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    Felipe, Your posts are adding nothing of value to the conversation and appear to be there for the sake of arguing alone. You have made your point before, repetition adds nothing really, does it? If you find it difficult to keep a positive attitude, I invite you to go outside in this beautiful summer weather, enjoy the sunshine and let it warm your feelings - it does wonders for when I am feeling less than fantastic, I tell you. So - for the sake of the rest of the people involved in this mega-thread - consider this a second and final warning. Any further inflammatory posts or posts that don't really add to a positive attitude and nature will be removed without warning and/or further actions will be taken. Thanks for listening.
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    Sending hugs to all of those furloughed aviators.
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    Lefteris. I find it concerning that during a global pandemic of the scale of Covid 19, you are encouraging people to violate lockdown and stay at home orders. I am quite disappointed in you as I held you to a much higher standard, especially concerning legal matters. It is very irresponsible to tell people to do the thing that so many of us are sacrificing in order to slow the spread of this deadly disease. Please reconsider your recommendation to our friend Felipe to go outside, for the sake of his health and everyone else's. -Regards
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    Are you being serious? He's not telling people to go out and party or socialise. It's perfectly possible to go outside safely and enjoy the sunshine. Jeez.
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    While we wait for the Sharklets and all the other goodies - a friend of mine made a pretty awesome video about A321 maintenance procedures. It’s premiering on Youtube in about 30 minutes. Video: A321 Insider Look
  8. 6 points
    Only thing that is pretty „nuts“ imo is how some people discarded v4 and jumped on v5 the minute it was released.
  9. 6 points
    It'd be nice to know when HF2 can be expected, especially given the fact that it's proving to be a roadblock to other addons. But MSFS2020 is still in alpha testing. Or as Lockheed Martin like to call it, ready for release...!
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    man reading this thread every morning really goes good with the morning coffee before work. A mix of information,hype, speculation, and conspiracy theories. Its like a roller coaster of emotions haha. I hope this thread continues even after we have our sharks.
  12. 6 points
    Gents- back on topic please. The sharklets hype. I, for one, had a lot of fun reading a bunch of conspiracy theories on those. Anything else, I've instructed our mods to remove. Not constructive. (Unless of course, it's to discuss Heidi Klum's latest swimwear choices - but for those, open another topic somewhere that makes sense).
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    Damm Andy's moved up the ranks quickly. @Andrew Wilson how did you do it?
  14. 5 points
    What sucks for those of us still on P3Dv4.5 is we’re on hold for v5HF2 because developers don’t want to push out separate updates for each version. Sure we can fly the Labs but we don’t get the updates. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Let's be a little fair here. In the time since FSLabs first released their product, we've seen them develop it for FSX, then update it for P3D, then for the 64bit version of P3D and now for v5 with the DX12 changes. Each time, the system upon which FSLabs relies has had significant changes being made. Bear in mind too that FSLabs may not have included certain features in FSX because that 32bit platform just wasn't capable of managing memory properly. Now, if the roadmap was as simple as A320 -> A319 -> A321 -> Sharklets, then it'd be simple enough to ask why, in between all of those development cycles, the missing features weren't added. But you have all these significant roadblocks that have come up during that time, with serious reworks needed to adjust to them. Development isn't linear. It's not like Lego bricks where you can just drop in new squares and they attach to each other easily -- you have to make sure those everything fits together and that new additions don't affect the integrity of the whole structure.
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    I wish people would stop throwing the term 'study level' around - it creates an expectation that doesn't often match reality and frankly it doesn't mean anything. IIRC it was a term frooglesim started banding around when he was trying to help PMDG sell the NGX.. How about instead we talk objectively about the fidelity level of the systems, accuracy of the flight model, and quality of the visuals, rather than a deeply subjective marketing term.
