removed PDF function (WiP) Please remember this is just a little free fun project and in active development. If you find any bugs, stupid result etc, just send me a message. Please visit the new Payload Generator here: www.simpax.eu (Note: Not optimized for mobile devices yet) All the best and stay healthy everyone, Stu
  33. 21 points
  34. 21 points
    Factually, there WAS an announcement. However, SOMETHING happened to stop that announcement.That in no way questions Andys integrity. Nor will it be implied. Personally I know the poster was just having a giggle. However, we stand by our team and the decisions they make, even if not to the liking of some. Just remember, we are working our butts off to get things to you as quickly as possible. Part of this is the fact we may encounter a late issue.
  35. 21 points

    Version 1.0.0


    ONLY FOR V. Eurowings Hertz 100 Years A320-214 D-ABDU Thanks to @Hugo Bicho for letting me use his cabin textures! https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/files/file/1789-eurowings-cabin-textures-a319-a320/ by outwithnade
  36. 21 points
    Guys, thank you so much for the A321! & have a happy christmas!
  37. 21 points
    Stop reading my magic 8-ball .
  38. 21 points
    One of our beta testers commented to me just now that we have not provided any news on the A321-X progress for the past few days, so here it goes: "We're working very hard to get it to you asap." You see, we're at one of those times where beta testing is going well, but the work involves code fixes mostly, so there's nothing really to report. However, I wanted to make him happy, so I posted that news for you, to say that we're one day closer than we were yesterday! (Let's see now how much flak I will get for doing this and regret it for the next times to come ). Oh- and there are two new buttons added and a knob. (comment intentionally vague, so we can run all sorts of guesses for fun ).
  39. 21 points



    ---Now supports Prepar3D v4.1 to v4.5 --- Flight Sim Labs, Ltd. announces the availability of FSLSpotlights v2.0, a revolutionary new product for Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D v4.1 (and above) that allows the simmer to import and control up to 60 different fully three-dimensional dynamic spot lights in any existing aircraft virtual cockpit. Each light can be used individually as a single lamp or put together in groups with a single on/off switch and a brightness regulator control. Light attributes (beam position, pitch, heading, angle, range, attenuation, color) can be modified and parameterized to provide the correct look and feel depending on desired light type: This way, the user can add narrow focused lights to shine on map holders or tray tables, series of smaller lamps for main panel flood lighting or wide dome lamps for turning a dark cockpit into a lit area. Each lamp holds its own attributes which can be tweaked using a configuration manager that runs as a separate process and communicates continuously with Prepar3D, giving the simmer an unlimited number of lighting configurations and setups.
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    Version 2.0


    This is a freeware Lua script, which automatically plays the callouts you would hear from the pilot monitoring (PM) in an Airbus flight deck during takeoff and landing (including rejected takeoff, go-around and touch-and-go). It can be used together with the A319, A320 and A321 add-ons. Questions and discussion: Demo Videos: Note: (bad performance in videos may come from recording, in-sim performance was good) Installation: - Please follow the included readme. What it does: - The script runs automatically upon loading the FSLabs Airbus (if FSUIPC profiles are set up correctly). - Upon advancing the thrust levers for takeoff, the PM will open the PERF page on his MCDU, allowing the script to fetch the takeoff speeds. - The following callouts are included: # Takeoff: FLEX SET / TOGA SET, 100 KNOTS, VEE ONE, ROTATE, POSITIVE CLIMB, CLIMB SET # Landing: SPOILERS, REVERSE GREEN, DECEL, 70 KNOTS # Gear confirmation: GEAR UP, GEAR DOWN # Flaps confirmation: FLAPS UP, FLAPS 1, FLAPS 2, FLAPS 3, FLAPS FULL # Special: STOP (rejected takeoff), STAND UP, GO (touch-and-go) - The script recognizes the phase of flight to play the correct callouts. Multiple legs are possible. Credits: - The fetching of the MCDU V-speeds is the work of @Peter Pukhnoy. Huge thanks to him for his contribution to this project. - The free Lua socket library is made by Diego Nehab. It is available at https://github.com/diegonehab/luasocket . - Free TTS sounds included in this package are recorded from ttsmp3.com (British English / Brian). - Included UK real voice pack was recorded by @Nick Kidd. Thank you! Important Notes: - Registered version of FSUIPC is REQUIRED! - This was only tested on Prepar3D 4.x, FSUIPC5 and together with the FSLabs A320X addon (A319, A320 and A321). Disclaimer: This script is free software. It comes without any warranty. Use this at your own risk. I am not responsible for anything you do with it, or for any possible damage that comes out of using it. You can modify the script for your own personal use, but I ask you to refrain from redistributing it without my permission. Thank You.
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    His typing skills are awful I hear. 3 words a day or something.
  42. 20 points
  43. 20 points
    Just to set expectations - we're working hard to have the software ready for Cosford's weekend show, so we don't anticipate to issue a general update release, in fear of possible complications that we would not be able to fix until we return. Thanks for the understanding!
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    A message for Lefteris (all others stop reading now; this post may have unintended effects) Begin counting back from 10 (10). Find a comfortable place (9) and sit with straight posture (8). Relax your shoulders (7) and take a deep cleansing breath (6). Focus your gaze on this word (no, scratch that! You have to keep reading) (5). Feel your eyelids become heavier and heavier (no, don't close them, silly! How else will you keep reading?) (4) You are feeling deeply relaxed (3). Now repeat the following (2): "The Airbus is perfect. I shall release it today. The Airbus is perfect. I shall release it today... today.... today.... today..." (1). When you wake up, you will remember nothing of this (other than, of course, the compulsion to release it today) (0). When I count to three, you'll wake up and go about your day. 1... 2... 3! Welcome back. To everyone else: consider this my contribution to this thread's post count. Do we have a record yet?
  45. 19 points
    I was thinking maybe something like
  46. 19 points
    Love these aircraft so much. Thanks to the whole team for all their hard work making them such immersive addon aircraft.
  47. 19 points
    Slowly coming together..
  48. 19 points
  49. 19 points
    Here's your clue for one of the buttons. This is an easy one now for the guys who use this. Clue.mp4
  50. 19 points
    Levels enhanced.... (we take everything we get ... )
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