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    starting descend back to LHR
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    In love with this paint….seen here inflight LHR-DUB
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    Brief tour around MUC to check out Lu hansa.
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    BA944 EGLL - EDDL @John TavendaleWhat a beauty it is Thank you so much.
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    Re-turn flight from LSGG to EGLL today, just one. BAV report.
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    Its called the golden hour for a good reason
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    Inbound SUGOL for EHAM RWY18R - Taxing in from the furthest ever Runway... - On stand preparing for the return leg -
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    Hey all, here are some banners I made for you guys to show your support for the FSLabs aircraft: Big: Small: Enjoy ; )!
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    And I hope the update will not take until winter is over to be released....
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    Cannot stop flying the plane. A321 LPPT Just before Push-back and lined up.
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    Whilst i believe sometimes a clean start has its benefits, i dont think it is the case here. I experience flyable fps in the a321 not on the level of the a320/319. However those have had significant updates which all brought in a little performance gain. Not something noticed between two versions close to each other but only between significant versions. I believe that fslabs can optimise their aicraft. Lets wait for the upcoming update and see how it is then.
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    Not an apples to apples comparison, even when comparing it to the PMDG 747 or the Leonardo. The Airbus flight computers are far more complex to simulate, hence why it took so long for a study level Airbus to show up. It surely wasn't because of low demand. It was simply impossible to simulate everything with playable FPS. And, given how highly dependant it is on its flight computers, you either simulate them all (or most of them) or it doesn't feel right. And one can assume it's not an easy task. Imagine having to simulate ELAC, SEC and FAC (ELAC and FAC with redundancy, two of them, and the SEC with three). Two dissimilar computer boards each, with highly independent software, so that if one fails, the other has lower likeliness to fail because it's another software/logic. It's extremely hard to emulate such thing, mostly with a single machine. Back in the day, people would need various computers for such depth. Each of these systems run on i386 and m68000 CPUs, and there are various of them given the redundancy. A low level emulation of a single i386 CPU already takes a reasonable toll on resources (10-15% of my 3700X). But imagine various instances and also running a software and calculating complex stuff all the time. I suppose there's no need to emulate the CPU itself, but at least the software logic, its main differences and how they talk to each other and behave in abnormal situations. Therefore, comparing it to Boeings or McDonnells is straight up pointless. It's like comparing the Apollo 11 to a firework. Go easy on autogen, render distance and you'll be fine. My frames never got below 20 and my specs are way worse than yours. The secret for fluidity in the labs is: don't bite more than you - or your computer - can chew. It demands a slight visual sacrifice for that extra performance juice. Worth it
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    She's sexy Flying her to Newcastle rn
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    Maybe fly a 737? (kidding ) The real one won’t do FL400 so I wouldn’t expect the FSLabs one to either.
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    Hello When programming some Altitude Constraints in the FMC (e.g. FL200 at a Given Waypoint during Descent), the FMC often prompts for CLB or DES: Could anyone explain what this means? I guess it has something to do about Climb or Descent Modes. Thanks.
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    simbrief has an option to export the plan without the terminal procedures
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    In Wikipedia we trust?
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    As I am an American operating a US carrier (Delta), Is there a way to switch the units in the AOC performance from meters to feet? For example switch TOPL weight from KGS to LBS, same for the TORA, from meters to feet. I think this would be a nice addition to the upcoming update, I certainly hope the team considers this as US carriers are a major Airbus customer especially for the A320 series.
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    I appreciate your help. There are people on this forum and others who are having this issue. A decent amount of them. So this is not just me. I really appreciate you trying to help. But asking somebody to have to go thru a complete reinstall of the sim and associated addons/scenery etc I thought was a little much. If the A321 is truly coded like the others, then why would something like that possible be a solution if the A320/A319 are not having the problem?
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    i started with a fresh V5. Latest hotfix was then applied when it came out per the instructions from Lockheed Martin. Cmon David? Are you really suggesting that the performance gap between the A321 and the two other planes are because users should have done a COMPLETELY fresh install of the hotfix? That's sort of ridiculous. I've never seen any addon to P3D that would require a complete reinstall of the sim.
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    That'll be why glad we could help. A quick check to prevent that again if you aren’t cycling through the plan is to check your track miles match the OFP miles
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    That is how most guys do it in the airline I'm familiar with. LISA check at FL100 - lights, signs, approach phase. Also, the approach phase activating automatically at intercept sounds very familiar, I believe they have that too. People should just never expect that the FSL is in any way, shape, or form, a complete simulation, there's many little (or huge) things that can be very different in a real Airbus.
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    Hi David, I had the same question a while ago
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    Sorry to be dumb but how do I bring up the UI? Worked it out. THANKS.
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    I don't want to give up another night of my life for something I will not ever use. It's not a 5 min job. Be grateful for what you have. Not what you don't have. "Why not" !! do one yourself.
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    ah sorry, I was confused by my hardware lighting panel, this has an auto position on the seatbelt as well as on the No smoking switch.
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    I think as simple as if you remove SID and STAR in your flight plan then they wont be pre selected (?)
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    GSX has also had a few updates recently, including some small changes to the pushback procedure, so if it is not related to the '2020 bug', it could well be down to those updates too.
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    It's in development, isn't it? study level of course. Might need some donations now and then *caugh* but it has been announced, hasn't it?
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    A bit of Lauda flying:
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    Hi guys. I just can't get enough of flying with the A319 and A321, yesterday night I finished my flight at 2Am and needed to wake up at 5:30 because of the strikes in Paris and now I'm a tired at work. Fslabs products shoudn't exist as it is too addictive xP. I need to fly the A32X every night now
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    Thanks, that's a great info. Would make a dream come true to get my (almost finished) cockpit working with FSL. Mike
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    For what it's worth - the MACTOW entry in the performance request is purely to give you a trim calculation in units (UPx.xx/DNx.xx) but it is not required and has no impact on the performance calculation itself. As the Airbus-approved method of setting the trim for takeoff is to take the MACTOW percentage (e.g. 32%) and set that using the trim wheel % index rather than in units, the MACTOW value is not always entered in to the performance request.
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    We are still missing some FMGC functionalities like offsets, step alts etc. These were supposed to be included in the latest update as per Andrew’s comment from the last year:
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    Version 1.1.0