  20. 5 points
    Not knowing if pilots, cabin crew or anyone who works in aviation has a job to go back to right now is literally one of the most scariest & draining things we've all gone through in job terms. It's all you think about when you're stuck at home all day everyday. Theres mentally nothing you can about it either. You gotta ride the wave as they say. You wake up everyday thinking you've got that letter through the door with your airlines name on it. When you don't, you're grateful for it. Any pilot or cabin crew in here will tell you now that we ain't just employees to one another. We're all a massive family & most of us haven't seen our work family in months. It's hard....To my fellow crew around the world & non-crew around the world. Please look after your friends, check up on them & look after yourselves. Sorry for the long post but peters comment just did it for me.
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    I think you should not give any management push to FSL They are are most possible full aware of the situation and as I know FSL, they will not be sitting back in the garden/pool just because everything is finished until HF2 is out for release of the updates. They are, I guess, working in the background ... Just calm down, chill, enjoy the weather and some good drinks until HF2 comes out and we will see
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    I haven't touched V4.5 for just over a month now, I switched when I upgraded my GPU and apart from the 'wall' glitch prior to HF1 I have had no major issues (touch wood) with V5, so far, it's been a nice step up for me.
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    Who remembers these guys? Ansett Australia? ICAO code 'AAA' - now that's easy to remember! VOR 14 in Cairns, cause I'm sure 20 years ago things like RNP-AR or P-RNAV approaches weren't much of a thing yet!
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is my Evelop EC-LZD livery by Pablo Röhrig. The real EC-LZD has Sharklets. Once the FSLabs Sharklets version is out, I will make the Sharklets livery. If you want to make a donation to support my work, I will be very thankful, and you can do so through the following page: https://paypal.me/thespanishaviator If you have any questions contact lepaplanespotter@pmiplanespotting.com
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    Funny thing is, people who are unfamiliar with sharklets will be in for a shock. I'd highly suggest doing some studying on them before they release ( Learn the differences, things to keep an eye out for etc etc). Sharklets are a whole new board game. There's pilots I know who hate flying sharklets, you will have your hands full...especially in the decent phase & you can forget everything about the winglet fences in that sense. I'll give it a day before people complain on here that they're broken but in reality that's how she is IRL. Trust me, some of you are gonna be surprised
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    Hello everyone, I wanted to take the opportunity to first of all extend our hopes and wishes that everyone is feeling well and safe from the COVID-19 pandemic that has befallen the world. Please be careful to follow your government's instructions and advice so that this can become part of stories and folklore we all one day tell our grandchildren. Lockheed Martin's release of Prepar3D v5 is now behind us and I would also want to take a moment to discuss our roadmap regarding updates for the already released product line and a bit of detail on what the future holds regarding our upcoming releases. Prepar3D v4.5 - New HotFix 3 was released (did anybody notice?) First of all - while the spotlight has been on the P3Dv5 release - LM also sent out an update to P3Dv4, the new version being v4.5HF3. This will require that our existing products be updated to support it, so expect a quick compatibility-only update to roll out within the next few days, once our beta testers have taken some time to ensure everything still works as before. This update will strictly be for v4.5 HF3 compatibility reasons and will not add new functionality or features. NOTE: If you update to the latest P3D v4.5 HF3 before this compatibility update is released, we cannot and will not provide support for any problems that might surface, other than to say "please roll back until our compatibility update is out". Prepar3D v5 - What is new? What can work? We are deep in the process of testing our product line with the new platform. As a lot of you are also discovering now, there are a lot of underlying engine code changes in that base platform that are causing us to take time to ensure that we can safely release the products to you. Most of that effort revolves around the change from DX11 to DX12, but also there are some PBR modeling updates that we are looking to take advantage of as well, going into the P3Dv5 world. We are also investigating what the effect of DX12 will be on our testers with older / less powerful graphics cards, as reports are already coming in where users are running out of VRAM causing their sim to either crash unexpectedly or show the DXGI error that means their graphics card couldn't handle something and crashed the sim. We are aware that LM are also actively looking into this matter, so we'll make sure to keep you updated with our findings as well. Product updates and roadmap As I've explained in previous announcements, our development team focus has been on the new exciting Sharklets add-on, however we have also been adding new features and updating our existing product line in parallel with the Sharklets effort. We are looking forward to releasing these to you in the coming weeks - I would like to take the opportunity here to list the most significant of these additions and updates. Note that the order I am presenting the product line below is most likely going to be the order that our products will be rolling out, but this as always is tentative and subject to change at any time. FSLabs A320-X Those of you who have been with us since the FSX days know that we continuously update and improve on already released products for years after they first come out. The A320-X is a true testament to this philosophy, so we are going to be releasing several exciting features and new logic. Among the most notable of the updates and new features that the A320-X platform has received are: Added S8 software updates to the FMGS MDA/DH replaced with BARO/RADIO UPDATE AT deprecated IRS INIT page updated FIX INFO pages updated DMC updates for Profile/VDEV and approach identifiers Flight Guidance NPA logic revised Added CPDLC systems Added DCDU displays Several external model and virtual cockpit improvements All new PBR textures on the external IAE and CFM models That last part (PBR textures) requires that we release an updated paint-kit to go along with the updated model, to support the necessary PBR changes. We expect to also roll out new versions of our FSLabs-supported liveries for the models very shortly after the main product release that will feature those individual liveries in PBR textures. FSLabs A321-X We expect the A321-X product to be released relatively shortly after the A320-X update. It will also receive the updated S8 version of the FMGS logic and benefit from those code changes that the base A320-X platform receives. We're also looking into some PBR enhancements that can be added to the model, mainly for when it loads into the newer P3Dv5 platform. FSLabs A319-X While our testers are busy testing the A321-X update, we will also be updating the A319-X to receive the same amount of love and attention shown to its bigger brethren. This means we'll also be updating the external model to receive PBR textures and add the same FMGS, CPDLC and DCDU updates as in the other two aircraft variants. Expect this to drop sometime after the A321-X, followed closely with an updated paint-kit and PBR textured liveries, in a staggered roll-out release. FSLabs A320-X SL / A321-X SL "Sharklets" We have been paying special attention to our upcoming NEW expansion product, the "Sharklets", as it contains not one, but two aircraft variants, the A320-X SL and the A321-X SL, each having two individual engine variants - CFM and IAE, released together as a single product package, at an attractive price. I've been noticing several posts on social media asking why this is taking as long as it does as it's "just a few model changes on the end of the wings and some painting". Oh how I wish it were so... but it's not. Here's a by-far-not-all-inclusive list of the major differences / updates and new items that are in this product package: Electronic Flight Control System Load Alleviation Function (LAF) Aileron Anti-droop system Flight Model: Each of the four variants operates within a narrow margin of operational data, making this a true simulation of the specific aircraft, giving customers the unique opportunity to discover the intricate details and flying characteristics that until now, only pilots could comment on. FMGS S8 version update (as above) Fuel System: New fuel system supporting center tank jet pumps Updated FQIC and FLSCU logic Updated FWC to latest software standards Updated SDAC to latest software standards New ISIS model New DU LCD colorset for better contrast DDRMI now optional SATCOM Radome now optional iPad-style Electronic Flight Bag now optional Lighting: All lights are now LED Each LED light has accurate warm up / cool down times (exclusive FSL feature through FSLSpotlights technology) Anti-strobe blocker option to prevent cockpit glare Oh, and did I mention the sharklets added to the wings? Fun aside, the external model features many differences - some subtle, some not so much, like the upper wing to body belly fairing which is new... (see if you can spot them in the images below) Will there be a cost involved for the updates to roll into P3Dv5? No. The updates to all our existing products will be free of charge for existing customers, so you can continue to purchase P3Dv4 versions today and not worry that upgrading into P3Dv5 will cost extra. However, please keep in mind that this transition is not easy or simple for our development team, so there might be a period of time required while the details are worked out. Can I take my existing A320-X/A319-X/A321-X and copy the files over into P3Dv5? No. This will not work. If you manually attempt this and break your product by doing so, our support staff will not be able to assist you in recovering it, sorry, you're on your own! ---- One last thing, and as I do with most of my announcements: as a way of saying thank you very much for your continued support, I've added some screenshots the team collected for your viewing pleasure! Stay safe please!