    Air Serbia A320-232 YU-APG (IAE) Installation is straightforward for Prepar3D v4 ONLY. Drop the folder 'Texture.YU-APG' into '...\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\FSLabs\SimObjects\Airplanes\FSLabs A320 IAE'. When launching the simulator, the livery will be added to the aircraft.cfg automatically. I've spent many days working on this paint to have it closely resemble it's real world counterpart as of 08/2019 with dirt, accurate decals and more. Leave me a review to let me know what you think of this paint, it is heavily appreciated. Found an issue/mistake? Drop a comment and I'll work with you to resolve it as soon as I can.
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    Version 1.2


    This repaint is for Prepar3DV4+ v2.0.2.300+ ONLY. Special thanks to @Hugo Bicho, who gave me his custom paintkit. Also big thanks to @Jonas Dahlke, for offering his wing dirt layer! This repaint is optimized to be used with TomatoShade. Without it, the look may (and will) differ from the shown screenshots. Happy landings captains! Report findings to me...
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    Version 1.0.0


    Repaint of Qantas Link A320-232 VH-VQS P3D v4 compatibility. You can simply drop the Texture.XXX folder into your sim and the aircraft will automatically be added to the vehicles list. A ReadMe with instructions are included in the archive for installation into P3D v3/FSX. Features Created using detailed custom paintkit with custom bump textures Updated Fresnel light maps meaning lower sun glare and accurate colour reproduction. New fuselage, tail and engine specular maps (Thanks to Daniel Du Preez for these) New wing textures (Thanks to Christian Mohr for these)
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    There are different SOP's on this, and I am sure you will hear many opinions. But I think we all experience this sometime: http://www.37000feet.com/report/546623/A320-captain-forgot-to-activate-the-approach-phase-before-activating-the-managed
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    Absolutely it does. 4500N/03000W in the F-PLN page should do it, if I recall correctly. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
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