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    I just hope HF2 comes next week as I don’t think I can put up with more of this complaining!
  29. 3 points
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    A refund makes sense if you have no more plans to fly in v5 ever again and not just because there is no FSLabs (yet!). You already have v4, so go and enjoy some flights there. It's pretty easy This thread was made for fun, hyping a product instead of wining and complaining. But thats mostly I can read on many of the last pages here. We are ALL waiting for the HF, also FSLabs is waiting or other developers. And yes, the release of v5 was rushed...but it is how it is now. We've lost nothing...we all have v4, we all have the FSLabs and its working absolutely fine and it's such a lovely plane. The whole FSLabs team worked so hard all those years for all that we have now but the thread feels now like putting pressure on FSLabs because what we have is not enough or not good enough until the HF for v5 is there. I guess that over 50% still haven't explored all the great features or at least are not able to see how realistically the thing (already!) is modelled. Has ever one of you checked for example how realistically FSLabs modeled the engine startup time? Or how long it takes until the fuel kicks in? Differenced between CFM and IAE? And when there is AGAIN the question why there is no release only for v4...I just wanna knock my head on the table. Guys..I know we are all a bit frustrated about the v5 release but let's stop complaining here over and over again with the same stuff. Just be happy, stay safe and enjoy what you have.
  31. 3 points
    yeah..... not gonna happen....
  32. 3 points
    I didn't realistically expect P3D5 to be THAT buggy even six weeks in. Plus: No matter how buggy it is, I have no desire to go back to 4 becaus 5 is just that much better.
  33. 3 points
    Found an interesting video of the avionics bay of the A320. It's really cool seeing all the gear behind the scenes, when I was younger I thought the MCDU in the cockpit was the actual computer. In reality you are looking at the actual processing unit here the MCDU is just a interface. The bus is a great aircraft!
  34. 3 points
    What would the point in that really be? Want in-flight internet? Use your phone. Or hit alt+enter and change your screen to windowed mode.
  35. 3 points
    HF2 is before 5.1 or HF3. If updates are always withheld we gonna wait till early next year, cause any HF will have several issues. Good night.
  36. 3 points
    It says Sharklets after the A320 , A321 and A319 update. So I think it will be end of year 2020 if LM announce a HF, after the HF, after the HF every 4 weeks... @Andrew Wilson or @Norman Blackburn or @Markus Burkhardcan u give us a hint?
  37. 3 points
    Like i said this HF could go on for months and months nobody knows ,we wouldn't be in this mess if v5 wasn't released, we would have had the Sharks by now and happily flying in v4.5
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    While I understand there might be some strong feelings towards other simulations of A320 aircraft, I would kindly ask everyone to watch their tone and refrain from derogatory or insulting remarks. There are people working very hard to develop these products so if by any chance they frequent this forum, they will feel terribly if they read your comments regardless of your intentions. Please think about such things before posting.
  41. 2 points
    Idk maybe so they don't have to worry about their browser history when they search for the latest swimwear choices of Heidi Klum that Lefteris talked about
  42. 2 points
    There is always one, always....
  43. 2 points
    The World changed a lot in March and some of the off-topic stuff just reflects the fact that people have more time on their hands. Anyway, here's a lovely A321 belonging to Vueling, with the lovely yellow winglet.
  44. 2 points
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    I mean I believe it was due out this week anyway. Heres hopefully it being a much better & stable sim
  46. 2 points
    This is interesting, I would imagine they're still going to stagger them as they can still focus using the time to test the 320 further. Who knows though
  47. 2 points
    But you don’t want to share in what way it feels different?
  48. 2 points
    i understand but it's been 4+ years now. it's more about choice I guess Why did you add PDC and CPDLC before those features then ? why adding the sharklet variant ?? I would rather have an A320 with all features of the FMGC implemented rather than different variants with missing features. Anyway nice to read that they will be added later on and still fly only with fslabs
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